It’s a small earring, which seems to be a silver bracket with a red gem the size of sesame seeds embedded in it, but despite the small cool light of the gem, people can still see its leading role at a glance.

On one side, there are some words translated. The result seems to be the life of the earring material producer. Wei Youfang looked at it for a few times and lost interest in strange place names and names. After a few glances, he pulled to the bottom of the text and saw several numbers.
Why don’t you grab it!
Wei Youfang can’t help but drink low in my heart.
These figures are the price of this ornament, and the price of such a small earring is as high as more than 600 gold coins!
That’s right! It’s gold coins
That is to say, such an earring is enough for an ordinary family life and more than enough for a generation.
How many of these can afford?
Wei Youfang couldn’t help but spit it out, but he didn’t expect to be hit in the face by someone behind him in an instant.
"Bring me this, this and that."
Wei Youfang turned around and saw a young man in a purple robe pointing at the center of the field. A waiter behind him was busy nodding and recording.
Wei Youfang grinned a little embarrassed. I didn’t expect to get rich overnight. It seems that he has become a soil turtle here.
Although I didn’t say anything before, I didn’t know Wei Youfang’s dilemma, but Wei Youfang was still blushing and walked towards the hall.
It took more than ten minutes to walk like this to get a cursory look at this so-called decoration hall.
Wei Youfang gradually calmed down and thought that his purpose here was not to really buy ornaments, but to find someone.
There are not many people in the sub-hall, which is particularly spacious. This really gives Wei Youfang some obstacles. Because of this situation, Wei Youfang dare not observe these buyers arbitrarily. It is too conspicuous to stare at people because of the spacious place. The people here are all wizards with sensitive inspiration. Maybe observing them by themselves will make the observed people feel strange.
Wei Youfang is making very slow progress. Every time, he can install an observation deck and then Yu Guang sneaks a few times.
"This is good. Handsome and well dressed."
"This is also a good temperament, elegant and polite."
"This looks like a poet at first sight."
Watching Wei Youfang can’t help but become wry smile.
At one time, the overall quality of the buyer in a weapons store was too low, and it was very difficult to find a suitable candidate that day.
This time, the overall quality of the weaver’s fine house buyers seems to be too high. If you don’t compare them one by one according to Fox’s conditions, you will form an overall image in your mind based on several conditions. Almost everyone here has nine points of similarity.
How can this be played? Ask them one by one?
Got it! Wei Youfang seems to have thought of a way, but the excitement on his face didn’t last long before it subsided again.
Will this be thrown out by the disorderly stick?
Wei Youfang did come up with a bad idea. Since everyone here looks similar, the names will certainly not be so coincidental that there will be duplication, right? Let’s yell in the field to see if anyone responds to us. Maybe it’s ok?
Wei Youfang thought for a moment and decided to fight! The big deal is to be kicked out as a fool. What’s the matter with face? Anyway, I’m not in this world.
Wei Youfang went straight to the edge of bravery, paralyzed himself, closed his eyes and fantasized that he was a populous mountain. Looking at the Grand Canyon, he couldn’t stop crying.
Wei Youfang shouted and quickly opened his eyes to see if anyone responded to him.
Hey? That man looked at himself. Could it be him?
No, which one seems to look at himself, too? Hey? A lot of people. They have the same name?
No! Whether the buyer or not seems to be looking at himself.
What’s the situation?
Holy shit! I think I’ve got myself again!
Wei Youfang experienced this unusual focus and felt that thousands of beasts rushed by in his heart.
When people come to the hall, there are very few people who talk to each other, and even if there are, they maintain the demeanor that a noble mage should have and talk quietly.
Wei Youfang’s abrupt shout broke the harmonious atmosphere in an instant, and everyone was frightened to find the source naturally.
Make a mistake in judgment!
Wei Youfang is no longer thinking about finding Afraro at this moment. The whole person wants to find a passage and leave quickly.
But the day seems to be joking with Wei Youfang. The more flustered Wei Youfang is, the more he can’t find the exit. The whole person can be scanned by the anxious eyes all the time.
Wei Youfang now asks the workers here to take themselves away because of their own gifts. Wei Youfang would rather be beaten than continue to endure the strange eyes of everyone.
However, the workers seem to have observed that Wei Youfang made a big roar, and there was no follow-up madness. For a while, he hesitated, and he didn’t know whether to let Wei Youfang lead the dog.
Wei Youfang’s hesitation can make Wei Youfang suffer for a while longer.
Wei Youfang also saw that the waiter’s eyes hesitated to understand their thoughts.
Wei has a direction. Should he continue to make some strange moves or run directly to the waiter to ask for it?
And ask Wei Youfang after thinking about kung fu.
"Are you looking for Afraro?"
Wei Youfang turned around and found that the man was a sorceress, and he should look like himself.
Obviously, it’s not that he is looking for Afraro, but Wei Youfang sees that someone is paying attention to himself at this time, just like a dying person who is about to drown sees a lifeline. Where does it matter whether she is the Lord and let her take herself out of this embarrassing situation first?
"Yes, I’m looking for Afraro. You look like a good man. You must know where Afraro is. Take me there now. Thank you." If this wasn’t a woman, Wei Youfang estimated that she would have run away before.
"That I don’t" female mage was blinded by Wei Youfang’s words, but it seems that she didn’t know the specific place of Afraro and was about to refuse.
But Wei Youfang managed to find the steps. How could she let go so easily? She just heard her say "I don’t" and Wei Youfang directly interrupted her for a long time.
"Well, let’s talk outside. I know what you’re going to say. Let’s go out and find a quiet place to discuss it in detail."
Interrupted by Wei Youfang’s words, the sorceress looked at Wei Youfang and winked at herself. Although she still didn’t know what Wei Youfang wanted to express, the sorceress finally agreed to Wei Youfang’s suggestion.
The fiftieth chapter, luo fall
"Beautiful lady, after you," Wei Youfang jumped for joy after seeing the sorceress’s promise, and then bent down to salute and made a please move to signal the sorceress to go first.
There is nothing wrong with doing this, which not only shows your grace but also avoids the embarrassing problem that you have lost your way and can’t find your way.
In this way, Wei Youfang successfully resolved the embarrassing situation, and the two of them accompanied the Aojincheng Weaver House.
"Let’s find a place to sit. Thank you for your help." Wei Youfang looked at it and didn’t find any suitable place, so he asked the sorceress to see if she would attend. If she agreed, she would try to find a place.
"No, I have to go in and continue to look for ornaments. I have just been promoted to the level of senior mage recently. I really need to configure some suitable ornaments."
The sorceress also understood Wei Youfang’s practice all the way, but did not blame Wei Youfang for explaining it in detail.
"Then let’s have a brief talk here. Do you know Afraro?" Wei Youfang didn’t continue to insist after hearing the rejection of the sorceress, because Wei Youfang felt that it was too much for him. Wei had a direction and naturally didn’t like being forced to do something, nor did he like to force others.
"Do you think it’s Cameron Affra Rogge?" The sorceress did not answer directly, but confirmed it first.

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