"Miss Yue, we have misunderstood each other too deeply, and you won’t believe anything I say." I hung my head in my novel, "You must not mess around with the mysterious tactics and the golden dragon turtle. These two things are to find the Fourteenth Mausoleum key."

"I don’t know what my dad thinks about you all the time." The more you give me a white look, the more I didn’t good the spirit said, "I can’t understand archaeology. Can you still … the Fourteenth Mausoleum? Look at this little knowledge, you come out to swindle and swindle. I heard that the Ming Tombs came to your mouth and ran out of one place for no reason. Haha, you want to come out of the Ming Tombs. "
I don’t argue with her, either. Go around Qianling and push the door to get Luoxuan Shence and Golden Dragon Turtle.
Yue Qianling grabbed the golden dragon turtle from my hand and said rightfully
"Listen to my dad, you’ve been studying this thing for almost two months, and you haven’t found anything. Hehe, I didn’t know the mystery inside until I read it all afternoon. Do you think you’re bluffing?"
"Although I don’t understand these two things, don’t touch my brother, who can’t solve others’ problems. Anqi said that finding the Fourteenth Mausoleum depends on these two things." Xiao Lianshan also looked at Yue Qianling nervously.
Yue Qianling looked at me with her head held high.
"This golden dragon turtle is very light in weight. I have seen that the faucet is connected with the turtle body. The faucet is such a simple machine. You can think about it for two months, and you don’t know if it is your IQ or deliberately want to stay here to cheat and eat."
The more Qian Ling finished, she went to move the faucet. Indeed, she heard the organic sound in the dragon turtle.
It suddenly occurred to me that Gu Anqi said that Rise of the Legend’s water-drawing beast is developing objects on behalf of the East Factory, mainly to deliver messages. The East Factory is acting on behalf of the secret machine. It is cruel to send secret things like this. It is impossible to have no defense machine
I was surprised when I saw Yue Qianling move the faucet. I grabbed the golden dragon turtle in her hand in the previous step and put Yue Qianling in my arms, but the faucet was just facing the back of Yue Qianling’s head. Without thinking, I reached out my left hand to block Yue Qianling’s head.
Yue Qianling saw that I suddenly came and pushed me to the ground without saying anything, holding her face red with shame.
Xiao Lianshan knew that the situation was serious and threw away the cake in his hand. I held me before I fell to the ground and then looked at Yue Qianling with a serious face.
One day, Yue Qianling was seen by me changing clothes and being hugged suddenly. She was holding her stomach full of fire and was about to bow her head to see that I was holding my left hand and slowly oozing blood and falling down my fingers.
Just now, the scene just happened, and the more thunder came back, the more clearly I rushed to the building to help me. I stared at the more Qianling and just wanted to raise my hand to hit her, but I stopped her.
"It’s none of her business if Miss Yue doesn’t know that this thing is dangerous."
"You’re getting more and more ridiculous. I left your house to be alone with the geese. I just want you to see the geese returning to people’s hearts for a long time. I want you to see if the geese are the kind of people you think. You don’t know how to be grateful. If it weren’t for the geese returning, you still have a life here!" The thunder pointed to the thousand ling swearing.
Sexually speaking, I estimate that she has grown so big. She has never been scolded so much by Yue Lei. When I saw her injustice, I bit my lip and tried to refute it. As soon as I was angry, I grabbed my left hand. My palm was penetrated by two slender iron needles. This was just shot from the faucet at such a close distance. If my hand hadn’t blocked these two iron needles, they should be inserted into the back of Yue Ling’s head now.
Maybe it’s only now that I’m white. I just moved, and I saw blood pouring out of my palm, and my heart was guilty and grateful and glanced at me.
When I get out of the wound, I will sit on the balcony and wait.
"I really wronged you during this period. I wanted Qian Ling to contact you alone, but I didn’t expect it to be like this."
"Whether elder brother doesn’t matter much, if you don’t trust Miss Yue, it’s also good to want to help." I sat down and said with a smile.
"Wild goose back to tell you the truth, you have counted for me 60 years of good luck. I know it’s not good to catch a side door. Sooner or later, I will get what I deserve. It’s not that I’m greedy for money." The thunder sighed heavily and said thoughtfully, "I owe her nothing. I’m afraid that this baby pimple will melt in my mouth and fly in my hand. Everything I do is a thousand ling."
"Whether elder brother I know that Miss Yue is really quite … quite considerate" I don’t know how I can speak with my conscience "She will be considerate of whether elder brother she does everything"
"I know that sooner or later, I will do everything possible not to let her touch things. Who knows that I will send her to learn to design clothes? I will change my major and always dig graves. She is now an archaeological injustice! I can’t hide from life. In the end, she became a grave digger with a license. The only difference between me and her is that I dig others at night but dig them openly during the day. "
I almost couldn’t help laughing when I heard the thunder.
"Every time you saw Qian Ling taking a bath, I thought Qian Ling had grown up …"
"Brother Ting, I … I really didn’t watch Miss Yue take a shower!" I’m in a hurry
"Hey, it’s all men. I’ve been there before. A woman is naked. Who would believe you if you didn’t read it?" The thunder said quickly
I was just about to explain that the more furious I was, the more I waved my hand and interrupted me.
"Actually, I’m a very unified woman. According to the ancient rules, men and women are not close to each other. If a man looks at his hands, his whole arm will have to be cut off to show innocence. After you have finished reading my daughter’s body … no one wants Qian Ling to commit suicide or … or I’ll fix you two … anyway, you also take advantage of it."
I was stunned to see that the more thunderous I was, the more speechless I was. It turned out that the more thunderous I was, the more I didn’t show up. I shook my head at once.
"Whether elder brother you don’t kidding me … I and the miss is not appropriate"
"What’s wrong with you? You are kind-hearted and have something to do. My daughter is not bad. She is beautiful and sensible. I think you two are perfect."
I just got up to say something, and the more furious I was, the more I patted my shoulder and said earnestly
"This matter is urgent for you to reconsider. Sometimes you can get in touch with Qian Ling slowly."
☆ Chapter 25 You are mine.
From the second golden dragon turtle, it seems like a different person. I obviously feel that I am no longer her face. I don’t know if I have a share in making cakes.
The wound in his hand is almost the same, but the thought of talking more and more thunderously makes me lie in bed and toss and turn. The more thunderous trouble sleeping is, it doesn’t look like a joke. He doesn’t joke, let alone joke about his own baby daughter.
The more thunder wants to fix me up with Yue Qianling, the more I think about it. Even though Yue Qianling has not intensified her persecution, I still remember all kinds of bad deeds in the past, and now I feel scared when I think about it.
The knocking sound outside the door is very light, and I’m sure it’s not Xiao Lianshan because he doesn’t have the habit of knocking.
There is only one person left in this villa except Xiao Lianshan …
I want to whoosh here. As soon as I get up from bed and move too fast, my head hits the door beam hard, which hurts my heart.
Yue Qianling pouted, pushed the door and looked around. The door seemed to hesitate to get in.
"The more … the more miss it is so late. What can I do for you?" I said calmly, covering my head
Yue Qianling bit her teeth to summon up courage and came in. The room was very small and there was no chair. Yue Qianling thought about it and sat by my bed.
"Well … is your hand better?"
"Oh, it’s no big deal that the villagers are rough-skinned."
I feel like I’m leaning back. Every time I see Yue Qianling, it’s not good. Now it’s the middle of the night when I’m alone in the same room. If I accidentally meet Yue Qianling, she screams and says I’m molesting her. Even if I jump into the Yellow River, I can’t wash it off.
"I saw blood stains on your gauze today. You must have not changed your dressing for several days." Yue Qianling didn’t know when she got a bottle of iodine and a roll of gauze. "Let me change your dressing for you."

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