"No, no, no, ma ‘am, we didn’t. We have no idea where this thing came from …"

"Poof … pa …" There was another ringing. The mobile phone, lipstick, compact, and small mirror all the things a woman carried with her fell off.
"Also said that you didn’t steal from me! What is this? This is not me, is it you? "
"Ladies, ladies, let us explain that we really didn’t!"
"Well, I’ll listen to your explanation!" It is certainly not unreasonable for this lady to be in charge of such a large institution.
But the problem is …
We don’t know how this thing got here!
We can’t explain it!
"Take them to investigate" Ms. Silver Hair waved her hand and someone immediately dragged them away.
"You know I’m good, right? Hee hee hee hee ~" Someone behind the scenes snickered.
Don’t bully girls!
"Mr. Brewer, I acted without authorization and you were wronged. I apologize on behalf of our Lanxi police department."
Dad Zhuang was very angry, but he didn’t know what to say when he saw an old man with silver hair or an old lady apologizing to him. He could shake his head to show that he didn’t accept the apology.
"That monster is close to downtown Italy, and we need you to stop him."
"I’m sorry." What happened before Dad Zhuang grinned?
Now you want me to do it?
"I know you have a bill, but this amount needs to be examined by Congress …"
"I believe you will find a way. By the way, if I have to do it again, I’d better pay the second price." Dad Zhuang sneered.
"But there are tens of millions of residents in the city of Italy, and they are all in danger …"
Dad Zhuang lifted his hands, and the handcuffs were tight, leaving a deep impression.
The lady with silver hair suddenly didn’t know what to say.
Chapter 745 Gentle people
Zhuang is not far away at the moment.
Many TV stations broadcast live and someone at the scene keeps him informed.
Producer Lao Zhao has been in the hands of a nearby reporter since just now, and the camera has never stopped.
He’s so excited. This is the excellent second season material!
It’s a little off topic …
But you can also send a new program, such as "Fight with Dad Zhuang"? Or "follow Zhuang Dad to pretend to be forced"?
I have to say that Zhuang Dad has done a good job in both aspects.
Not far from Zhuang, it’s a good guess. The soldiers and police in Lanxi are at a loss because of the rampage and drunkenness. Some people want to level this monster, but this is one of the most important wine producing areas in Lanxi.
If they do, these politicians will be drowned by angry people.
Finally, they couldn’t invite Dad Zhuang back.
Compared with being stuck in the back seat of a police car when I left, this time I came back with a lot of scenery, accompanied by many police escorts and senior officials in person, and kept shooting beside several reporters.
Looking at so many people, Dad Zhuang didn’t change Er Niu into armor.
He greeted a good friend of his, Dahu, and two people in tandem poured coolies on the man who was growling drunkenly.
Hu trembled and tried to escape, but he thought of himself and Zhuang’s father, but how could brewan and Robin just abandon their brothers?
The hammer coolie seemed to smell something, turned his head to look at Dad Zhuang, and then muttered something and stumbled over to Dad Zhuang.
"Shout …" A few bold reporters walked behind Dad Zhuang, and suddenly the birds and animals dispersed.
A producer, Lao Zhao, followed with his own camera.

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