This is what Lu Yun said: the mouth is handsome and imposing, and the whole body emits pure white light, which is more mysterious than the divine power-the leader of the heaven and earth gate respects the Lord of the heaven and earth gate.

"Forget the dust, pursue dreams and meet again. Xiaoyou Xiu has reached the peak of the secular world. It’s true that Jin Xian’s opponents are rare, so don’t treat each other with a scratch."
The crane hair is childlike and ethereal, but it is a cave in the sky. The master once helped Lu Yun’s father forget the dust
At this time, Lu Yun bowed down and replied, "The two predecessors emphasized that Lu Yun is still Lu Yun, sometimes chasing dreams and sometimes stopping at Tianxin. Who can see it clearly?"
After speaking, Lu Yunsi looked at the large number of people outside the Chamber, and everyone had already greeted each other before, which was very lively.
At this time, Tianlin patted Tian Xiang’s shoulder and said excitedly, "I can’t believe that you and my brother finally met each other after several years. Have you ever been in distress in recent years without crossing the mountain?"
Wing Tian Xiang was also very surprised and excited and replied, "It’s really worthy of the name not to cross the mountain, so-called ghosts and gods don’t cross it, and I’ve been in distress several times. I didn’t expect our brothers to meet each other this time, which is really worth celebrating."
Tianlin said, "Speaking of this, my dad and others have received a letter from Chutian Jot to help maintain stability. How do you know Chutian?"
Tian Xiang recalled with a relaxed smile, "I grew up in the small Sumi Mountain and took care of it a lot. After that, there was a mysterious enemy invasion. It was he who stepped in to resolve the crisis. I was also fortunate that although I didn’t know each other at that time, I remembered that his breath met again a few years ago."
Nodding slightly, Tianlin said, "So that’s it. We got married in those days."
Wing Tian Xiang sighed with emotion, "It’s rare to meet in the same boat in the wind and rain. Let’s have a good talk today."
Say that finish secretly took a glance at crack wind immediately pull day’ to the back seat to talk about the past.
Chapter seventy Master Cloud
On the other side, Haimeng Yao, Rose, Peony and others are talking with each other, which surprises several people. After returning to the demon domain, Feiyun did not accept Taiyi’s immortal power or marry the wind, but soon became silent. Feiyun was brought back to life and death by an elder in Chutian Tianshan Mountain, as she did not know.
In addition, Lin Fan also met Fang Mengru, a former elder here, but the old man (Chen Yuxuan) is much younger in appearance, and the whole person’s heroic spirit is compelling, and the beauty of the Virgin of Jiuyin is very commensurate, which makes Lin Fan very shocked.
Knowing the current situation of the ice sheet and talking about the ice sheet catastrophe in those years, Chen Yuxuan looked excited and almost burst into tears. Fang Mengru was very emotional and deeply sorry that Linghua died.
It turned out that when they were expelled from Tenglong Valley, they traveled for days and met Chuxin one day. They got a gift of a century-old Polygonum multiflorum with strong spirituality. After Chen Yuxuan swallowed refining, the whole person became young again and recovered his handsome appearance, so they planned to do something for her to be rewarded.
But to their surprise, although this plant is famous for its hundred years, it was actually taken from Chutian when it was in the abyss, where the disorder was chaotic, and the time from a hundred years to a hundred years was equivalent to ten thousand years. That is to say, this plant has been equivalent to ten thousand years, so it easily offset the influence of Youmenglan and restored Chen Yuxuan’s face.
I heard that the two men did not hesitate to join the camp against the dark world, which is what I saw today.
Lin Fan was pleasantly surprised and wanted to call the new moon to come and meet Chen Yuxuan Fang Mengru, only to find that the new moon was devoting itself to worship and giving a gift to one person, which surprised Lin Fan that she didn’t make a sound, but Fang Mengru’s expression was relieved.
That man is a very famous expert in the field of fix true, and he is called Zhu Xi when he has a supernatural evil spirit.
Seeing Zhu Xixin smiling and grateful, she immediately bowed down and expressed her respect for the master.
Help up the crescent moon Zhu Xi indifferently, "In those days, Tianlin’s vision was really extraordinary. My crescent moon disciple was really good, like the holy crescent moon in the sky. Now it is shine on you who has repaired me."
The crescent moon said lightly, "That’s because the master taught the disciples well and accepted Suzaku’s divine power to achieve today."
The reunion of the two mentoring scenes is touching. I guess Zhu Xi’s appearance here in the new moon is not much to ask.
Mu Feng, who is pregnant with a burning Buddha, is in an awkward situation at the moment. He has always been wise, but he is entangled in a strange man whose face is about fifty years old, giving people a strange feeling.
Two people talk a few days MuFeng was surprised that this person is not only familiar with all kinds of characteristics of fantasy evil clouds, but also quite familiar with all things of evil spirits.
At the right time, the 50-year-old middle-aged man sank, "The evil spirits were robbed and the strong enemy invaded, and the Millennium foundation was destroyed."
When Tianmufeng heard the words, he immediately bowed down and worshipped "Tianmufeng, the fourth generation patriarch of Tianxie Sect, met his father."
From the man’s words and manners, it was inferred that the person in front of him was the founder of the evil Sect of Heaven-Si Ji.
The 50-year-old man said indifferently, "I’m cautious and wise, and I’m pregnant with Buddhist treasures, burning lanterns and Buddha seals. Now that you have guessed my identity, you say that my evil Sect has successors."
Tianmu air duct "The ancestor praised Mu Feng, and his qualifications are still young. I hope that the ancestor will give more advice. Is it true that the ancestor will go back to the ice sheet to preside over the overall situation after this big robbery?"

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