Mira University in Tianxiangcheng seems to be unresponsive. As usual, the class is normal, just as Shi Yegen is not a person in their university.

Don’t other people know what’s behind Zhang Tao? Is it that the general forces dare to offend and provoke? Back to the pavilion, Zhang Tao said to a JIU ge fu man, "From now on, your fighting organization is called Tianwei! Directly under me and the blood begonia, are you responsible for taking them back to Taixiang Village and leaving them in the protection village? This is very important. If you complete it perfectly, you will be rewarded. "
Grasping the villagers’ power in Taixiang Village has deviated from the normal situation. It is impossible for anyone to kill the carbine in Taixiang Village. It is enough to see a Tianwei.
"The Lord of the house can rest assured that it will be completed by death."
Zhang Tao satisfaction nodded "Uncle Li, you can take them back to the village and rest assured! I will save everyone back. "I asked Li Dongcheng that he had no one else to go to intelligence. Nai Zhang Tao had to keep looking.
"Woo-hoo, I’m sorry for you before Uncle Li in Zhang Tao, and I’m sorry for you, too. The Zhang family didn’t expect you to save us by letting bygones be bygones." Li Dongcheng finally couldn’t help crying and Li Qiang also hurriedly apologized. Zhang Tao said gently, "We are all family, aren’t we? Don’t say these words before Zhang Tao is also a teenager who offended Uncle Li? "
It’s no longer possible to realize the contradiction with Li Qiang because Zhang Tao and Li Qiang are not at the same level. Li Qiang and Li Dongcheng nodded repeatedly. They all know that Taixiang Village will rise!
Off the Li Dongcheng and others poison cloud asked, "We are not looking for a direction now, just like looking for a needle in a haystack." At this time, it is said that Dong Dao or blood Haitang have no information to inform themselves that although these ten people have been rescued, there are still twenty or thirty people who can’t fall inside and have their own parents. Zhang Tao is also very worried.
"Tianxiang Auction House, I think they must know something," Zhang Tao said.
In Tianxiang auction, the owner of Tianxiang City is in an antique fragrant room. The bamboo forest here is elegant, clean and pleasant, but it is an excellent place to pick chrysanthemums.
"Are you? I didn’t expect slaves to be the fuse. I think these slaves are a little dirty, but you can rest assured that our Tianxiang auction is not just a stone house. "A middle-aged man in silk and satin has small eyes like soybean eyebrows but is quite thick. It is hard to hide his self-confidence when he says this sentence.
"I hope that the president will be careful, and the officer will leave first." After the duke left, the president of the auction house disdained to smile. "Even if the young man succeeds, how can he compare with me? If he doesn’t pick a fight, he won’t mind teaching him to be a low-key person. "
"The president is not good!" An auction house guard broke in
"Things in a flurry? Didn’t I teach you? You are irrelevant, aren’t you? " The president’s face sank.
The guard hurriedly straightened up and stabilized himself clearly. "The president’s adult has become extinct, and Zhang Tao, the stone family, has come with people to find the door. Please go and have a look."
Hear hand report, first one leng followed by a nu "good! Very good! I can’t believe I dared to provoke a guest to invite me to see if this young and successful Zhang Tao actually broke into my Tianxiang auction! "
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Chapter 5 Wanbaozhai
Chapter 5 Wanbaozhai
When the guards heard the president’s words and saw his angry expression, how dare they delay? Immediately bow out, the president also went out after finishing his own clothes, and soon he followed dozens of mighty guards to meet Zhang Tao 【
Zhang Tao didn’t take many people this time. It’s just a poisonous cloud Moying. Qin Huanran was protected by the pavilion. "You are Zhang Tao? What’s the matter with you breaking into my auction house? If you don’t say one, two, three, "said here, the president’s eyes flashed cold light and soon five figures shot out.
The momentum of the five innate masters is like the waves, and there is a smirk on his face. To tell the truth, having five innate masters is indeed his pride!
But for a moment, the poisonous cloud and Mo Ying stepped forward, and two more terrible forces spread out, and five innate superior forces were as hard to resist as babbling children in front of them.
The difference between an adult and a child can be distinguished even by the president of an ordinary person. "The two presidents are Tianshi Zun", an innate master.
"I came here with only one purpose to sell the villagers to you? Tell me everything you know, "Zhang Tao said lightly, turning a blind eye to the attitude of the president just now.
The cold light in the president’s eyes disappeared like Chun Xue’s melting. "Haha, it turned out to be a small matter. Zhang Daren can rest assured that I will tell you in detail. If I knew they were from Zhang Daren’s hometown, I wouldn’t dare to auction even if I borrowed courage from heaven." If the duke said this, he would despise the president and didn’t put Zhang Tao in the eye. How did it change immediately?
"There are two days and honour? Who the hell is this Zhang Tao? Don’t blame me for betraying you, who told you to sell people casually without investigating clearly? " President secretly thought in my heart.
Zhang Tao nodded. "Then please speak, President." Since others have lowered their posture, Zhang Tao is not willing to be aggressive and reciprocate. This is the way everyone lives.
"good!" When the president saw that there were no waves in Zhang Tao, he planned and dared not neglect to tell everything he knew. "So you showed the way?" Zhang Tao never imagined that the president in front of him would give a jump to the villagers who caught Taixiang Village, such as selling them.
"Zhang’s adult, I didn’t know they were you." The president explained immediately when he saw Zhang Tao’s face getting cold.
"Well, I don’t want to hear your explanation, so it’s different for men and women to sell fagan, right? The only place that wants to eat so many people is Wanbaozhai, the largest auction house in Honghao country? " Zhang Tao asked coldly.
The president smiled wryly, "It’s Zhang’s adult."
"Thank you for telling me, but I want to give the president a piece of advice," Zhang Tao said coldly.
"My Lord, please speak." Where does the president still have a temper at this time?
"Don’t continue to sell slaves." Zhang Tao said and left with a poisonous cloud and Mo Ying.
And the president watched Zhang Tao go away and cold sweat dripped down his forehead. "Mom must investigate clearly and can’t eat like this." I thought that the president of Zhang Tao’s eyes was afraid that Zhang Tao would destroy his auction house in anger.
"Wanbaozhai and Tianxiang auction are different. As far as I know, Wanbaozhai has overseas influence, and the backstage is exactly the same as the dream of imperial city. We can’t fool around," said Poison Cloud.
Zhang Tao said, "Of course, I know that there is no background to stand up like this."? Don’t worry, I won’t fool around. "
Two heavenly scholars and great countries can be regarded as asking for a knife and smiling at heaven, but they can’t be arrogant in the face of foreign forces, because the real masters of the whole Dongyue mainland are overseas
Zhang Tao knows that such a huge auction house not only auctions valuable things, but also auctions in various ways, not just money for things, but also things for things.
For example, it is not uncommon for two people to exchange ideas with each other, and everyone is satisfied. In this way, Wanbaozhai is the only one in the vast country.
Of course, overseas mainland heard that many large families will do the same, but the strength of Wanbaozhai is also strong, and this kind of exchange is also extremely safe. If anyone dares to do it, even if you violate the rules of Wanbaozhai, you will face a behemoth who can’t see the strength, and soon the mainland people in Dongyue will evaporate.
Once, a Tianshi Zun made a scene in Wanbaozhai. Although everyone ran out, I don’t know what happened, but we all know that this Tianshi Zun died! His body was hung on the city wall for public display, and the Lord of the city actually helped Wan Baozhai to show the public. Not only that, Gu Longtian also ordered the protection of Wan Baozhai’s benefits.
Can you imagine how powerful Wanbaozhai is? Since then, even the craziest blood moon Wanbaozhai, the top ten masters in Honghao country, has been honestly buying and selling and dare not go beyond it.
Wanbaozhai is located in Wanbaocheng! The name of this city was called Qianbian City, but it was later changed because of Wanbaozhai, which is also owned by Wanbaozhai Power.
It takes two days to get there quickly from Tianxiang City, but Zhang Tao is quite anxious because of the delay of the Stone Family in Tianxiang City. I hope not to have sold it, otherwise it will be very troublesome.
The original Zhang Tao wanted Wang to stay in the city for a long time, but she insisted on following Zhang Tao to see the obstinacy, but she followed suit. However, Zhang Tao’s condition was that Wang must abide by his own arrangements.
After Wang Xinran promised, Zhang Tao sent out a frost feather letter to ask JIU ge fu to send more Tianwei. Although the six-level martial artist faced Wan Baozhai, it was nothing, but Zhang Tao needed a lot of people.
Generally speaking, slaves don’t barter, and most of them need silver, so they can take Zhang Tao. They also need the JIU ge Fu to spend a lot of money to save their parents, let alone just a small amount of money, even if the whole JIU ge Fu wanders around Zhang Tao.

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