"My father-in-law thinks highly of me," Fang Yunhan shook his head. "My knife was already a force, but it didn’t really hurt him. It was not a bad idea to drive him away so fast. I joined hands to avoid my father-in-law. If he still wants to assassinate the capital, he is afraid that I will stop it."

The sky sank. "What does the Duke mean?"
"Nature is mutual help and mutual support."
Fang Yunhan and Kan Kan talked about "although the soldiers in the capital are all elite, they can act everywhere and are limited by the court’s regulations. Sometimes they are not as handy as Jianghu people. I heard that Gonggong Banner also has Jianghu people as its main body, and the bridge group may wish to exchange views with each other."
"In this way, if an assassin shows up with a wide signal, these Jianghu people can go to the nearest bank and make more delays to help them."
Mi Sky silently said later, "I’m grateful to the duke for thinking it’s a magical power. Hou Xin lost the duke’s new seal, and now I’m talking about the alliance without being too hasty."
"That’s right," Fang Yunhan seemed to say casually, but he didn’t insist. "Then I won’t delay my father-in-law returning to the palace to call me back."
Mi Sky’s eyes fixed on Fang Yunhan’s beard, and the end turned yellow slightly. He said slowly, "Today, the duke, I felt different when I saw him last night."
"Oh, what’s the difference?" Fang Yunhan looked down with his hands slightly raised, and then looked up at the sky with a smile. "Is it because I didn’t use a knife today?"
Mi Sky also laughed, "Maybe."
Fang Yunhan, the old eunuch, looked at each other in a gentle tone and said softly, "The knife is a murder weapon. It is ominous to move. Last night, it was a sudden accident. Today, my father-in-law is a guest. There is no reason to treat guests with a knife."
The thick eyebrows in the sky are moving and gray, and they smiled kindly. "The duke said that he is very old and will leave now."
"Walk slowly"
After Mi Cangqiu left, Wang Xiaoshi stepped into the courtyard from the corner of the corridor. "Brother Fang, did he see anything?"
"Since he didn’t do it, it makes no difference whether he saw it or not."
Fang Yunhan sits at the stone table in the courtyard and looks at a big tree in the corner.
Recently, the autumn is getting stronger, the branches and leaves are half yellow, and it won’t be long before the whole tree will be dyed golden.
"Listen, Little Stone."
Wang Xiaoshi turned his head. "Huh?"
"The fewer leaves, the more unified the sound. This is the gradual accumulation of tree vitality, waiting for the first phase to flourish."
Fang Yunhan waved his sleeves at the tree, and the strong wind swept the tree and fell a rustling rain.
"But the prosperity and decline of trees are more hidden in invisible places than roots, so that they can really accumulate enough strength."
Wang Xiaoshi has understood.
A month later, Cangwu Houfu was still under construction.
Fang Yunhan looked through the golden breeze and drizzle building at home and sent the martial arts materials collected in recent years.
Capital affairs
In the afternoon, Wang Xiaoshi walked out of Modaotang with his parcel on his back. The next day, he found another place to rent a house and beat yiguang.
On the third day, he met Fu Zong, a traitor of a surname Cai Jing, in yiguang.
Chapter 163 Killer Wang Xiaoshi
How on earth did Wang Xiaoshi and Fang Yunhan realize that few people know it now, but with real means and wide information, few people can be sure that Wang Xiaoshi didn’t know Fang Yunhan before his master Bai Shu Garden.
That is to say, the two of them have known each other for about two months now.

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