I quickly climbed up my guard and looked at the lean man. Zhao Gang said with an expression, "What will save me?"

There is no such thing as a free lunch. If a lean man sees himself pleasing to the eye, he saves himself. Unless Zhao Gang is stupid, he will think so.
Who is the descendant of "Chinese grandson? And you said that in a few years, the nobility will be engraved on the historical shame column, and everyone is equal and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Where did you know this? What kind of power makes you say these words without hesitation? " Mr. Feng’s eyes are like being able to see through people’s hearts. Just sweeping Zhao Gang at a glance makes Zhao Gang feel scalp pins and needles like being stared at by wild animals.
And a glance at Zhao Gang felt that all the secrets of his body were like being penetrated by Mr. Feng
"Terrible is that it is terrible. Is this person the god of this world?" Zhao Gang heart flashed a sentence like this.
Mr. Feng’s question Zhao Gang feels that he can’t say that he is human after 3,000 years!
Even so, there is absolutely no reply, because although this is a spiritual world, for Mr. Feng and the people in this world, this is more real than the world, and even childhood memories can be clearly recalled in their minds.
"I also met a wise man who was able to break, but he was talking crazy in death threats … forget it!" Mr. Feng saw a look of disappointment in Zhao Gang’s silent eyes. He raised his hand and ordered Ji to dispose of Zhao Gang. He turned his eyes to the wall as if he could see through everything behind it.
A stride to throw out the place of destruction, her life after hearing Mr. Feng’s order promised a glance with a bloodthirsty light insidious smile came up to Wang Gang.
"Wait, if you really want to know, I’ll tell you." Zhao Gangke doesn’t care about his life, but he has to consider the possibility of destruction. In this barbaric era, he may be caught and destroyed, and he may be demoted to slavery and become a military prostitute!
And even if everything is revealed after 3 thousand, it will not really make the world leap, and the technology will not affect the player’s strategy for the world.
Disappointed in her life than in her eyes, Mr. Feng’s footsteps suddenly stopped. Gu Zhuo’s face couldn’t see the slightest expression. "You said that if I am satisfied, I can spare your life and leave a chance to live for the woman who is alive outside."
"Three thousand years later, the so-called descendants of the emperor of the nobility have never heard of all Kyushu people collectively calling themselves Chinese grandchildren! The Ministry of National Direction and Policy has decided by ordinary people to eat enough and wear warm clothes, which is already a social welfare. No matter whether the elderly or children have no labor force, even if they do nothing, the country will be, "said Zhao Gang Shen.
"If there were no noble dogs and soldiers to compete with, if everyone was equal, where would the slaves go now?" Zhao Gang dialect is a fable to Ji Ming. Believe it.
"After 3,000 years, Kyushu occupied ten times as much land as it does now. The so-called dog Rong has been wiped out in slavery. After the year of slavery, slavery was abolished in Zhou, and by that time, slavery has become history." Wang Gang replied with a sneer.
Even if Ji lives in disbelief, this is the real historical life. After 3,000 years from this era, Zhao Gang knows the historical trend better than all geniuses in this era.
"Even if the number of strong people in my big week is as strong as a dog’s dijon, how can I die if I go deep into my big week? I will rule Kyushu for ten thousand years! It is destiny that we are descendants of the great emperor because of the rule of Zhou! " Look at Zhao Gang with murderous look in her eyes when she accepts what Zhao Gang said.
If Mr. Feng hadn’t spoken yet, he would have killed this rumor to confuse people with madness.
"History has no destiny! There is popular support and public opinion. When most people are dissatisfied with the rulers, it is only a matter of time before this government will perish, no matter how strong it is, even if there are powerful descendants of the great emperor like you in this dynasty. "Zhao Gang didn’t stop at all and continued to smile and said to his eyes.
"Demon people, you die …" Roar at top of your voice. One is preparing to make desperate moves to kill Zhao Gang Ji, but Mr. Feng gently shakes his arm to stop him.
Many pedestrians around are full of longing after hearing Zhao Gang’s words. For ordinary people in this era, they can eat and wear warm clothes every day, live in warm houses and fear the cold winter, which is the world they never dreamed of.
"Then tell me what will die in Da Zhou?" Mr. Feng’s voice is getting deeper and deeper. Although there is no emotion in it, seeing the horror in Mr. Feng’s eyes is more than murderous, which still makes Zhao Gang feel more frightened.
"Destiny!" Zhao Gang did not hesitate to say that the Qishan earthquake was regarded as the root cause of the demise of the Great Zhou Dynasty by many dynasties in history. The so-called earthquake is known by modern people as a geological phenomenon caused by the movement of the continental plate
But for ancient people, this is destiny!
After listening to Zhao Gang’s words, Mr. Feng’s murderous eyes are even hotter. "Even if the sky wants me to be extinct in the big week, I will open a hole in the sky. I will learn from my ancestors and lead people to cut the sky!"
"I am born with the ability to inherit the virulence of my ancestors’ medical treatment, and I can feel whether others have lied to me. I am very satisfied that you have not lied to me in every word. Now I will give you a chance to become a diner in my seat." After saying this, Mr. Feng walked up to his eyes and believed in the light.
"Today, except for the three of us, we must never let the fourth person know that they have all been killed. It is possible to hear that no matter what their identity is, no one will be left behind." As Mr. Feng’s words haven’t been started yet, Zhao Gang feels the bloody breath on his face.
I feel the information in my mind without hesitation. Zhao Gang is louder than the stereo. "You give me a chance. I don’t need to die because I am a human being!" to be continued
Chapter What are you?
It’s like being frozen around, bearing more weight than strength is pressing on Zhao Gang’s body. Mr. Feng slowly turned around and looked at Zhao Gangyin than cold. Word by word jumped out of his mouth. "What did you say?"
Even haven’t action her life after hearing Mr. Wind than ice cold sound all turned pale with fear and shivered, and quickly left Mr. Wind’s side to look at Zhao Gang’s eyes, which is like looking at a corpse.
Mr. Feng is the patron saint of this city, ranking in the top 50 in the big week. One person can kill the city and one person can destroy the terror of the vassal state. Since a tribe of 100,000 people became famous, no one dared to refuse his request. Because of the refusal, everyone has died!
It’s more difficult to get an invitation from Mr. Feng than to become a vassal than to get a seal from a big Sunday. I didn’t expect Zhao Gang to dare to refuse when she finished her life!
Ji’s life is stronger than strength, and he dare not do anything wrong in front of Mr. Feng, because he knows that Mr. Feng needs to move a finger to make him resist and die completely.
"I said that I don’t want to destroy my country because of the decay of the Zhou Dynasty for several years, because I am a human being and won’t compete with wild animals." Mr. Feng’s horrible momentum didn’t make Zhao Gang feel a little weak, and his voice was louder than firm
"If I were a beast, you’d be a beast’s ration." Mr. Feng strode towards Zhao Gang and just threatened to make Zhao Gang unable to move. conan the destroyer’s momentum was several times more terrible than Ji’s command of the Yellow Emperor Yulong.
The smell of death once again surrounds Zhao Gang. "If you are not a beast, why can’t you stop someone eating human flesh in Chaoge City? If you are not a beast, why are all the residents in Chaoge City all disheveled and sad?"
Zhao Gang was not afraid to speak and scold directly, and then Mr. Feng stopped in her understanding of life law and took a deep look behind Zhao Gang and said, "You can die if you don’t eat human flesh!" Even if they lose their humanity, this is the best result compared with death. After all, they can live! "
"Natural disasters continue to collect particles and dogs continue to attack the big week. It is already the result of the kings, talents and nobles. We let most ordinary people live. This is a great achievement!"
After listening to Mr. Feng’s words, Zhao Gang almost laughed and sneered at his theory. "Foreign invasion has not really entered the territory of Dazhou, and the so-called natural disasters are easier than solving natural disasters and aliens if the monarch is really capable, but you are just making excuses for yourself to escape conscience condemnation."
"Oh, you mean you can solve the problem of natural disasters?" Mr wind eyes a bright ask a way
Run to one side early Ji life mew mew said after seeing this situation "Mr Wind, what’s the matter? According to the usual way of killing decisively, shouldn’t this talking demon be directly blasted to ashes? Why don’t you start work after talking for so long today! "
"You are wrong. It is not him but us players who can solve the problem of natural disasters!" With the appearance of the sound, Zhao Gang has been tense and completely relaxed. Before he came, he did not hesitate to refuse, that is, he got the guidance of the psychological research team in the player group and got the news that Wang Gang had rushed over first.
"You finally came out. The strong man reported your name. Your name is worth remembering by Jiang Feng!" Mr. Feng seems to have long expected that Wang Gang would appear, and he is not surprised to see Wang Gang walking slowly, which is one of the reasons why he has never started to attack Zhao Gang.
Her life was shocked after hearing Wang Gangyin. She looked up and was thrown out of the wall before being destroyed by Wang Gang in her arms, and Wang Gang was no more than ten meters away from him.
Cold sweat constantly appears from Ji’s life face. You know, at this level, the strong should have creatures in 100 meters, which can be perceived by him, but Wang Gang appears around him within 10 meters without induction, which means that if Wang Gang is willing, he can directly appear behind Ji’s life and let her die.
"My name is Wang Gang!" Wang Gang strode over and looked at Mr. Feng with Zhao Gang behind him. His eyes were more surprised than Wang Gang’s perception of Mr. Stroke’s strength. According to the player’s naming method of strength, it has reached the extreme state of releasing the true qi.
That is to say, even in this spiritual world, Mr. Feng belongs to the peerless strong.
In this world, even Wang Gangti’s strength in entering this world is so much, and in this world, the fighting skills and fighting will of every strong person are stronger than that of others. Even Wang Gang does not dare to win easily without the wisdom blessing of level 3 unbeaten fighting.
"wang xing? The descendants of the Three Emperors and Five Emperors didn’t have this surname. Is it because Sun, the descendant of the great emperors of past dynasties, changed his surname? " Hearing Wang Gang’s name, Mr. Feng’s face was full of doubts. In this era, in the Zhou Dynasty, ordinary people, except the great emperor’s heirs, could never inherit the strength of the great emperor from mythology.
In this era, surnames do not represent status, but also represent strength!
Wang Gangyan wants to research the source because the surnames of people in China have changed over the years after 3 thousand years, so don’t say that even ordinary people have become gods, Wang Gang can still sort out the context from this mess
"If you don’t want to talk about it, forget it. You said you could solve the problem of natural disasters, such as solving it!" For the strong, especially the strong at the same level as himself, Mr. Feng gave enough respect and asked politely by mouth

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