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Zhang Baihuang, can Lao San get some face? !
"Mom, are you better?"
It’s getting late in the wing of Phoenix Frost Garden. Su Ling sat in front of the round table and looked at Phoenix Rujun’s rosy cheeks for an instant.
Although she looks a hundred times better than before, Su Ling always feels that her brow seems to be deeper than before.
At that time, Su Ling sat beside him and burned the dust.
Maybe it’s because Huang Yin’s dust made Feng Rujun look a little tight, and his eyes flashed for a moment. When he saw Huang Yin’s dust without expression, his face was a little stiff and he smiled and said, "It’s all right. It’s nothing serious. Don’t worry about it!"
"That will do! There have been a lot of things in the palace recently, and I haven’t come back for several days. Mom, if you have any discomfort, please let Bi Rao tell me at any time or let Dad find a doctor for you! Illness can’t be delayed! If it is like that again, it will not be worth the loss! "
Su Ling careful and there is no lack of words to let Feng Rujun couldn’t help smiling nai shook his head and looked at it again without expression before slowly saying, "Ling Er Niang is really all right! It’s all over, you can rest assured! Palace matters are more important. Don’t delay major events because of your mother! I’ve asked your father to find a suitable maid for me these days. After all, it’s your maid who always waits on your mother. Let Birao go back to accompany you when she finds the right person from time to time! "
"Madam, I didn’t! Miss … Miss is now taken care of by the sovereign! " Repeatedly by Brigitte Rao at this time, although at the door, but from the beginning of an enter a door, you can generally see that your young lady and burn old ambiguous changes.
At this time, she made these remarks at an inappropriate time. Although she relied on Su Ling’s love and made irresponsible remarks, on the other hand, she also wanted to secretly test whether a prince had really changed his treatment of the young lady!
A listen to the beautiful words Su Ling heart immediately jumped a beat is lift eyes gouged out her, when the fruit around burn old suddenly said, "yes! Wang will take good care of her mother-in-law. Don’t worry! "
Su Ling "…"
Is he idle to show his determination here?
No, why should she think he’s making up his mind? !
"Wang Yeying!" Brigitte Rao this girl is becoming more and more puma. At this time, when I heard the words of the third place, I was excited and almost knelt down to talk. I also looked at the dust with great gratitude and suddenly felt that the king of dust was really a dragon and phoenix among people!
At this moment, she felt that the young lady might not have married the wrong person!
Feng Rujun is bent on Su Ling’s happiness. Now suddenly, I see that Huang Yinchen has such a different attitude towards Su Ling. Don’t treat her from the heart. She is happy, even though she has too many regrets and unfulfilled wishes, but she thinks it is worthwhile for Su Ling to enjoy herself peacefully.
In the past, after all, it was a generation that did something wrong. Maybe it really shouldn’t be borne by your daughter! Don’t treat her like your own in Xiangfu now. That’s enough!
When Feng Rujun fell silent, her brow became more and more melancholy when she was thinking secretly, which also made Su Ling always wonder.
She wants to share her worries, but Feng Rujun’s mouth is too tight, even if she has tried several times, it is a sigh.
Maybe it’s not time yet!
Going back to Xiangfu in the middle of the night, Su Ling looked up at the moon in front of the house alone at night, and her mind was a little dull because of Feng Rujun.
She is so curious about Feng Rujun’s past, and now she knows that she is not the father’s own child. So who is her father and what has her mother experienced?
Including the treasure of Fengjia, things are flowing out again!
Now I hear that Lou Zhan has left Qi Chuxiao Snow and returned home with a heavy heart, as if things had been unprepared and ended in a short time.
But Su Ling knows that the matter of wanting the treasure of the Phoenix family will not be over for a day, so these people will not let go easily! After all, how big it would be for the four countries to be called a treasure!
Yu Su hasn’t been injured by Huang Lao for so long, and now she doesn’t know whether she is alive or dead! Bao San brothers are now in a distant place to come to the restaurant. Maybe she should start asking them to do something meaningful when she finds one!
"Hey, it’s just a blockbuster in the palace tonight. Why is Princess Dust alone now? Is it possible that Huang Laosan is acting again? "
In the middle of the night, the faint atmosphere was accompanied by a burst of flowers, and the banter made Su Ling’s heart suddenly feel agitated. She was not Bai Youqing. Why is this fellow always elusive?
In the evening, when she sang a song in Liulige, he appeared untimely. He was taken away by Huang Lao at that time, but now he has no discretion to appear in Xiangfu.
When this is your home!
When Su Ling heard this in the clear moonlight, she slowly turned around and looked at a red robe hanging from the cornice beam. She whispered, "How do you feel when Liang Jun is so excited forever?"
"Su Ling you can’t talk to the palace? Anyway, we are also good friends who share weal and woe together! If I wasn’t worried about you, I would give up sleeping late to see you! It’ s really kind to be a liver and lung! " You Qing casually lifted her attire and strode to Su Ling’s face, so she was condescended by her height advantage.
The pale glow of the reflecting moon shines on Su Ling’s cheeks in a plain skirt, just like solidifying fat and blowing bombs can break the skin and make people feel exciting and bright.
After hearing this, Su Ling secretly lowered her eyes and took a deep breath, she looked up and said, "I’m fine for your trouble!"
"Su Ling are you fake? ! When the palace can’t count? I think when you and Huang Lao were at odds, your attitude towards the palace was much more pleasant than it is now. What’s going on now? You don’t need a palace with him? " You Qing provoked a beautiful arc on one side of the knife-shaped eyebrows, and his eyes quenched Yue Hui’s deep and distant sight, infecting the broken light
In the depths of his eyes, perhaps it was Yue Hui’s cover-up method that made people see through his true thoughts, and even when he faced Su Ling, he constantly incited his nose and revealed his emotions.
It’s a pity that all emotions have never been put on you Qing Shen Su Ling. At this time, in the face of his subtle changes, he didn’t find them or never wanted to pay attention to them.
Is when you qing voice fall to the ground Su Ling two curved Diane eyebrow unexpectedly puckering at the same time, a look at the monster expression see he took a sniffle and said, "are you misunderstood? What’s the comparability between you and Huang Lao San? "
In fact, what Su Ling said is true, because in her mind, she has never compared Huang Laosan with You Qing, but perhaps it is because the meaning she expressed will be misleading.
It is also said that the speaker means the listener has a heart.
Where she is holding the suspicious expression at the moment, you Qing Junyan suddenly flashed a trace of anger. Although he is used to having fun, he can also be invisible. It happened that Su Ling’s words almost made him break the work.
No, don’t, it’s what she said, which made you feel like you were punched in the heart with an unexpected tone. It’s very uncomfortable!
"Oh, it seems that the palace thinks too much!" Soon, you Qing smiled at himself and then looked at the deepest part of the moon and was injured.
Su Ling raised eyebrows and looked at Guan Qing’s S-curve charm cheek. She had long felt that she was somehow familiar with him, but at the moment, she looked at him and measured the outline of her face. That feeling was even stronger.
"Have you met me before?"
Focused Su Ling also don’t know whether my brain convulsions always when both of them are silent in each other’s side so absent-minded suddenly asked 1.
And you Qing seems to be so surprised that he couldn’t help staring at Su Ling’s beautiful lips and squirming. One or two people suddenly came to the cold and said, "No!"

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