There is a big school of repairing truth like Kunlun and Shushan, and naturally there are killer groups like "Nightmare Shura".

Where there is light, there will be darkness. Without the dark background, light will lose its meaning.
"Don’t talk nonsense, big brother. I’ll keep going." A level of absolute diameter of one and a half meters fat man shook his whole body fat said. If you are deceived by his body shape, you will definitely be the first person to die at his hands. In recent years, since the establishment of this killer group, none of the practitioners who have died at the hands of this level of fat people have passed 80.
"We should prepare a little gift for the latecomers later." A man with the same fat body but high height yinxiao.
Six other people looked at each other and nodded their heads.
Han Yang leans his back against the wall in a very cool posture and leisurely watches the seven so-called killers put down grotesque things at the exit of the maze, then smiles and walks on.
"The seven guys, the charm of the earth, the bloodthirsty nail and the night flag of the hundred ghosts, are worth a lot. Even the baby with such lethality is willing to take out the Yin people." Han Yang sneered, "It’s too extravagant and everyone should compete fairly …"
Three people standing at the top of the underground looked at Han Yang shamelessly putting these "nightmare shura" arranged treasures into his pocket one by one, even the monkeys were completely speechless.
"You are a promising teacher younger brother!" It was a long time before Erlang God could not help but sigh. "It’s even more shameless to watch people set the magic weapon and then untie it in the same way." This boy is definitely promising! "
Bai Qi noncommittally said, "But his body skills are really brilliant. This is the first time I have seen this magical footwork."
The monkey laughed: "These are just cleverness. Let’s watch patiently."
The third eye on Erlang’s forehead suddenly opened: "Monkey, your trouble is coming. I think you’d better leave first."

Chapter 45 The door of the living (below)
Because of the final course, it will be changed to two days for the time being. Say the top notice of the evaluation area. Thank you-
"Come so early?" The Monkey King’s eyes widened, but his face changed dramatically with a slight intention: "Sure enough, there are still three people. It seems that the Queen Mother of the West is bound to win this time. This play is getting more and more interesting. Old white mark my words, don’t screw up … "
The monkey’s voice has not fallen, and Erlang’s god knowledge has already disappeared.
"By this guy’s fix for now is really abnormal …" Leitian could not help but sigh.
Erlang Shen smiled and said nothing, and Sun Monkey’s skill was just like this.
Han Yang untied the last bloodthirsty nail and proudly looked at himself. Although the first trophy of this trip to the underground was some sinister magic weapon, it was definitely to kill each other as the ultimate goal to control what magic weapon he used.
"Well, since every breakthrough is impossible now, let them fight among themselves first." Han Yang touched his chin and said to himself, "Kunlun Mountain of Shu should be the best to provoke, but they still don’t want to calculate before the other seven do it …"
Han Yang waited for two and a half days in the same place until the last group walked out of the maze, and then walked slowly to the front.
"Everyone is strange except Kunlun and Shushan …" Han Yang said to himself. "The killer treasure hunter Feng Shui master is really some strange guys. I didn’t expect so many freaks in the fix-up world."
Those seven killers have been gone for two and a half days. At least they should have found something.
Han Yang corners of the mouth become warped become warped fortunately, those seven eccentric guys are killers, and their murderous anger is already a little heavier, and it doesn’t make any difference. Hum, I can’t believe that there are still many benefits of reincarnation of demons.
Following the invisible thin line made of resentment, under the control of the "instantaneous step" vitality, it didn’t take long for Han Yang to see these seven killers who look very individual, but they are not what Han Yang expected. The seven people are now in a position that is not far from the exit of the maze, and it takes less than two and a half days.
"Eldest brother, we have been here for more than a day and still have no clue?" The short, thin man asked anxiously, "If this continues, others will probably come out soon."
The man called Big Brother said coldly, "This array is too strange for me to see through. However, since it is the door of the living, there must be one way to live. "
The door of the living? Han Yang wondered if there was an array with this name.
Looking ahead, these seven people are now standing in front of the gate, which is exactly the same as the gate at the entrance to the underground palace, but it is closed.
On the left and right sides of the gate are written the four characters of "Life" and "The Door of the Creator", which are flashing with mana fluctuation.
"The Gate of the Living was originally the name of this gate." Han Yang said to himself, "It’s really an odd array. It looks a bit like a congenital array." Han Yang, who stayed in the book fairy, raised his understanding of the law to a new level, and naturally saw the unusual law on this gate.
However, just a door can be attached with such a strange array. This underground palace is really not that simple to enter.
"Not bad. I didn’t expect anyone to be more proficient in orientation than our two brothers." The group composed of the two feng shui masters also came to this gate at the moment.
"Oh, it turned out to be the famous’ Feng Shui Fighter’. No wonder it is so arrogant." The fat tall man sneered, "What, do you want to do it before you see the baby?"
The two feng shui masters grunted coldly, and one of them frowned and said, "You seem to have stopped here for a long time. The murderous elements are very mixed."
The eldest brother in "Nightmare Shura" replied faintly: "Yes, we have been here for more than a day. But I can’t see through the array on this gate. I heard that you two are very good at array. Why don’t we cooperate for a while this time? "
The two feng shui masters looked at each other and one of them nodded, "OK, let’s cooperate for a while."
"The array on the door of the living is the most powerful congenital array in the array. Whoever can set up this array in this place must be an array master." One of the Feng Shui masters sneered, "But it’s just this congenital array that can’t beat our two brothers. It’s just that there are risks when we break the array."
"No problem, as long as you can point out the way to break the array, our brothers will naturally finish it." The short, thin man said, "But if you want to take the opportunity to plot against our brothers, you two must die first!" "
"This is a win-win situation. Our brothers don’t need to use the broken array to calculate you." One of the feng shui masters snorted.
"Well, stop arguing. Now that you know it, say it quickly, or everyone will lose the opportunity when the people behind you come." The eldest brother interrupted impatiently.
"This law is similar to the name of this door. The so-called’ the door of the living’ means’ the dead stop’. However, if you rush through this door, it will touch the innate array. When the time comes, you can’t live or die. The soul will be sealed by the array law and never be born! " Just now, the feng shui master said faintly, "But this array can’t be forced to break through, but it can be bypassed."
"Go around?" Seven people wondered.
The feng shui master nodded and said, "Not bad. Our brothers know that killers like you must have two things, the bloodthirsty nail and the night flag. "
"Can you pass with these two magic weapons?" The short, thin man still said incredulously.
"Yes, the door of the living and the dead stop. As long as we can steal the day, we can pass." The first feng shui master said, "to show sincerity, our brothers go first." Now hit the bloodthirsty nail on our feet and throw us over with the night flag. "
Seven members of "nightmare shura" looked at each other and beat bloodthirsty nails on themselves? And you have to throw yourself at that door with the ghosts recruited from the night flag of the hundred ghosts? Can this really break the array?
In the confusion of seven people, the two Feng Shui masters have already hit the bloodthirsty nails on their own feet, followed by a few bloody skeletons thrown at the door of the living …
In the sight of Han Yang and the seven killers, the two Feng Shui masters instantly passed through the gate and disappeared.
"Big Brother seems to be true."
"Well, we also go! You are the first. "

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