Fairy wind and cloud vitality can be combined with almost all the postures. Chen Shaobai now combines all the postures into one furnace, which matches them. With his physical quality, he can perfectly play three times the speed of sound. Even in the face of quenching gas, he has the power to protect himself. It is not too easy to bully these monty who have refined their own realm.

"This human speed is too fast, let’s go together!"
Although shouting like this, after paying many wrecks, the cunning monty’s eyes are flashing, and they retreat outward without trace, forging their own safety path with their companions’ bodies.
But how did Chen Shaobai get what they wanted?
The imperial sword flew to chop, the iron fist even exploded, and the foot stepped on Kuidou, and the head monty disappeared in the piercing scream, leaving only the spiritual objects on the ground.
Fubao, Falun Gong, Lotus Dan, Flying Sword, Animal Symbol …
Magic multiplier, a rare treasure, fell all over the ground like rags. I don’t know how many years these monty forces have accumulated, and how many creatures and practitioners have been harmed to accumulate such huge wealth.
Only now, all these treasures are cheaper in Chen Shaobai.
"It’s time to wake up for me? Sleep again, and you will really become a pig! "
Chen Shaobai tore off the purple pupil from his shoulder and ravaged it severely. Fox opened his pure purple Se eyes sleepily. Pang Yuan’s white face evoked a smiling face to kiss and tell, and popped up blunt little paws, and his thumb and forefinger couldn’t stop rubbing, just like a small businessman with jiān kid.
"Human Dan medicine, you chew is white, wasting things ….."
Say so, Chen Shaobai casually gave the little fox a chestnut, or take out a few pieces of Dan medicine with extraordinary effect, gathering gas and refining blood, and feed it to the little white fox like beans.
Dozens of magic weapons turned into gravel in the purple pupil’s eyes. After it please tell, it clung to Chen Shaobai’s shoulder and resumed its deep sleep.
"After eating so many natural resources and treasures, it is only the strength level of swordsmen’s level, but the defense is even stronger than the ordinary quenching gas. There must be something strange about the origin of the little guy. If you are free, you should go back to Shangguofengzhou and solve the legacy of Muxi City by the way, killing two birds with one stone!"
Between mind DianZhuan, Chen Shaobai waved his sleeve, and nearly a hundred monty’s remaining breath was condensed, and it was compressed by Mo Li to become a heavenly flame, which was as deep as a prison. Uninformed people passed by here, and they just felt the breath of the heavenly devil at the quenching level, so they had to retreat three feet.
But in fact, it’s just a puppet without any strength. It can only maintain a dozen Ri shapes at most, and it will automatically disappear with the wind.
Sitting down, half a fist-sized jasper jelly emerged. When Chen Shaobai opened his mouth and sucked it, he felt a mass of moist and smooth along the esophagus and sank into his stomach. His mouth was full of fragrance, and his comfortable feeling was radiated in his lower abdomen. The emerald-like vitality moistened every inch of his body.
Every time he breathes, the star J: ng Hua is digested and absorbed by the stomach meridians, and the gray on his head will fade away. Instead, it will be dark, tough and long hair.
Absorbing the power of blood evil spirit, the dark injury caused by the tyrannical practice of "Dungeon King Kong Body" was repaired, and the lost vitality was quickly made up.
A little while, chūn Shaobai’s long hair has become a pure black Se Ze, deep as the sea of stars, and the whole person is permeated with the vitality of green ch ū n. According to the change of vitality in the body, he can even be sure that even if he stops practicing now, the effectiveness of the stars in the body, J and jīng, can also keep his face young forever.
But the appearance of immortality doesn’t mean immortality. Chen Shaobai’s peak period can last until he is over one hundred years old. However, after that period, Ri will soon decline, turn into a sheaf of loess, and dissipate between heaven and earth-this is the heaven and earth that cannot be changed. Unless he makes higher achievements on the road of quenching gas, even if his magic is mysterious, he can’t escape the cycle of birth, illness and death.
Chen Shaobai visualizes a round of obsidian Ri in the sea of knowledge, and the Yang Yan mana of grey Se circulates in the body according to the established route. Every time a trace of green J and ng Hua is refined, the grey Se flame will be purified, with a hint of brilliant gold Se light.
This is the message that Y and N Yang chaos clock gave him. Only after breaking through the secret realm of quenching gas can we control the secret method, which is one of the real inheritance of Chaos Emperor!
Extreme yang zhenyan!
With the Sunday operation of mana, the stars in the body, J and jīng Hua, shrink rapidly and are finally absorbed by refining. And Chen Shaobai’s gray Se-positive inflammation in the body has also been completely transformed into extreme Yang-positive inflammation.
Gorgeous golden flame is burning and jumping, and Chen Shaobai’s body is hidden like a Tathagata. Fierce and wild ancient beasts condense out virtual shadows behind his head. Count them carefully, and there are as many as twenty heads!
Ten dragons in the flesh, ten dragons in the mana, and a total of twenty dragons, no matter how heavy the quenching gas of the sword is, even the quenching gas of the "psychic" realm is far less. Chen Shaobai’s strength now has far exceeded its own rank.
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Chapter one hundred and sixty-three Lin Yuanxi
Chapter one hundred and sixty-three
Y and n Yang chaos clock, branded with a lilac Se wishful design, its head bends like a cloud, and its handle is like a fairy tale, with a bright spot flashing like a star, which seems to be struggling and trying to get out of control. Just break free from power than before dozens of ri, to weaken a lot.
"Almost, I’ll completely break the brand of J Ο ng God left by Wang Ruoyu now, so as not to cause trouble after returning to Zongmen."
Chen Shaobai’s mind moves, and the flame of gold Se fills the air and rises, interweaving on the thunderbolt. Every time it passes a place, the light spot will settle down, gradually becoming a large array with an inscription ofuda, and the mana is intertwined, forming all kinds of mystery.
Pop, pop, pop …
Prohibition was broken in succession, and Wang Ruoyu’s will to J and NG, who remained on the thunderbolt, was finally completely annihilated.
Chen Shaobai opened his eyes, and his mind moved. At present, he saw a round and colorful handle, and the ray pattern of lavender Se was wrapped around it. As soon as it appeared, all the filth and impurities in the air disappeared, leaving only the purest source.
The puppet of the pseudo-heavenly devil condensed by the remnants of nearly a hundred monty demons was stimulated by the breath of this trial, and immediately burst out, turned to ashes, and disappeared into the earth, becoming the nutrient of this tiny star at the foot.
"If you are an ordinary practitioner, you must achieve the four-fold [refining array] of quenching gas before you are qualified to erase the brand of J Ο ng God on the treasure, but I have the help of Y Ο n Yang chaos clock and Extreme Yang Zhenyan to break many prohibitions, and you can do this in advance, even faster and better."
"This thunderbolt is an inferior treasure. Zhang Sidong just played its fur effect, and he broke my silver moon sword, Shark Flag sword and Five Stars with the same life again and again, giving full play to its power, and I can even overcome the existence of the realm of quenching gas."
Chen Shaobai knows that every small step on the quenching gas realm is a leap in the essence of life. Although he is now more powerful than the ordinary quenching gas, the sword can lock up all the vitality of life and show no sign of it, and exert his mana in detail. How can there be no mystery in the psychic realm?
Originally, he only had the confidence to stand up to the existence of a higher level and not perish. Now, with the card of thunderbolt, he has the confidence to win the battle.
The surrounding air gradually quieted down, and the whole world was full of the breath of life. If there were no other monty arrival, under the action of life J and jīng Hua, after hundreds of years, various Se lives would be born on this planet.
But this is the battlefield of the Milky Way, and the monty is raging. There is no such possibility.
Stood up, the white robe fluttered in the wind, and the long black hair was tied behind her at random. The satellite’s R incarnation of white light turned down, and Chen Shaobai was set off like a fairy middleman.
Set foot on the secret realm of quenching gas and seek the road to immortality. It can even be said that he is now a fairy.
But immortality has never been Chen Shaobai’s wish. The only purpose of his practice is to defeat the once seemingly out of reach and stand high at the peak of the world, and to take back his lover and be at ease.
"Next, it’s time to return to Zongmen."
The strength of quenching gas has passed the examination of chuan chuan. As long as Chen Shaobai reappears in the Qing Xuanmen and submits the task on the pillar of Taixu God, he can formally identify himself and become one of the more than 200 chuan chuan in the Qing Xuanmen.
Among the vast mountains, a large array of eight diagrams and nine palaces, which covers an extremely vast area, looms, and there are 999 folded peacock jade Se pillars sparsely. They soar into the sky and faintly connect with a fairy temple suspended in the air on the horizon.
The Taixu pillar submitted the mission of Zongmen to communicate with the floating temple above the distant sky.
A person’s name is the shadow of a tree. Compared with the obscurity more than a year ago, today’s Ri Chen Shaobai walks around the clan door at will, which will attract many admiring and admiring eyes, and things like queuing are no longer something he needs to consider.
It’s not that Chen Shaobai is willing to jump the queue, but now no one dares to stand in front of him stupidly.

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