However, if you regard Buddhist practice as a body practice, you are all wet. Buddhist practice is also very powerful and powerful, and many techniques are far more powerful than spiritual practice. However, the disadvantage is that it is very troublesome to apply Buddhist practice and it is difficult to exert the power of simple Xuanhong plane. Most of them have to ask many spiritual practices in the divine world like Christians and classify Buddhist practice as Kyrgyzstan.

Spiritual practice is a warning to many people who practice Buddhism, because the biggest feature of Buddhist practice is to cultivate the mind, which is different from his spiritual practice.
Broadly speaking, the Buddhists are really similar, because they all teach people to be kind, but they all customize different standards for so-called kindness, and then they create a yearning force through their worship of the true god, which is called brainwashing.
Although both Buddhism and Kyrgyzstan teach people to be good, Xuanmen’s ideas are different, which is why Xuanmen forces reject Buddhism and Kyrgyzstan.
However, it is undeniable that both Kyrgyzstan and Buddhism have no less power than spirituality. On the contrary, Buddhism and Kyrgyzstan are higher than spirituality in some aspects.
The sleeve shield high-level Buddhist practice is one of the most common defensive means, and it can be used as a spiritual treasure when it is transported to perfection.
Cloud from the wind is still waiting to start work, but I don’t want Liu Xuan to suddenly spray one mouthful blood, but it is because he fights without authorization and gets dirty.
The original Liuxuan wanted to show his identity as Taiji Gate, but he was so angry by these unreasonable Xuanzong brothers that he no longer cared about his own injuries. When the yellow cloth umbrella in his hand was close to the front, Shenqiangda stabbed him in the past. This Yao Ri arrow was originally an unusually sharp thing to stab, but it was also suitable.
That Shen Qiangda called out a good hand and pointed at Yao Ri’s arrow. A cylindrical object was used as a cover. It was he who had come to defend Liu Xuan and them from hurting Duanmu Yu Ling Zhong.
This bell is also a spiritual treasure to defend, and it is quite good. More importantly, if Liu Xuanyao’s arrow hits it, it can not only block Liu Xuan’s attack, but also use Liu Xuan’s impact to urge him to attack with other sounds to achieve the effect of killing two birds with one stone.
Liu Xuan has certainly seen this Lingbao of his, but he doesn’t know that this one in Liu Xuan’s hand can be called the most powerful attack of true fairy and ten treasures.
This Yao Ri Arrow is also magical. Liu Xuan has no way to determine what kind of position it is. Since the other party wants to try Yao Ri Arrow, he is also happy to try it, so he urged the power of Yao Ri Arrow to hit the Lingbao clock hard.
Listen, when there was a loud noise, the Lingbao clock suddenly wobbled and the sound waves spread with his shaking.
This Yao-ri arrow Liu Xuansheng’s figure has been refined, and now it is handy. He deliberately does not make the main cycle of Heaven’s knife chop too hard. It is often that the knife is too red and murderous. It is no wonder that he has won the title of Liu Butcher. After all, his means of attack are limited. Heaven’s knife is almost harmless, but this Yao-ri arrow has won his favor. This Yao-ri arrow, also known as Huang Luo umbrella, is a rare treasure to attack and defend.
Sound attack is a kind of invisible and intangible damage, just like the attack of gods. It is very annoying, but it is not without ways to deal with sound attack. This yellow umbrella has the means to defend sound attack, which is just right for you to try.
So Liu Xuan waved his umbrella back and brushed it in his hand. A yellow light suddenly appeared on the umbrella surface, which directly illuminated the Lingbao clock. Suddenly, the bell-shaped Lingbao couldn’t make any sound when it shook.
That brother Xuanzong, who is called Shenqiang Tattoo, was immediately dumbfounded. Since he succeeded, this Lingbao has always been handy, regardless of defense or attack. I can’t think of it everywhere. Today, it is actually powerful by the other party’s pholiota adiposa photo.
He was dumbfounded LiuXuan regardless of LiuXuan holding up his chest churning qi and blood. Suddenly, he suddenly got an acceleration and went to the bell-shaped Lingbao side. Huang Luo’s umbrella in his hand went up to a body, rotated and smoked the bell-shaped Lingbao mercilessly.
A deafening noise sounded, and everyone at the scene was shocked, including the clouds and the wind. It can be seen how big the noise was, and Liu Xuan and Shen Qiangda were even more shocked.
"Damn it, didn’t you say you wouldn’t attack your own people?" Don’t be shocked to Taizong’s brother and immediately complain about it.
At this time, a few Tai Xuanzong brothers have fought with the cloud from the wind to a group. Because of Liu Xuan’s injury, the cloud has attacked four people from the wind, but although he is a strong man, he is also in jeopardy at this time. The root is that there are not many opportunities to speak. On the contrary, there are still times and opportunities for several Tai Xuanzong brothers.
However, they didn’t find that Shen Qiangdugan didn’t even have a chance to speak. Although it wasn’t his life, Lingbao was the one he loved the most. Lingbao was hit hard and he himself was greatly affected. He heard a wail from Lingbao.
Liu Xuan didn’t expect the giant clock to have such a big reaction. At this time, he was really away from the giant clock. Recently, he was shocked by qi and blood. One mouthful blood gushed out, which made Tai Xuanzong, who had planned to help him, recognize that they had a fight, and they were bent on dealing with the cloud from the wind. After all, where is the strength of the cloud from the wind?
Although Liu Xuan sprayed blood wildly, his main injury came from the injury he suffered before and the shock he received just now, although there is a certain degree, it is not the main reason.
The recovery speed of Liuxuan is also much faster than that of Shenqiangda. This Taizong’s younger brother is still stunned and has been bullied by Liuxuan. A pretty yellow umbrella in Liuxuan’s hand has become like a pike and stabbed Shenqiangda in the chest.
Of course, Liu Xuan doesn’t want his life. After all, they are too Xuanzong’s younger brother Liu Xuan, but they just want to control Shenqiangda.
497, golden snake
"Stop it!"
Liuxuan suddenly to 1.
Emperor Xuanzong’s brother turned to see that Huang Luo’s umbrella was at the top of Shenqiangda’s throat, and the tip of the umbrella flashed a little cold light. No one doubted that Liu Xuan would pierce Shenqiangda’s throat at any time.
Seeing that Taizong’s younger brothers stopped to go from the wind and hurriedly withdrew from the circle, not to mention that he was really in a hurry just now. Although he was not injured, these Taizong’s younger brothers were really a bit of a level. If you continue to call, he is really not sure of winning. After all, from these moves, the other party did not try his best.
As soon as Liu Xuan’s wrist turned over, the Tai Chi disciple’s badge appeared in his palm. "I’m a Tai Chi disciple. This animal monk friend is a scout in the northern fan army. This time I was ordered to patrol and meet something. I don’t think you Tai Xuanzong Taoist friends will shelter him."
Shenqiangda was resisted by Liu Xuan’s throat, but he still wanted to say something. As soon as Liu Xuan and Huang Luo’s umbrella went forward, the sharp umbrella tip immediately pressed down his throat. He squeaked and wanted to talk, and his skin was cut until he felt a stabbing pain. He stopped talking and stared at Liu Xuan with fear and resentment.
That brother named Le Zhengsi, Tai Xuanzong, is much calmer than him. Seeing him, he hurriedly raised his hand to signal Liu Xuan not to be impulsive. "Liu Xuan, please calm down. Let’s not be so unhappy."
But then he changed the subject. "Like Qin people, we don’t want to see Qin people being bullied by Beifan people. We can ignore this, but I have something to ask you. I wonder if you can tell us?"
This Yue Zhengsi is an intellectual spiritual practitioner. As soon as he heard Liu Xuan’s words, he immediately moved to Duanmu Yanyu’s side. If you want to exchange Duanmu Yanyu’s hand for your teacher younger brother.
However, Duanmu Yanyu has become a frightened bird at this time. Just now, when Taizong’s brother blocked Liu Xuan, he thought of running away. However, Taizong just saved him, and it seems that it is unreasonable for him to run away directly. Moreover, he is afraid that if Taizong’s brother runs away, he will turn against him directly. That is really self-defeating
However, as soon as Liu Xuan showed his identity, he immediately said, "It’s not good for Tai Chi Men to get along with Tai Xuanzong’s two cases." This is a well-known thing. Even if these Tai Xuanzong brothers have the intention to return, it is impossible to bypass the two cases of righteousness, not to mention that he believes that he has given them a few shallow returns, which is far from reaching his desperate friendship.
Just as Le Zhengsi was about to make a move, Duanmu Yan Yu actually fell directly to the ground, and the surface was a jungle. He actually planned to get out through the jungle.
"Want to run?" Le Zhengsi huffed and stretched out his hand to the ground, and a yellow whip shadow suddenly jumped out of the ground and caught Duanmu Yanyu’s ankle, and then violently shook and blasted Duanmu Yanyu to spoil the ground.
Duanmuyanyu naturally refused to give in easily. He was about to struggle to get up from the ground. The yellow whip shadow was shaken again. Duanmuyanyu was taken with him again and then used to the ground again.
Duanmuyanyu is a beast, but after all, it is also a gas coagulation order spiritual practice. There are still some broken bodies. It is impossible to be so broken. He will struggle again. The yellow shadow will shake again. This time, it turned out to be different, and he was thrown to the ground several times in a row until everyone’s ears were rattled. I don’t know how many bones Duanmuyanyu was broken, but this time he stopped struggling.
It was not until he stopped struggling that Huang Ying began to creep up. His body swam rapidly, and in the blink of an eye, Duanmu Yanyu was tied up firmly.
It is estimated that he can’t run away even if he doesn’t tie it, but Le Zhengsi doesn’t seem to be at ease until he binds it.
The yellow shadow was too fast and the yellow light flashed for a moment, and no one understood what it was. It didn’t mean to tie the fairy rope, did it?
The so-called binding fairy rope is a folk name, and its real name is binding fairy rope. This is a real thing, and it is also a true fairy and ten treasures. There are many names for this thing in the secular world. Although it is widely used by other people, it is really unknown.
In the same way, it is really wide that the true fairy and ten treasures are printed in the sky, not only many imitations have appeared, but also many levels and levels of imitation, even imitation and imitation
However, although its name is better than the seal of heaven, few people have heard that it is a copy, and almost no one has said anything. Some people say that this fairy rope was not originally a treasure that was demarcated by the mysterious world, but a treasure that was brought from the world when it was really celestial, and no one can copy it.
For this, all major forces have speculated that some major forces believe that the original is not an ordinary treasure but a regular whip.
As we all know, every plane or boundary is a corresponding law, that is, the plane rules, such as the so-called absolute degree of the earth boundary, which is 27315℃. This is a so-called freezing temperature, but is there an absolute temperature? Theoretically, there must be, but it is impossible for the earth to have a temperature below absolute degree for the time being. This is the law
It is said that if the fairy rope is tied with a whip, it is naturally a human file to kill the Buddha. If you don’t have the ability to transcend the law, you are doomed to be tied. It is also for this reason that the fairy rope is difficult to be copied
However, many monks disagree with this statement. After all, this is too far away. More monks prefer that this fairy rope is a rune whip, which can’t be prevented because the face has written the rune of suppressing mana.
But in any case, the fairy rope is the most mysterious and difficult to deal with among the ten treasures of true immortals.
Of course, no one thinks that Le Zhengsi will have a real fairy rope, but even if he has an imitation fairy rope, it is definitely an enviable treasure.
After a burst of dust, everyone took a closer look at the yellow shadow, but it was not a rope, but a long, thin snake. Only then did everyone see that the yellow shadow turned out to be a golden snake with an arm thickness, but the snake was not as thick and thin as an ordinary snake, but a length from beginning to end, which made people mistake it for a rope.
49. Luo Shaoshuai
"Golden snake?" Liuxuan recognized the origin of this snake as soon as he got there.
However, Liu Xuan was equally shocked that the so-called golden snake is a first-order spirit beast, named after its thinness and length, but it is because this kind of snake is as common as a golden thread, that is, the finger is thick, but although it is slender, it is extremely powerful. Often, some monsters of the same first order are not its opponents, and his way of treating the enemy is also strange. Although he is as thin as a finger and equally poisonous, he doesn’t like to spray poison, but strangles like a python.
I can’t believe that Le Zhengsi has fed such a golden snake, which should be regarded as a mutant golden snake. It is estimated that it has reached the second order, otherwise it would not be so easy to bind it.
Le Zhengsi will put the words in his hand. "Don’t be nervous, Liu Daoyou. We are also passing by. What I just said is just something to ask."
Liu Xuan saw that he stopped Duanmu’s words, and then he closed his umbrella to Shen Jiangda. "I’m sorry for Shen Daoyou. It’s an emergency. This animal repair is because he let thousands of Tianqin die in Beifan’s hands. I was also in a hurry. Please forgive Brother Xuanzong."
Seeing that Liu Xuan released Shen Qiang and had a good time, he directly threw Duan Muyan Yu to Liu Xuan. "I wonder what is so tempting that it attracts two people to get involved in the secular war, and one of them is a senior?"
Liu Xuan gave Duanmu a ban. "I think you should all know about the northern fortress war. The northern people didn’t just rob the land, but they just took the Qin people to the slave camp beyond the Great Wall for nearly 10,000 days. They were not only against Qin Jun, but also captured and hunted tens of thousands of Qin people just recently. I just mixed into the northern fortress because of some private affairs."
After listening to Liu Xuan’s words, a brother of Emperor Xuanzong, who was behind Yun Congfeng, looked slightly changed. "We want to ask what is the situation of the northern fortress now?"
This is a young man who looks like a brother with a paper fan in his hand. Although he hasn’t spoken, Liu Xuan has noticed this man before. This guy is very experienced. Although he is like a cloud from behind the wind, he finally avoids Liu Xuan’s attack angle, which means that he is blocking Liu Xuan from the wind. If Liu Xuan wants to attack Taizong, he is the only one who directly attacks Liu Xuanfa.
Although he hasn’t been talking, Liu Xuan faintly feels that this guy should be the core figure among this group of people. What is Shenqiang Dale Zhengsi? It’s just two guys from the front.
From the moment I saw Liu Xuan, I felt that he exuded a very dangerous atmosphere. The degree of danger was no worse than that brought by the cloud from the wind. That is to say, nine times out of ten, this guy is a killer like himself, and he likes to dress up as a pig and eat tigers like himself.
But now he suddenly jumped out and made Liuxuan one leng. The original party would go their separate ways if they pulled themselves together for a while. Knowing that this guy was abnormal about the situation in the northern fortress, Liuxuan deliberately looked at his eyes.
Seeing Liu Xuan’s sample, he estimated that he was also afraid of Liu Xuan’s suspicion, so he handed over to Liu Xuan’s younger brother, "I am a disciple of Tai Xuanzong, and my parents are also in the fortress. This time, I heard that the fortress suddenly had an accident, so I hurried over. If there is recklessness, please forgive me."
These Tai Xuanzong brothers are all called Liu Xuan, a younger brother, but this Luo Wei has a sudden trend of high-order gas coagulation.
"Family name? But Luo Shaoshuai face to face? " As soon as Liu Xuan heard his surname, he immediately thought of Luo Shaoshuai’s identity. Although there are not a few people surnamed Luo, the northern fortress surnamed Luo joined the Xuanmen as if Liu Xuan had heard of Luo Shaoshao.
It is not very pleasant for Luo Ti to arrive. After all, his identity is not a secret fortress, and everyone in Xuanmen knows it. Moreover, Yanbei originally belonged to Taiji Gate, and his identity was broken by Liuxuan. It is also normal for him to recognize it.

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