"That’s right"

Have a gentle smile and wave to go.
In a flash, the famous master of the country increased his vigorous indoctrination.
The double blessing of the secret method and the lighter is faint with a hint of the piano drum!
A drum rang and the soldiers trembled!
Two drums sounded and the soldiers coughed up blood!
Three drums. Someone’s unconscious. Soft to the ground!
The affected departments are all Terran soldiers, but the foreign soldiers have no influence at all.
This is the absolute suppression of strength, and it is full of encouragement that can hurt the minds and souls of soldiers in the city!
"Damn it!"
Yi Tianxing bit Kouga and stared at the sky that a few tall figures.
Those cold eyes looked like a worm, and he could feel a sense of contempt and disdain.
"bully me!"
Yi Tianxing was so angry that he wanted to vomit blood that he refused to give the human race a chance to die in a bloody battle.
The wall soon gathered a lot of foreign soldiers, and a large number of Terran soldiers got up and were humiliated and killed.
"Ah ah ah!"
Yi Tianxing shouted in despair
at this time
A cool music sounded from the city.
Dozens of white-haired Terran musicians, Princess Yue, led a hand with a piano.
They cross their legs and play with their hands closed.
A series of Jin Ge iron horses are constantly rippling out!
Play hard! Soul spectrum!
Dispel the sound of beating drums of foreign masters!
"Ancestor sound!"
Yi Tianxing took a deep breath and shouted, "The law of conquering heaven and war by ancestors protects my terran soul!"
This is the ancestral sound. Every Terran musician is proficient in war songs! But the price is very high. Every player plays a song with his life. Most of these people will die in the end!
This silly girl didn’t leave.
Yi Tianxing was moved and worried, but now she can’t consider a lot!
It’s cruel to have you on the battlefield!
"roar! ! ! !”
A Terran soldier got up in anger with a steel knife and threw himself at the alien soldier with a grimace on his side!
"kill! ! !”
The new counterattack has once again set off.
All the Terran soldiers were holding their breath, and many soldiers rushed back to their positions. Several people jumped from the high wall with foreign soldiers in their arms!
Die together!
If you want to attack the Terran city, trade your life for it!
"This is a group of crazy!"
There are foreign soldiers who can’t help but roar with fear and panic.
This is a group of zombies who are not afraid of pain and death, even if they are dead, they want the enemy to bite a piece of flesh and blood!
The alien soldiers looked at each other with blood red eyes and unforgettable hatred!
The Terran soldiers who are not afraid of death counterattacked the city wall and were robbed back again.
However, Yi Tianxing hasn’t come to breathe and be happy that the foreign drums are getting bigger again!
"dong! ! !”
A bang shook the clouds on the horizon!
On the first day of the month, all the Terran musicians spit blood and stained the long piano. The robe elders have fallen to the ground and I don’t know if they live or die!
Including the moon princess’s piercing blood, the cold wind wafts like withered flowers falling from high.
"Sister! !”
Yi Tianxing was transfixed.
In front of absolute strength, the ancestral music method played its effective role and was easily broken by the master of the territory.
The sound of drums once again occupied the city wall, and Terran soldiers once again fell into a state of paralysis of legal control.
Accompanied by the sound of drum beating, there is also a cold and contemptuous discourse that resounds through the world. So much for the seat. "
This humiliating feeling is full of all people’s hearts
But Nai’s opponent is too strong, like a mountain pressing against human resistance.
There is no master of human alliance.
Such as counterattack?
Like fighting?
Can we be the chopping block?
Yi Tianxing’s mouth is bitter and his eyes are desperate, and he won’t even give us a chance to die!
We die with regret!
Aliens are hateful! ! !
Chapter 35 I don’t like these people
Birds and knights are constantly attacking and machetes take away a lot of human soldiers’ lives.
"Ha ha ha! Kill! "
"Kill all these humans!"
"Kill them!"
There is a ferocious roar and laughter.

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