"I want you to take more photos of Feng Mi by hand after Feng Mi is finished!" Yan Songji’s south arm is respectful to Feng Mi.

Although Yan can’t find out Ji Nanqi’s preferences, she still knows Feng Mi.
Feng Mi’s father was Ji Mi’s master. Later, after retirement, children took Feng Mi’s position. Well, Feng Mi was an uncle, and his attitude was naturally respectful.
"Madam, you’re welcome!" Feng Mi is almost 50 years old. Ji Shi has worked for more than 20 years. For more than 20 years, he was the secret of running water president. He worked as the secret of Ji Qingcheng and Ji Qingshan brothers, and now he has worked as the secret of Ji Nan, and he naturally knows the situation of Ji Jia.
He’s willing to bet that there’s no limit to his future looks. He’s afraid that his son will ask her to take photos in the future.
JiNa mouth way "let Fang Mi take her familiar with the company departments first, and then arrange work …"
"My office should be closer to you!" Yan hurriedly interrupted her to come to the company, but she also wanted to spend more time with Ji Nanqi. If the office is arranged too far away, where can she see it?
Ji Nanqi "…"
Where can a secret assistant have his own office?
Feng Mi "…"
It is the president’s wife who has great courage!
Yan looked at both of them without talking, looked at Feng Mi and then looked at her husband, "Why not?" Did you realize that she doesn’t have an independent office in her current position?
Ji Nan got up and wanted to refuse, but suddenly she remembered how she cried last night. He was afraid of girls crying, so it’s not too much to ask. Since she wants to be closer, children always love to be clingy.
"Sort out my office next door!" Ji Nan looked at Feng Mi.
Yan is satisfied with this and can’t help but hold Ji Nan’s hand. "Don’t worry, I will work hard!"
Feng Mi "…"
The room next door to the president’s office is actually a small room from Jinan. Because he likes watching it very much, he specially created this room for his privacy. He doesn’t like to be disturbed when watching it inside.
Moreover, in order to facilitate his access, a door was specially set up in his office.
On the first day when Mrs. Wang came to the company, she asked the boss to give up her privacy?
He was really a little unresponsive, but it took more than half a minute to nod and say yes.
"Madam can arrange it in the afternoon!" Fengmidao
"No, I’m not in a hurry!" YanXinDao big deal before this she JiNanQi office office.
Of course, this idea is still naive. After all, the secret assistant has to obey Feng Mi’s arrangement at any time. When she enters the president’s office, is it difficult for Feng Mi to arrange workers to run to the president’s office?
Fang Mi is a secret room, second only to Feng Mi. She is a professional woman in her thirties. She is very capable and familiar with the environment with Yan Company, and then introduced her to work.
Yan did not realize that Ji Nanqi said last night that the trade union was very tired. He was trying to scare her. I didn’t expect such a big workload. God, Yan felt that she had dug a big hole for herself.
But you can’t go now and beg Jinan to give her another job, can you? No, that’s too embarrassing
I have to kneel down and work hard the day after tomorrow. Yan gave Sheng Qingqing a tearful expression.
Sheng Qingqing’s mobile phone just heard Ding Yi at hand and picked it up to see Yan Fa’s expression and asked [What’s the matter? 】
I went to Ji’s class to be a secret assistant. I feel like I’m going to die! 】 plus three poor expression packs
[Congratulations, your man probably can’t escape your clutches! 】 Sheng Qingqing snickered at the mobile phone.
This girl is four-footed, and the grain is not divided into truth. It is estimated that the headache is not her, but Ji Nanqi.
I want to break up with you! 】 Yan angry way
[Break up, break up, don’t talk to you, be your secret assistant! 】 After Sheng Qingqing replied to this article, there was no information back to Yan.
Yan threw her mobile phone and scolded a sentence, then she looked at the secret honestly and made her familiar with the information.
However, Sheng Qingqing is not a friend, but a lawyer, Sheng Yingying.
She has asked Shengqing to sign the property belonging to Shengjia, even if it is finished.
Sheng Yingying’s present car was more than 5 million yuan when she bought it, and the car she gave to Zhao Wen was also partially converted into a check.
Sheng Qingqing nodded after reading it, and there was nothing difficult for the lawyer. "Good, good. Please tell her that after we forget our grievances, we will die of old age!"
Although Mo Yu didn’t do those things with her, she was not a good person, and she continued to associate with such people, and she didn’t want to pursue them, but she didn’t want to see her again.
Sheng Qingqing asked her aunt to throw away everything in Sheng Yingying’s front room. When she moved the cabinet, an old photo came out, which was a photo taken by her mother and them.
My mother held her in one hand and Sheng Yingying in the other, and she went to Shengjia Garden. At that time, my mother was still in the ink rain and menstruation. She and Sheng Yingying got along like sisters, but they all changed later.
Sheng Qingqing took the photo and looked at it. He would use scissors to cut the half of Sheng Yingying from the photo and then fall on the messy floor.
Sheng Qingqing put the remaining half of the photos on his chest, closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Goodbye in the past. Goodbye.
Mom and Dad, now that I’ve regained my memory and taken over the Yunsheng Sheng family, you don’t have to worry about me and live your life there!
Chapter 356 Who has a worse position as a director.
Ji Nan began to massage her body every day according to the methods taught by Zhu Lin. She loves to be clean. He will help her clean her body and change clothes in different styles and colors every day. If she doesn’t know that she is in a coma, most people will fall asleep when they see her.
In order to wake her up early, he has been talking with her and telling her what happened recently. When April came, the father and the daughter would hold a picture album and tell stories by the bed.
Doctors and nurses have seen many similar cases. Many people give up when they see this. If they have money, they hire a nurse. If they have no money, they usually leave it to the injured parents to take care of them. It is really rare to take care of them like this.
Ji Nanfeng already knew the news that Qinghai was involved in a gang fight abroad and died unexpectedly. Coincidentally, the business of Qingjia Fannie and Freddie in Hong Kong was facing liquidation, and there was only a shell left. He knew that there would be no such coincidence that the family avenged him.
If it weren’t for his identity restrictions, he really wanted to kill the beast of Qinghai himself.
It was he who went on strike, but he didn’t wake up yet. Ji Nanfeng held the musician, and her fingers were long and her hands were beautiful. Her palms were gently circling.
Before the strike, I was afraid of tickling and he scratched her palm, but now no matter how he scratched her palm, her eyes were tightly closed, and she would never cry, laugh and cry for mercy like before.
If I had known that she would take a bullet for him after returning to China, he would rather have her abroad well than have her lying like this.
JiNa wind hands holding the strikers soliloquize didn’t even notice Song Yu came in.
Song Yu was recently in high spirits because he participated in the investigation of Luo Yuzhang’s case and personally led someone to intercept Luo Yuzhang from the airport, which prevented his family from leaving the country and made great contributions. Now he is the prosecutor of Qingcheng the Supreme People’s Court.
And the problems have been investigated clearly. The political and legal circles in Qingcheng say that the future of Qingcheng Shuangxia is limitless.
It is rare for him to come to the hospital on vacation one day to watch the strike. He admits that he was jealous of this little bastard. There is nothing worse than him. He chose him for the strike, but since the strike accident, he has asked himself that he might not have done so well if he had changed.
Now we can look forward to waking up early, otherwise this little generation will live in pain.
He actually came here today because Director Li asked him to persuade Ji Nanfeng.
The position of bureau chief can’t always be dominated by many things, big and small, in the police station, without a leader, even if he makes meritorious deeds and the situation is special, there are people who make irresponsible remarks.
Director Li has been very sorry about the strike, but Ji Nanfeng has never taken office, and he has also put a lot of pressure on him. It has been almost a month since he saw it, and he can’t go like this again.
Song Yuji sat by the south wind for a long time before Ji Nanfeng asked, "Come?"
Song Yu, after a while, both brothers were silent. He really didn’t know how to persuade Ji Nanfeng because he couldn’t even persuade himself.
The sunshine shone through the window, and the warm sunshine in the ward seemed to make her face vivid, which gave people the illusion that she would wake up soon.
Song Yu seems to forget that she came and stared at the strike. I don’t know how long it has passed. Ji Nanfeng suddenly said, "You didn’t just come to see the strike today, did you?"
Song Yu is silent and doesn’t know what to say. If it is so easy to persuade him, Director Li will come in person.
"What did the doctor say about the south wind …?" Song Yu still couldn’t say it.
"It’s hard to say when the operation recovered well!" When Ji Nanfeng speaks, his eyes always stop singing and he seems to never get enough of it.
After this sentence, there was another silence. How could Song Yushi have the heart to go on strike like this?
Two people continue to sit side by side. There are two people breathing in the room. I don’t know how long it took before Ji Nanfeng suddenly turned away and looked at Song Yu. "Is Director Li asking you to come?"
Director Li used to be aunt Jiang Sa and the Song family. It is reasonable to add him and jade to let him come and persuade him.
Song Yu just sighed, "I understand that your mood is that the bureau also needs someone to take charge of the overall situation. Lao Meng, the deputy bureau of your branch, has been running hard to the ministries and agencies recently!"
"It’s just a director position. He likes to take it!" Ji Nanfeng doesn’t care about these strikes at all. When the accident happened, he was even worse. He had a director position.
"I know you don’t care about the position of director, even if you give him a seat, it’s nothing real. I didn’t intend to talk about you today. After all, I can’t even talk about myself. Think about it. Five years ago, she was your future before she left home. If she wakes up and knows you, she will feel sorry for losing her future …"
Song Yu eyes slowly from JiNaFeng face to strike face.
She has her own dreams and wants to do things, but if all these are nothing compared with the monsoon, it will be the same five years ago and five years later, otherwise she will not block the bomb for him.
"That’s why I have to stay with her. How can I leave her here alone at this time? It doesn’t matter if it’s a big deal. When she’s ready, I’ll start from scratch and I’ll do anything if she wakes up!" Ji Nanfeng doesn’t even want to refuse
Go on strike, but he gives up everything. Can’t he just give up this position?
Director, anyone can do it, but her husband has one who is Ji Nanfeng. She needs him. He can’t go anywhere. He has to stay with her every step of the way.
Song Yu patted Ji Nanfeng on the shoulder and didn’t persuade him. He had long expected it would be like this. If he could persuade him, it wouldn’t be Ji Nanfeng.

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