"No, no, we haven’t slept yet." Although Xia Han was very lost in his heart, it’s natural to adjust his face expression. "Thanks to you, I haven’t come yet. Thank you for saving my wife. Officer Huang said that your cruise ship suffered a lot of damage and I will compensate …"

"Mr. Xia" interrupted Xia Han with a cool smile and said coldly, "Those external things are nothing to me. Please don’t dispute with me after that, otherwise it will be difficult for me to continue to make friends with you."
Xia Han dazed a friend? It seems that you are really not Mo ‘er. How can you be worthy of an old friend?
"What happened to me? It turned out to be a visitor." At this moment, Xia Fengyin suddenly came to everyone and looked back and found him in the corridor on the second floor side by side with Xi in his pajamas.
Xia Feng’s hair is still wet. It seems that he just took a shower and didn’t wear glasses. He looks more relaxed and elegant. In the evening, the supple long hair and loose shoulder silk dress pajamas beside him, although soft and pure, do not expose the fact that they are very close, with an inch distance and Xia Feng’s hand still holding the evening waist.
The carved railings in the corridor blocked their bust, and no one saw that the evening hand was quietly pushing Xia Feng
She hasn’t been asleep, lying in bed, tossing and turning, thinking about the cruise ship today. Suddenly she heard Zun Wangyin, and she was surprised and came out. Who knows, she met Xia Feng, and then this situation appeared.
Zun Wang’s eyes and face stayed for two seconds and then moved indifferently.
Evening want to break away from Xia Feng back to the room was Xia Feng tightly around the waist could not move her frowning warning stared at Xia Feng, but he turned a blind eye.
It’s hard for so many people to have a good evening here, so he took her upstairs with his belt.
And Xia Feng is sure of the evening that will dare to be so presumptuous.
Post’s eyes sparkled with displeasure. Maybe Xia Feng concealed himself well but could not escape his eyes.
Xia Han’s mind is full of respect for Wang Shengen. He didn’t look carefully and found nothing. He smiled and said to Wang Zun, "Well, Mr. Wang, since you put it that way, I’d better be respectful than obedient."
"That’s the best," Zun Wang chuckled. "Actually, I came here tonight for something."
"Oh?" Xia Han asked doubtfully, "What is it?"
A man in black immediately put a box on the coffee table and opened the lid. The box was a white porcelain bottle about the size of a wine bottle but as beautiful as a vase.
"This is my family’s trauma medicine, which has a very good effect on healing wounds. If Mrs. Xia takes this medicine, she will definitely recover soon."
"Mr. Wang, you have saved my wife’s life and sent medicine again in the middle of the night. Xia Mou really doesn’t know how to thank you." Xia Han said sincerely
"Don’t thank me. If I hadn’t made a mistake and didn’t protect Mrs. Xia, she wouldn’t have been hurt." Zunwang got up. "I hope Mrs. Xia will recover soon. Good night!"
"Go so soon? Sit down and have a cup of coffee. "Xia Feng and Xi just walked downstairs.
Xia Feng also took the evening waist and evening in the mind very uncomfortable. She knew that Xia Fenggen was deliberately showing it to the king, but in front of so many people, especially michel platini, she couldn’t directly push him.
Xia Feng looked at the king with a shallow smile on his lips.
Zun Wang didn’t answer, but he looked at the evening deeply and lowered his eyes. No one dared to face it and felt very flustered.
The atmosphere was awkward, and the whole living room suddenly became quiet, as if you could hear everyone’s heartbeat and breathing without other sounds.
Xia Han and Post also saw the clue that Post was preparing to break the stiff atmosphere. King Zun suddenly stepped up and walked slowly towards the evening …
Xia Han and post glances at the statue of the king.
Zun Wang is still one step away from Xi. Xia Feng frowned and hugged Xi more tightly, staring at Zun Wang with hostility. "What?"
Zun Wang stopped and held out his hand to Xi. "Come here!"
Xia Han and Post shock the original engagement cancellation. What’s going on with him and Heer?
Evening raised his eyes and looked at the statue of the king in front of so many people. He was so straightforward. Does he want to take a stand and formally chase me?
"Wang Zun, don’t go too far. You’ve ruined my engagement with Xi ‘er, and now you’re openly ruining my relationship with Xi ‘er. What do you want …" Xia Feng’s words haven’t been finished yet, and the king actually pulled Xi into his arms.

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