The scale of the lich war in the wild is huge, which contains the collision of many avenues in the wild, which is of great help to the gods to prove their enlightenment. Needless to say, here, and the newly formed mountain and sea boundary here has a profound meaning …

"In that case, I will take the lead."
Knife statue first bright smile, eyes blazing to look at the universe, the knife light, passed, "hey hey, the universe sent the emperor, we can never give up ….."
"Knife honour this guy. Why are you in such a hurry? "
Many great people looked at Dao Zun who left in a hurry and wondered to themselves, who doesn’t know who these days?
What you said is not up to your cockiness. Everyone knows what you want to fart, but you can probably understand it. After all, the vastness of the universe is only so great.
"the amount? Wait! The wild, the lich war! "
Too a heart secretly ponder, quietly his pick incarnation, suddenly move. Eyebrows jumped, this guy is …
"Dear friends, Brother Yuan Heng, I will go too."
Taiyi, who has a bad heart, also disappeared in the same place as the sun’s divine light and hurried back to the universe.
"Ha ha, too anxious."
Looking at Taiyi’s appearance, the sky couldn’t help smiling. Compared with Taiyi, he was born with the supreme nature by adhering to the spirit of the sun. Although he has the spirit of being the first emperor in the sky, he is not jealous of the emperor’s position, even though the heaven he created is titled "Blue Sky". You can see it.
The blue sky not only symbolizes the supreme respect of heaven, but also has the meaning of being aloof and arrogant, detached and independent.
After all, it is the first celestial fiend with wisdom as deep as the sea. Seeing the blue sky, many great powers woke up one after another, gee. The emperor of heaven is honored!
Now that everyone is a saint, it is impossible to fight regardless of the face, right?
Is it necessary to be a saint?
And this lich war, in fact, also provides an excellent opportunity!
Now everyone has a pick avatar on hand, which is general. So, whoever wins or loses depends on their own means. Hey hey, these days, the position of the Emperor of Heaven is also sitting in turn …
Mind together, a lot of great powers can’t sit still immediately, and the position of Heaven Emperor is no better than others. This accumulated merit and luck, hehe …
"Dear Sir, Qingliu will leave first."
Clean first make noise, when the fog was first in the world, there was a fiend. Today, the sage of water is devoting himself to Yuan Heng, and he belongs to all the temples. Over the years, Yuan Heng gave him unreserved guidance, which enabled him to advance by leaps and bounds, sublimate his source, and achieve the saint who controls the authority of water. His realm, among many saints present, is the best choice.
"In that case, just go by yourself."
Yuan Heng saw the mind of the clean stream at a glance, but he didn’t care. He nodded with a hint of encouraging smile. "There are many relations in this Lich War, but you should be careful."
This time, it’s not just the battle for the position of the Emperor of Heaven, but also the time when Zixiao became a Taoist. There are also Fuxi’s disposal, the secret layout of Houdi, and the robbery of dragons, phoenixes and Kirin. What’s more, Nu Wa, who has lived in the Dojo for a long time, seems to have begun to work hard for her own avenue …
It can be said that if you are not careful, even the God of Pick may die. Although we are all saints, we can lose an incarnation of Pick, which is enough to make everyone feel distressed for a long time. This incarnation, however, is the grace of heaven and earth and the evolution of the mother of the avenue, and it has the mystery of completing the avenue of saints.
It can be said that this incarnation of pick is an attempt to impact eternity, just like patching a computer system, and the universe has begun to check for leaks and fill gaps in all aspects.
The dialogue between Yuan Heng and Qingliu was not a sound transmission, and all the gods present heard it clearly, and they could not help but look different.
Sky smiling at the desire, noncommittally, xuanhuang great god, suppression fiend, shattered fiend and other powerful powers have looked at each other, on the surface, but Li You, Doum Yuanjun, Been, and other innate superior fiend-born powers are indifferent, what’s more, Aurora, neon cold, Jiuyu, Ziwei and so on create great masters, but also look around like spectators.
The gods with different minds, after pondering for a long time in their hearts, finally left in succession. As for what they were thinking, only they knew this …
"Ha ha, it seems, this day emperor will take turns to sit …"
Kun Peng’s eyes are extremely vicious, and the way of Feng Shui is mysterious and unpredictable. Looking at the gods’ escape from the light, he smiled meaningfully.
Xuan turtle looked at Kun Peng speechless, and this guy stood there and talked like it was easy. How attractive is the highest position?
As long as you get it, it’s estimated that you can fight dozens of times less. She is mysterious because of her personality and mind, and you want it. What is this leisurely picture?
Shaking his head, Yuan Heng turned his eyes to his daughter and sister: "Han Er and Li You, aren’t you going to fight?"
"Alas, brother, this heavenly emperor is different from others, and it is the key to open up a heaven. Unfortunately, my place in the extreme west, after all, has few talents. Even if I join in, I am afraid there is not much chance. It is better to concentrate on what my brother gave me."
Li You is also a master, and suppressing this extreme western land is the first place in the dark temple. Unfortunately, as she said, more than 80% of the essence of the western earth is occupied by silence and Luo Wei. Her extreme western land is not only rare, but the reserve of reserve elite talents is difficult to compete with others.
What’s more, she and Yuan Heng are twin fiends, and the two avenues are naturally complementary. Now Yuan Heng has proved that it is very important for the avenue, and it can quickly lay a supreme foundation. It is not impossible to catch up with the top fiends such as Been and Nu Wa in the future. This is the advantage of twin fiends, just like Sanqing brothers.
"Father, after all, my foundation was not as pure and stable as Chunyang’s. Wan Jun’s magic empty testimony was still too biased. Now my foundation is unstable. If I win the position of Heaven Emperor again, I am afraid I will have lost my purity."
It is quite indifferent to the cold. "My extreme world is frozen to dominate the position. Although it is not as comprehensive as destroying the disaster and robbing the master, the authority belongs to the bottom in the highest position, but after all, it is naturally compatible with my avenue, and it is no longer suitable for competing for another position."
Although Ni Han is the daughter of Yuan Heng, she has a lot of human feelings, but also a lot of talented people to help her. She has a natural advantage in the battle for the position of the Emperor of Heaven, but her wisdom is obviously unique. If the heart is clear and the sky collapses, it is so, and she easily resists the temptation of double high positions.
"Zhu Rong, Gong Gong …?"
Looking deeply at the vast land, he turned his head and turned his attention to the mountains and seas. This is the seed he has buried for a long time, and it will finally take root …
"Since you don’t dispute, come and give me a hand." (To be continued. . )

Chapter three hundred and twenty-seven Beginning
The mountain and sea world is a huge thing built by 36 small worlds, 360 chaotic stars, 1.8 billion or the world, or the stars. The area is vast and unpredictable.
Therefore, here, even the nominal ruler, the Shenchao of the Shang Dynasty, is actually just one of the most powerful tribes. In fact, it is ruled by many tribes, strongmen and princes, adopting a veritable enfeoffment system, and each tribe is an independent vassal country.
Da Peng Guo is a famous country in the mountains and seas, and its commerce and trade are extremely prosperous, especially those high-end strong people who usually like to come here to trade and exchange needed goods.
"Although the strength of the fox family in Qingqiushan is not so good, this kind of management skill is really good. The luck gathered by this gathering is enough for them to earn a lot of money."
Looking at the busy capital, the wealth of the four parties gathered like smoke, and Yuan Heng sighed with emotion.
The so-called embarrassing camel is bigger than a horse. Although in those days, Qingqiushan was hacked to death by the general Shang Tang because it was too close to the blackwater vein, the good suspension was not completely extinguished. However, after so many years, it finally recovered some vitality, and now it has achieved this flowery country.
"Father, how do I look familiar with this Qingqiushan fox family?"
Although this incarnation is not high in cultivation, that is, it is just like crossing the land of the true God, but it is the foundation of picking up the fruit of nature. When God’s eyes flash, he will go unnoticed and probe the foundation and vein of a monk in front of the Qingqiu Fox family. Among them, the familiarity revealed from the depths of blood makes the neon cold wrinkle up eyebrows. "It seems that the two ten tail tian hu who sat down with Nu Wa are quite similar …"
Tian hu, ten tail, is a very special race in the wild. Although it is not a congenital protoss, it is also created by heaven and earth. After several times of the whole universe, the number of the whole ethnic group is only a few, but the few people who talked about it have created their Uber-like talent, which is almost comparable to the first few ancestors of the Eldar created by Yuan Heng. They were taught by Nu Wa, and they were extremely favored by this creature, and now they are as powerful as the god of pick.
"You should learn from Nuwa well, and don’t keep cold and closed."
Looking at the neon cold. Yuan Heng couldn’t help sighing, but it was still the same problem. The neon cold was greatly influenced by its own avenue, which was more exaggerated than Nu Wa, who had been living in Fengqi Mountain. She was a veritable iceberg goddess, indicating that her Tao was not fully mature, and the theory of Tao was far away.
Neon is cold and silent. Although she is much better than Zulong and others, the road to enlightenment is still too extreme. The sequela is deeply rooted, and that’s it for the time being.
Distressed shook his head, yuan heng suddenly also have no idea, it can only see neon cold their own efforts. He can’t get involved, and the supreme ancestor is not omnipotent.
"You’re right, that’s where the gap between you and Nu Wa and others lies."
The mountain and sea boundary was created by Yuan Heng, and most secrets can’t escape his eyes. "When opening up this world for my father, Nu Wa has quietly laid pieces, this kind of thing. Only they can do it … "
Especially the Qing Lingbao Buddha, although this guy is famous for his bright and honest, in fact, this guy is the most cunning and the first to make moves. At the moment when Yuan Heng just started, he was the first to detect a little bit, spread seeds widely, and picked a lot of good seeds from his own orthodoxy and still went into some special little worlds. Well, one of them was a multi-pagoda, which opened up the innate magic weapon of spiritual wisdom, and was born with congenital.

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