Seeing this disciple Shijie pouting, Qing Ye said, "These days, I heard that hurricanes are always popping up in Qinglian Lingshan, and some small demons are crying!" When Qing Ye gave this disciple a banana fan, he didn’t want her to have nothing to do every day, so he took it out and fanned a few fans at the demons, euphemistically called it: Blowing your wind.

After listening to this, Shijie saw everyone laughing at himself and blushed and said, "It’s not a hurricane either. I’ll just fan it a few times, but I didn’t know those little demons couldn’t afford to fan it." Qing Ye was speechless, even the Monkey King, a monkey with a bright spirit, couldn’t afford a banana fan, not to mention these little devils. However, Qing Ye finally took out one thing after being pestered by the rocky mountain. It was the treasure mirror of Yin and Yang, which was obtained from Qing Ye’s chaotic travel in those days, and he never took it out. Although it was a terrible chaotic treasure, it was useless for all the saints in Qing Ye.
Yin and yang treasure mirror, can judge Yin and Yang, positive can return to the soul, make a living, negative can take people away from God, for death. It is almost the same as the Yin-Yang mirror given by the red sperm in the battle to seal the gods, but there is a red stone embedded in the middle of the Yin-Yang mirror in Qing Ye’s hand. The holder’s input method can attack the material. Qing Ye once tried, when the red stone flashed and the red light passed, except for the innate thing in the world, a hole could be revealed.
After receiving the mirror of Yin and Yang, Shijie was overjoyed. After listening to Qing Ye’s fierce performance, he was even more shocked. Kong Xuan, liu er and 6 were scared to hide and were reprimanded by Qing Ye.
After the disciples stepped down, Qing Ye closed the door and planned to forge a treasure. A few days later, the golden light of the Gankun tripod flashed and a kit flew out. It was not cloth, silk, silk or gold, which was extremely soft to the touch, and it was extremely tough when pulled. It was three inches in size, and it was the best kit. This kit could be large or small, and it could hold everything from mountains and rivers to small.
When he arrived in mid-air, Qing Ye revealed the basaltic tortoise shell collected by the technique of dry Kun in the sleeve. Hundreds of thousands of miles of basaltic tortoise shells were split into countless pieces, which covered half of the sky of Qinglian Lingshan. Qing Ye threw out the dry Kun kit, and the wishful kit spread in the wind. Qing Ye read aloud: Seeing the mouth of the wishful kit, the basaltic tortoise shells and other broken bodies in hundreds of thousands of miles were all included in the wishful kit, collected, closed and returned to Qing Ye’s hand.
While Qing Ye was refining this wishful trick, the Ten Suns and Six Pressures listened to Qing Ye’s story about the Lich’s war between the two ethnic groups, and he was concerned about the demon race. While Qing Ye was closed to the outside world, he left the Qinglian Lingshan and rushed to heaven.
By the time of 6-pressure rush to heaven, millions of witches had already attacked and killed heaven.
Heaven, that is, the heaven in the future, has thirty-three heavenly palaces, namely, Yungong Palace, Pisha Palace, Wuming Palace, Taiyang Palace, Huale Palace ….. The ridge of one palace swallows gold and stabilizes beasts; There are seventy-two halls, namely, Chaohui Hall, Lingxu Hall, Baoguang Hall, Tianwang Hall and Lingguan Hall … There are golden dragons, unicorns and Cai Feng in the pillars of one hall, and there are many corridors, golden beads and jade articles, with three eaves and four clusters, layers of auspicious beasts soaring, golden que and silver ornaments, and seven flowers and Yao grass.
Now, however, this fairyland heaven is full of killings. Ruined, blood splashed into a river, and bodies were everywhere. It is the two lich families who have been fighting and fighting for tens of thousands of years, and the cause and effect of hatred are being settled.
I saw that the remaining nine ancestors showed their magical powers, and they showed themselves. I saw the ancestor of the wind, Wu Tianwu, and eight people with a tiger face, ten tail, who only manipulated the hurricane to attack and roll all the demons, while the ancestor of the thunder, Wu Qiangliang, had a snake in his mouth, a snake in his hand, a tiger head, four hooves and feet, and long elbows, and was manipulating the thunder to hit the demon race all around.
The wind is the first Dreadwind wind, which is extremely vicious. When it is blown, it will rot all over and the Yuan God will melt away. Thunder is a chaotic god thunder, which can destroy everything. Once hit, it turns to ashes.
As the ancestor of the wind, Di Jiang is the fastest in the world except for saints, only to see it turn into an invisible wind. When the wind passes, countless demon families scream. Other ancestors, such as Ru Shou, Ju Mang, Xuan Ming, Maozi, Candle Jiuyin, and Shebi corpse, all showed their magical powers. Xuan Bing, Golden Knife, and Ming Dian, mixed with black drowning, constantly bombarded the demon family. At the same time, under the killing of other powerful Dawu Jiufeng, Yuer, phase liu and Chiyou, the demon family was in flight and retreated.
The witch family rushed all the way from the Yunyun Palace and the Pisha Palace, leaving the bodies of the two groups of witches in the Chaohui Hall and Lingxu Hall. After the witch family passed, no grass was left of the demon family.
Suddenly, a resounding bell rang, which shocked millions of witches, and then a giant clock with boundless power appeared in a quaint way. It was chaos clock, and then two lights, one white and one green, flew out from the depths of the starry sky. It was a dark turtle carrying a book on its back, and a dragon horse carrying pictures of congenital Lingbao Hutuluo, which flew in and turned into innate aura to settle the surrounding starry sky, and the witches.
Then, there came the roar of the demon emperor Jun: "Damn it, witch man! Today, I will crush your bodies and kill the witches from top to bottom! " When all the ancestors saw it, it was the demon emperor Jun and the East Emperor Taiyi who arrived, followed by ten demon saints, including the demon teacher Kun Peng, Ji Meng, Ying Zhao, Fei Xian, Shang Yang, Fei Lian, Jiu Ying, Qin Yuan, Bai Ze, Yi Tie and Ghost Car.
When I arrived at Baoguang Temple, I saw the bodies of the demon family all over the sky. The demon emperor Jun and the East Emperor Taiyi were surly. They were waiting for the whole army to kill the witch family, but they didn’t want the witch family to get ahead of them, and the offensive was so fierce that they attacked several palaces and dozens of temples in an instant.
Di Jiang, the ancestor of the wind, heard the wild words of the demon emperor Jun and said with a smile, "Ha ha ha! Speak frankly, today is the day when you will perish. When I was in charge of heaven and earth, I saw its command, and millions of witches were killed in succession. When things are in a hurry, millions of demon families behind the demon emperor Jun can only rush to kill the witch family.
The top ten demon saints showed themselves even more, only to see that the people were dragons, and between the attack and the killing, there were storms around them; The British call is a tiger’s head and a deer’s body, and it is so fast that it is only inferior to Di Jiang, the ancestor of the wind; Shangyang is a big bird, its wings are on display, and the black rain is crazy; The iron is shaped like a buffalo, with dark fur and sharp horns on its head. It instantly passes through the powerful witch clan, and other demon saints are also powerful and earth.
And the big witch and nine phoenix, Yu ‘er, phase liu, Chi-you, etc. have also shown themselves. For a while, they collided with each other, killing countless people and screaming repeatedly.
Among the nine ancestors, Di Jiang, Ru Shou, Ju Mang, Xuan Ming, and Muzi dealt with the demon emperor Jun, while Candle Jiuyin, Luxury Corpse, Tianwu and Qiangliang dealt with the East Emperor Taiyi.
Although the Demon Emperor Jun and the East Emperor Taiyi are strong in strength, and the quasi-holy peak has treasures such as chaos clock and He Tuluo, but several people of the nine ancestors attacked one, and for a while, it was neck and neck, and the Demon Emperor Jun roared with anger.
Just then, a piano sounded.

Chapter 36 Kill kill kill lich two defeats
The sound of the piano has spread into colorful ripples, which seems to be spiritual. When people meet the demon family, they flash away, but when they meet the witch family, they attack. This sound wave is also severe, and the weaker witch family people have to be shaken back. Only Zuwu and some great wizards can resist the ecstasy of Emperor Jun and East Emperor Taiyi when they hear the sound of the piano, but all the ancestors and great wizards are affected by the sound wave. After a delay, the demon emperor Jun and East Emperor Taiyi take the opportunity to return to the demon.
When all the ancestors saw it, they saw a big man with a snake body and a pair of dragon horns on his head plucking an guqin. It was Fuxi, the great sage of the demon race. The guqin was Fuxi Qin, and the body of the guqin was wrapped with nine phoenixes, and birds were facing the phoenix, and there were other wild animals, which changed a lot. It was a congenital treasure. It is said that Fuxi, who is gentle in temperament, always dislikes wars and struggles. He spends all his days with Qin and swims between the wild mountains and rivers, but this time he was invited by the ten demon saints of the demon family, and he had to come at the time of the demon family’s survival.
Fuxi is the elder brother of Nu Wa Niangniang. If Fuxi participates in the war between the two lich families, then Nu Wa will not be unable to stay out of it. When the demon teacher Kun Peng offered a plan in front of the demon emperor Jun and the East Emperor Taiyi, he borrowed Fuxi to drag the sage Nu Wa into the water, and Fuxi’s strength also reached the quasi-holy realm, which was a great help.
Returning to the demon tribe camp, the demon emperor looked at the ancestors and witches in front of him and said with hatred, "I can’t blame you for dying. The demons listened to your orders and arranged a large array of stars." Say that finish, I saw that the book of River Tuluo turned into two lights, one white and one green, which attracted the power of the stars on Sunday and evolved into a large array of stars on Sunday. However, this large array of stars on Sunday was maintained by 365 powerful demon gods and big demons of the demon family, which was more powerful.
Three hundred and sixty-five demon gods and big demons stood in their respective positions according to the large array of stars on Sunday, and each unfolded itself. For a while, there was a murderous look in the whole Wan Li space.
And the Emperor Taiyi of the East also offered a sacrifice to chaos clock, and the chaotic bell rang one after another, knocking on the hearts of millions of witches. Most of them could not bear the power and fell to the ground and died.
When the ancestors and the great wizards saw this, they could not help but change their faces: "Not good." Di Jiang, the ancestor of Wu, roared: "Jiufeng, Xingtian, Chiyou, make up for the vacancy, and we will be in the array for twelve days." Say that finish, then reveal themselves, other three great wizards, such as Zuwu and Jiufeng, have also revealed themselves. Every man shows his true behind him and stands in his own position, laying a large array of evil spirits for 12 days, with a large array of ten percent, and waves of fierce qi constantly churning over Wan Li.
Dreadwind, the twelfth capital of China, deserves to be called the first kill array in the universe, only to see a large array of ten percent, and the weaker millions of demon families were swallowed up and melted by this fierce gas, which instantly overshadowed the power of the large array of stars on Sunday.
Jun, the demon emperor, and Taiyi, the East Emperor, were floating in the air. When they saw this, they couldn’t help but be surprised. They shouted, "Demons, listen to your orders and run the big array of stars on Sunday!" Say that finish, then see all the demons show their own three hundred and sixty-five planets in the large array of stars, and there are bursts of light around each star. These lights gather together and shoot on the river map book in the heart of the array, and the river map book is even more golden, filling every corner of the large array of stars on Sunday.
Under the pressure of the golden light of the stars, all the ancestors and wizards in the twelve-day array of evil spirits could not help shouting, and then kept running the twelve-day array of evil spirits. Slowly, the fierce spirit of the array gathered in the central government, and it turned into a tall man with a full body and an axe. It was Pangu himself.
Twelve days, the large array of evil spirits condensed Pangu’s real body, but it was much worse than that realized by Qing Ye at the beginning. As soon as Pangu’s real body appeared, a breath of primitive simplicity swept over the world, and the force of stars in the large array of stars on Sunday was broken. I saw Pangu’s real body holding an axe, and the whole starry sky of the large array of stars on Sunday was broken, which seemed to collapse. When Di Jun saw it, he shouted, and the book of He Tu Luo was a golden light.
However, Pangu, with his axe, kept breaking the space of the stars on Sunday, and the demon emperor Jun could no longer support it slowly, and his face turned pale. The East Emperor Taiyi chaos clock kept ringing, and the nine ancestors were fine, while Jiufeng, Xingtian and Chiyou worked hard and the corners of their mouths were bleeding, but they still ran hard for twelve days.
In addition to the twelve-day array of evil spirits and the large array of stars on Sunday, the sound of the killing between the two groups of witches is even more shocking, with endless lightning hurricanes, black water fires, huge reiki constantly hitting, and the top ten witches are constantly shuttling between the witches with their own spiritual treasures. The places where Ying Zhao, Yi Tie and Qiong Qi have passed are unstoppable, and countless witches’ bodies are broken and turned into dust.
Thirty-three days away, the void is constantly broken, and hundreds of millions of magic weapons are in the air, mixed with roars, screams and groans, with colorful light. Twelve days of the large array of evil spirits and the large array of stars on Sunday occasionally spread out the power of stars and devils, directly crushing the surrounding space, and everything returns to the source of water, wind and fire.
On the vast land, it has been affected. The mountains have cracked, the ground has been broken, countless trees have been destroyed, countless creatures have been running, and their lives have been cut off by countless fireworks, winds and icebergs, while hundreds of millions of weak humans and monks have even turned to ashes.
In the demon camp, Fuxi played Fuxi Qin and turned it into an iron horse with a thousand swords, which was also a nightmare for the witches. However, the ancestors could not get out, but some great wizards could not deal with Fuxi, who was a quasi-saint. Gradually, millions of witches have lost.
When all the ancestors in the array of evil spirits for 12 days saw it, they couldn’t help but shout at top of their voices. Under the full operation of the array, they saw that Pangu was more solid, holding an axe to open the gods and strove to the array of stars on Sunday, and there was a crashing sound. The already broken array of stars on Sunday was finally broken! Demon emperor handsome mind a quiver, spit out a mouthful of scarlet blood, and the same is true of the East Emperor Taiyi. The three hundred and sixty-five demon gods and big demons in the disposal fell out directly, and their life and death were unknown.
On Sunday, the large array of stars was broken, and the ancestors Wu, Jiufeng, Xingtian and Chiyou also felt bad. Their scales were broken everywhere, and black blood was constantly dripping. The three great wizards were shaking, and they wanted to fall. The large array of evil spirits could not be maintained for twelve days.
Looking at the numerous cracks in the book of the River Map Luo, Di Jun’s face became even uglier. Facing all the ancestors and witches, he felt a horizontal heart and shouted at top of his voice. This is the first time that the demon emperor Jun has shown his true appearance since hundreds of millions of years ago. I saw a huge three-legged sun, which was thousands of miles long, appeared in front of everyone. The three-legged sun braved the sun’s true fire, and it was also the sun’s true fire, but it was countless times stronger than the original ten suns.

Chapter 37 The end of Fuxi’s great disaster
Seeing that the demon emperor Jun showed his real body, the East Emperor Taiyi also showed his real body. The two suns were really on fire, and even the ancestors changed their faces.
When Di Jun and Taiyi show their true behind them, they pounce on all the ancestors. Under the sun’s true fire, the surrounding witches turn to ashes. In this way, the Nine Ancestral Witches roared their magical powers to fight with Di Jun and Taiyi again. The ancestor of the weather is more than a corpse with a face, a dog’s ear and a beast’s body, and there are two green snakes in its ears, constantly spewing out black poisonous fog. However, the true sun fire can burn everything, which is the bane of poisonous fog. The poisonous fog spewed out by an extravagant corpse will disappear before it meets the true sun fire.
The powerful wizards such as Jiufeng, Xingtian, Chiyou and phase liu also besieged Fuxi. Although Fuxi was strong, it was only just entering the quasi-saint. Jiufeng, Xingtian, Chiyou, phase liu and other great wizards all reached the strength of picking Jin Xian. In the first world war, Fuxi, who was not good at fighting, was struggling to cope and losing ground.
Thirty-three days away. Nuwa Palace. Nu Wa was sitting on the golden palace. Suddenly, she felt uneasy. She couldn’t help offering a picture of mountains and rivers to calculate the secret. When she was waiting for the Ming Dynasty, her face changed and she disappeared on the golden palace.
"Luxury corpse, you go to hell!" I saw that the demon emperor’s handsome body instantly burned out the poisonous fog of Zuwu Shebi’s corpse, and then took advantage of the opportunity to raise the sword to cut off the corpse of Shebi, and the corpse of Shebi’s corpse was directly reduced to ashes under its true sun fire. Wunaz, the father of electricity who had the best relationship with the extravagant corpse, couldn’t help but scream: "Luxury corpse!" Other ancestors also cried out in pain, and Naz, who lost his mind, hated: "Di Jun, I want to die with you!" Say that finish, I saw his face with a bird’s body, two green snakes hanging from his ears, and two red snakes wrapped around purple lightning in his hand, pouncing on the demon emperor Jun, and then burst open instantly.
With the loud noise of the earth shaking, the thirty-three heavenly palaces in the heaven of the thirty-three outer worlds also shook, and the Baoguang Temple where they were located directly burst open. The demons around countless days directly turned to ashes, and the top ten demon saints also died under Naz’s self-violence, and many witches were also affected. Fortunately, other ancestors and great wizards had already dodged.
How awesome it is for the ancestors to be self-destructive! Not only did the heavenly palace in the thirty-three outer days shake, but even most of the continents on the vast land shook like a big earthquake, and countless creatures ran in panic. The demon emperor Jun, who directly suffered from the self-destructive power of the ancestors, also vomited black blood under the defense of the book of Hutuluo, and wanted to fall down, and the true body of the sun was dimmed, as if to be extinguished.
The ancestors lived together for hundreds of millions of years, just like an organic whole. Now they are more extravagant than dead bodies, and Nazi is self-destructive, which makes the ancestors of the rest of their lives cry out and lose their minds, and one by one, they are desperate to kill the demon emperor Jun and the East Emperor Taiyi. The seriously injured demon emperor Jun could no longer support the attacks of the ancestors and witches, and was in danger. Suddenly, he was hit by Di Jiang, and the real sun on his body was flickering. The demon emperor Jun roared, and his eyes suddenly flashed with fierce and decisive light. He shouted at the East Emperor Taiyi, "Brother! Heaven will depend on you in the future! " Then, he rushed at several ancestors who besieged him, and a loud noise was louder than Naz’s self-destruction, which made the Heavenly Palace shake even more.
The demon emperor is handsome and self-destructive When Taiyi, the Emperor of the East, understood, he could not help crying: "Brother!" Both of them were born in the sun for hundreds of millions of years. I don’t want today to be a farewell! The demon emperor Jun did not even leave the Yuan God, but returned to heaven and earth.
Ru Shou, Ju Mang, Tianwu and Xuan Ming, the four great ancestors besieged by the demon emperor Jun, were all killed because they had no defense treasures. For the rest of my life, Di Jiang, Zhu Jiuyin, the ancestors of Wu Qiang, wept for Di Jun, but also mourned for the four ancestors.
The ancestors of the rest of my life, Qiang Liang, Di Jiang and Chu Jiuyin, cried out in pain. When they looked at each other, Emperor Jiang laughed: "Ha ha ha ha! I think our brothers and sisters have been together for hundreds of millions of years. Now that you are all dead, why are we still alive! Here we come! " Say that finish, Di Jiang directly pounced on the East Emperor Taiyi, and the strong man also pounced on the East Emperor Taiyi one after another, but the candle was nine-yin, but he pounced on Fuxi, only to hear three loud bangs, and countless halls in the Heavenly Palace were blown to pieces, and the surrounding space was turned into dust. Although the East Emperor Taiyi had chaos clock’s protective body, he was also killed by the two ancestors’ self-violence, and Fuxi did not escape, only to escape a little bit of knowledge.
The demon emperor Jun and the East Emperor Taiyi, as well as all the ancestors and witches, died on their own, and the universe was shaking. The universe that was initially broken by Gong Gong and Zhu Rong knocked down the mountain was inevitably broken.
However, after the ancestors’ self-destruction, Dongsheng Shenzhou flew up with a picture, a banner and a sword, while Hezhou, a western cow, flew up with a golden lotus, a bodhi tree and a book, while Qinglian Lingshan, a mountain in the north of Luzhou, flew out of a tower. It was Qing Ye who offered up the mysterious and exquisite tower of heaven and earth, which was towering, and the scattered mysterious gas protected Luzhou in the north, while Nanzhanbuzhou was covered by several immortals.

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