A few more steps, you can reach the end of the stone steps.

When the distracted monk saw this situation, he smiled at Xiao Lingyu, then withdrew the protective cover for Xiao Lingyu and left alone.
The defensive cover suddenly disappeared, and the huge pressure immediately made Xiao Lingyu fall on the stone steps, and all the bones were crackling.
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Chapter 34 The Best Treasure
? Chapter 34 The Best Treasure
"I can’t guarantee whether this passage is safe, but if the seniors are willing to go with them, the younger generation will be happy to have a master like you to take care of them." Xiao Lingyu also said politely.
"As long as my little brother doesn’t take me to death, I will naturally take care of you." The distracted monk nodded and said.
Xiao Lingyu knows …
Chapter 35 Take advantage to kill the enemy 1
? Chapter 35 Take advantage to kill the enemy 1
"I don’t believe that a broken mask that has been eroded by years can stop me from taking treasure!"
During the fitting period, the monk was a little angry, opened his mouth and spit out a glow, and a black spiritual sword appeared.
As soon as the black spirit sword appeared, the sound of the spectre wailing shook the hall, and it was full of horror …
Chapter 36 Take advantage to kill the enemy 2
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After the black robe repelled the serpent in the mating period, it worked all its strength to take the emerald beads away. Unfortunately, the beads didn’t move at all.
Black eyebrows a wrinkly, sharp eyes to Xiao Lingyu.
Xiao Lingyu can imagine that even ten lives are not enough to die if he is attacked by a master of fit period.
"No wonder you can come here. It turned out to be a little dependent. I advise you to automatically dissolve the relationship with this bead. Otherwise, I can only kill you."
"Why?" Xiao Lingyu car-scrapping replied, but the body involuntarily back two steps.
Xiao Lingyu was a little nervous. In the face of such a strong man, if there were no serpents, the other person would have scared himself to death by sneezing. Guilty, he gave the golden shield Fubao to the sacrifice.
As he spoke, the black robe suddenly stretched out his palm, which turned out to be a golden time for the golden shield Fubao.
"Since you don’t want to give up voluntarily, I can only send you to die."
Xiao Lingyu couldn’t dodge, but she stabbed the silver needle into the palm of her black robe.
If there is nothing to resist, Xiao Lingyu will be beheaded.
At this juncture, Xiao Lingyu erected the silver needle and blocked it.
A sharp ring came out, although the magic sword was blocked, it failed to cut Xiao Lingyu’s head, but the powerful strength was to fly Xiao Lingyu’s body.
At this time, there is a forbidden mask on the table, and there is also a treasure inside.
Not surprisingly, under the attack of silver needle, the forbidden mask broke directly.
The emerald round bead has already had some mental connection with Xiao Lingyu, and it is slowly flying into the hall, but it is shrouded by the momentum of the master of the fit period, and it is difficult to get close to Xiao Lingyu.
"It’s interesting that you are such a boy. When you are dying, you still have the mind to get your hands on other treasures."
"This boy is really interesting. He not only knows the secret passage directly to here, but also knows the location of the most powerful treasure here."
Xiao Lingyu knew that he couldn’t be good, and didn’t say anything more. Now he gave the serpent an order to launch the serpent with all his strength and stall the other two for a period of time.
Obviously, the silver needle is also a very powerful magic weapon, which is even more powerful than the best weapon.
After a moment’s reflection on the black robe in the fitting period, the corners of the mouth took a sip, the smile on the face completely disappeared, and the momentum with a strong bloody smell suddenly enveloped the whole hall.
Black robe with a drink, in the hands of the magic sword blaster.
Ow! ! !
The serpent suddenly launched, and its huge body swept a circle in the hall, completely defeating the ghost head, and a blue-purple ice arrow spewed out by its mouth also crashed into the magic sword.
Xiao Lingyu didn’t just stand there, but rushed to a silver pillar and stabbed it with a silver needle.
When the black robe waved his hand, the magic sword that deviated from the target flew to the top of the hall. After it rose several times, it was wrapped in a raging magic flame and cut to the serpent in the air.
The master of the distracted period did not dare to make a move or participate in the fight under such a strong fighting power, but he looked at Xiao Lingyu.
The black robe in the mating period is trying to kill the serpent first, but the serpent that has spit out Long Ying is not so easy to be killed, and he can’t make moves to deal with Xiao Lingyu at the moment.
Xiao Lingyu has just stabbed three pillars, but he still needs three to achieve his goal. I don’t know if the serpent can carry the attack of the black robe. At this time, the distracted monk came to make trouble again, and Xiao Lingyu’s intuition was enormous.
Longying brings together the energy of the serpent and its black dragon veins. Its fighting capacity is very tough. Even the magic sword can be hard-jointed with its claws. And the serpent’s ontology is also very tough, even without Long Ying in the body, it must be very difficult for it to kill the distracted monk, but it is easy to just stop it.
"Beast, dragon blood, incredibly still at life, it’s stupid! Try the old man’s magic sword to eat the soul! "
The magic sword immediately sounded louder and louder, as if there were thousands of weapons hitting each other and hundreds of millions of spectres wailing.
Long Ying, who was originally very brave, immediately covered her head with her two front paws, which looked a bit unbearable.
So the magic sound, the master of the distracted period can insist on for a moment, but the monk like Xiao Lingyu can’t insist on a few breaths.
Xiao Lingyu didn’t secretly rejoice, and didn’t think much about it. He hurriedly stabbed the last pillar a few times.
Although it is safe to escape back, the serpent’s damage this time must be not small, which makes Xiao Lingyu very distressed.
During the fitting period, the expression of black robe was ferocious, and one arm pointed to Xiao Lingyu. The magic sword shook out the magic sound and stabbed Xiao Lingyu.
The fluctuation of space distorts and traps everything in the space, no matter whether it is the black robe or the magic sword, it can no longer be out of power, but can only swing with the fluctuating space, just like a reflection in running water.
Xiao Lingyu knew that the spatial fluctuation wouldn’t last long, so he didn’t hesitate at all. Now he went to the front of the black robe and said bitterly, "I told you sooner or later, I will stick a needle in your ass. It seems that I can get it now!"
Pulling out the silver needle, Xiao Lingyu didn’t leave, and stabbed a few times in the key position of the black robe. He didn’t stop until the spatial fluctuation stopped.
The distracted monk escaped outside the temple before, so he dodged a bullet. At this time, he looked into the hall, his heart thumped, and he fled down the hill without thinking.
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Chapter 37 Pride deterrence
? Chapter 37 Pride deterrence

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