Lin Feng has a strong willpower. There is no doubt about it, but he doesn’t want to just drift around in boredom. Fortunately, as a yogi, there are plenty of ways to play time. So windson began to practice …

Time disappeared in the practice, and seven days passed quickly. When Lin Feng came out of the brig, he even felt a little unfinished.
"An An, why are you here?" Windson just took off his heavy spacesuit and saw Ann standing in front of her wearing instructor’s uniform and grinning.
"Forest air warrant officer. Is that how you talk to the chief? It seems that you haven’t realized your mistake in these seven days! " Said in peace with a straight face and a serious face.
Windson a stay but soon he is now in peace is hidden winks at himself. Windson turned to look and saw two DuZhaDui people standing behind him in peace. Is a face of schadenfreude looked at himself so windson reaction to come over immediately. Stand at attention and salute: "Sir! Hello! "
Ann snorted and said faintly, "Come with me."
Windson this time the reaction soon without any doubt. He said humbly, "Yes, sir!"
Then windson followed Ann out of the building where the brig was located and saw that no one noticed nearby. Lin Fengcai lazily asked again, "Why did you come to pick me up in an?"
"I warn you that you’d better call me sir in military school." An An gave Lin Feng a hard stare before explaining: "As your main instructor, of course I will come to see you, an arrogant student."
"Master instructor?" Windson froze. He had been speculating about Ann’s identity, but he didn’t think she was his main instructor. Seven days ago, Zhao Rulong was still guessing who would be the main instructor of this year’s mecha manipulator. But you can be sure.
Enough to become a mecha manipulator’s main instructor is undoubtedly the top division. I didn’t expect it to be Ann.
"Angel … Angel …" Lin Feng murmured Ann’s name and suddenly exclaimed, "That’s right! Are you Ann, the only female angel Leigh among the top ten ace mecha operators in the Federation? " Windson at the moment also think of when he asked Ann to help him ask for leave, Ann said "give you three days off". Read a little military school rules windson already know that want to ask for leave must get the approval of the instructor. After all, a military school is not a university, and you can’t just find someone to help you ask for leave.
An An smiled and replied, "You finally guessed that I am Angel Leigh."
Angel Leigh! This is Lan Beibei’s most admired person besides his brother Xiaofeng!
"I didn’t expect … I didn’t expect …" Windson chanted and circled around Ann.
An An frowned and shouted, "Stop! What do you mean? Can’t I be Angel Leigh? "
"No …" Lin Feng said with a sly smile: "I just wonder how you became the top ten trump cards in the Federation. Your fighting skills don’t seem to be so good."
"What did you say?" An An immediately raised his eyebrows and scoffed, "I didn’t know who was beaten by me to vomit blood!" "
Able to shrug off windson pie pie said: "at that time, I was attacked by terrorists and the energy in the body was sluggish, which was at a disadvantage." Even so, I finally subdued you. And now … Do you believe that I can beat you with only thirty strokes? "
"brag!" In cocked his head and said dismissively. In fact, it is clear in peace that Lin Feng’s fighting strength also knows that he may indeed beat Lin Feng under normal conditions. But I can’t believe that she can’t support thirty strokes.
"Don’t believe it? Then we will find a time to discuss it later. " Windson provocative way. Can "close contact" with beauty windson or very happy, although he may not have any bad ideas.
"good!" An An agreed at once, and immediately retorted, "Even if my fighting skill is not as good as yours, I can fight on the mecha control. You can’t find the north. You can never survive ten strokes under my hand. Do you believe it?"
Windson simply shook his head. He really doesn’t believe that although windson doesn’t know much about mecha manipulation, he has played the old-fashioned mecha in Grandpa Feng’s laboratory. In his view, there is a very close relationship between mecha manipulation and fighting. A good mecha manipulator must have a strong fighting level!
Ann doesn’t care about her slightly sinister smile: "If you don’t believe me, forget it. Soon you will know my power."
"Really?" Lin Feng ha ha smiled and changed the subject: "What is it that you came to pick me up today?"
"Nothing …" Ann hesitated for a moment: "Let me have a good communication with you above, not to mention that your background is just the identity of the five-star master of the fighting family, which is enough for the top to pay attention to. But I’ve also seen some information about your past. You are really a person who can’t make people feel at ease … "
"Cut …" Lin Feng turned to look at An An before saying, "I’m actually a very simple person who won’t attack me. I won’t attack anyone … hum … don’t expect me to submit to humiliation!"
An An shook his head in distress and said helplessly, "Forget it, let’s not talk about it. You’ve just come out of the brig. Let’s have dinner together and we’ll talk about it then. "
"Your treat?" Lin Fengxiao asked.
"You are such a gentleman!" An Chen said, "It’s my treat. Let’s just say thank you for saving everyone on the Elegant last time."
Then Lin Fengxiao smiled and followed Ann in the direction of the restaurant.
Walking on the road, windson suddenly seems to be a little strange in the military academy today. The students on the road either hurried or got together in twos and threes, and they were so excited that they didn’t know what they were discussing.
"Are there any great events in the military academy these two days?" Windson curious asked.
"Not a military school." An An said gravely, "It’s the Federation …"
"The federal? Is it the beginning of the war? " Windson reaction to come over immediately. "That’s right!" At windson in surprise heavy nods.

Chapter one hundred and eight Go away!
On the third day when Lin Feng was confined, the locust star suddenly attacked the fierce Yangxing in the distance. Fortunately, the military department was ready to temporarily resist this wave of attacks. However, because the federal news was received too late, the army has not been mobilized in place, and now the situation of Lieyangxing is not optimistic.
"Oh …" After listening to Ann’s introduction, Lin Feng nodded and became silent. Now he finally believes Chen Junfei’s words that day. The locust star is still fighting when it knows that its strength is not as good as that of the earth Federation. It is estimated that there must be some other means. But windson also don’t care very much. Although the current situation is not very good, the Federation has actually prepared for this war for hundreds of years. Windson believes that with the strength of the Federation, it is sure to win the final victory.
"Your grandfather, Chairman Chen, mobilized the war in the whole Federation yesterday, and the military academy also agreed to temporarily put a group of students back into the army. Now there are a lot of guys who are fighting for these limited places …" It’s also easy to think in peace that she and Lin Feng have the same idea.
"What about you in peace? As one of the top ten ace mecha operators in the Federation, don’t you want to go back to the army and make contributions to defending the Federation? " Windson suddenly asked.
"You also said that I’m just one of the top ten federal ace mecha manipulator and I’m quite a guy and there are as many as nine. Besides, it is also an extremely important strategic task to train the next generation of mecha operators for the Federation. " Ann pretended to smile easily, but sensitive windson still saw a trace of loss and helplessness from her face.
Windson guessed something but didn’t say it. Then both of them didn’t speak, thinking silently.
In the silent atmosphere, the two men came to the restaurant. Under the guidance of Ann, Lin Feng came to the restaurant on the second floor of the restaurant, which was dedicated to school officials.
In the Central Military Academy, all junior officers, school officers and general officers who participated in the training wore cadet uniforms, but their colors and styles were different. Therefore. When Lin Feng, wearing a blue junior officer’s uniform, appeared in the school official’s special restaurant, it really attracted a lot of surprised eyes.
But fortunately, there is a safe leadership. No one has said anything for the time being.
The restaurant environment on the second floor is better than that on the first floor, and the dishes served are not like the set meal on the first floor. However, although there are many dishes, they still need to hold their own plates to cook. It is said that there will be a special orderly to serve dishes in the general’s restaurant. Perhaps this is also one of the means for the military academy to stimulate the students to strive for the upper reaches.
Ann and windson picked some dishes at random and put them on the plate, then found a seat and sat down face to face. Although it was an An’s dinner party, both of them obviously didn’t put their minds on eating.
For a while, they just ate silently, and Lin Feng was wondering whether this sudden war would have an impact on their future search for meteorite desert. The answer seems to be no.
You know, in order to prevent federal personnel from entering the country by mistake and prevent the invasion of anti-government organizations, the Federation has set up a large number of military space stations on the side of the meteorite desert near the Federation. It is obviously not an easy task not to disturb the soldiers in the space station into the meteorite desert. But after the war started. Under the shuddering, Lin Feng has a better chance to sneak into the meteorite desert quietly.
Not far from windson’s thinking, a male instructor who had just finished playing vegetable fields saw Ann when he turned around. Suddenly, his eyes lit up and he came up with a plate without thinking.
He was wearing a straight instructor uniform. Well-proportioned and slender, with a brown head neatly combed. The skin is fair, and a pair of eyes like sapphire are shining with a faint light. It’s really a handsome guy who is not inferior to windson.
"In peace. I didn’t expect you to be here. What a coincidence. " The tone of the handsome instructor is full of surprises and a little magnetism, which makes people feel good involuntarily.
"Hello, Lieutenant Colonel Roger." Ann looked up, and it seemed that someone politely asked hello and then said faintly, "By the way, please call me Colonel Angel!" " Ann’s look was calm, but windson saw a trace of disgust in her eyes.
"An An … Oh … Colonel Angel, are you still angry about the past?" Roger smiled gracefully and said, "I admit that I was wrong before, but didn’t I already apologize?" You have to know that what I really like has always been you! "
"You don’t have to talk about the past. I have forgotten it. I just hope you don’t talk about these adult past events." In peace continue to cold said.
"In peace you this is why? I know you still like me in your heart … "Speaking of which, Roger finally noticed someone sitting opposite An ‘an, and his face suddenly changed. After carefully looking at Lin Feng, he seemed relieved and said in a mocking tone:" This student, you seem to be in the wrong restaurant. This is the dining room for school officials, and it is not for junior officers like you to come up here. Now please go downstairs at once. The junior officer’s restaurant is downstairs! "
Windson was originally looking at the drama with great interest, and this guy in front of him seems to have a story to say. But let windson didn’t think of is that this guy will immediately hit their ideas. So Lin Feng’s good mood disappeared immediately. He replied coldly: "Go away!"
You!’ Roger flew into a rage. In fact, he had guessed that Lin Feng had brought it safely, but Lin Feng’s handsome appearance aroused his hostility, so he wanted to humiliate Lin Feng so that he could understand the reality clearly and not have any wild desires. However, Roger never imagined that a junior officer student dared to talk to him like this, and suddenly he didn’t know how to deal with it.
See this guy still not available standing in front of windson blew on the forehead broken again and said: "I told you to roll away! Didn’t you hear? "
"Lin Feng!" In peace, suddenly jiao drank and seemed to have the meaning of stopping windson.

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