Xu Xian said, "When the heaven changed greatly, the secret was gone in a flash, and I saw the deity list coming to the world."

Styx frowned and thought, and Wu Tian and Xu Xian stood quietly waiting for Styx. Soon Styx woke up and said, "Please sit down."
Two futons fell in front of them, and Wu Tian and Xu Xian sat down, and the shuras in the whole hall withdrew, leaving only four Sula Wong. Styx waved a lotus flower, and the whole Blood River Hall was immediately closed. Wu Tian saw the black lotus on this chest emerge. Then the black lotus was integrated into the whole blood river hall, and the hall was closed again. In this way, even the saints can’t see what happened in the blood river temple.
Xu Xian said, "What good idea did the bodhi old zu think of?"
Ghost River: "I didn’t think of any way, but that list of gods will also come to the world, but it reminds me of something."
Xu Xian said, "Does the bodhi old zu want Penglai to teach?"
Styx nodded and said, "At the beginning, there were more than 80,000 people in Penglai who were listed as deities, and even more, thousands of immortals were turned into Buddhists. People in Penglai forged a causal relationship with the Four Religions. In the future, disciples of the Four Religions will be dealt with by Penglai disciples, and saints of the Four Religions will be dealt with by Penglai saints themselves. After the disaster, the two Buddhists will be separated, and the cause and effect of Sanqing will be ended together in this disaster." The demon world is the leading role in the magic disaster, and the list of gods is just a doom in the magic disaster. There are naturally days in the magic world, and no one can take care of it. In the future, as long as we send the four religions to the list of gods, the four religions will not exist, and the saints will retire again after the disaster. Penglai has never been born since the flood, and it will never be born again. Even if it is born, it will not completely occupy four continents, as long as we can occupy a continent. The other three continents are at their disposal. "
There is no heaven: "when the list of gods is born, it must be the replacement of earthly emperors, and the lower bound of disciples should be robbed. How can we become the protagonist?"
Ghost River: "There is no disaster in heaven when the gods are sealed. At the end of the disaster, heaven gets the gods in the list of gods to seize control of time, and the demon world is bound to have no disaster and no robbery. When the magic seal is over, the demon world will get the gods in the list of gods to seize control of time. The number of days must be sealed, and the demon world is the protagonist. "
Xu Xian said faintly, "The list of gods was created at the request of heaven. How can the gods in the list be controlled by the underworld?"
Ghost River Road: "There are 360 positive gods on the list of deities, all of which are necessary for heaven to be blessed and upright, and there are 84,000 evil spirits on the list. These people are dispensable above heaven, but they can act as fiends for the underworld."
Wu Tian and Xu Xian froze at the same time. Xu Xian said, "Since there is a list of gods, can there be a list of demons?"
Styx said with a smile, "The list of deities is also called a heavenly book. At the beginning of the opening of heaven and earth, there were three books, one was a heavenly book, the other was a earthly book, and the other was a human book. The gobbledygook is a list of gods, and the Lord is in charge of killing in the world. When the gobbledygook comes out, it is the Lord’s way to kill. The earth book is the main guardian, born of the earth’s fetal membrane. In the hands of Zhenyuanzi, the ancestor of the earth fairy, the heavenly book is invincible. People’s books are born corresponding to the six ways, but all the creatures in the world are recorded in that person’s book. People’s books have a chance of life, which is an opportunity for all beings in the world to reincarnate and start over. People’s books have great merits and can only stay in hell, and even saints can’t take it away at will.
At the beginning, there were countless casualties in the Lich War. I saw people on the floating clouds practice a ghost list modeled on the list of gods, and set up a ghost god to protect the hell. However, with the ability of people on the floating clouds, they can only imitate the list of gods, and only eighty-one gods can be sealed in the Diming list. If that magic list survives, how can people on the floating clouds not use the magic list to seal the ghost god, but painstakingly practice it? "
Xu Xian said, "I’d rather believe it or not, even if there is no magic list, we can’t be careless."
There is no heaven: "If there is a magic list that survives, our demon world is the protagonist of the big robbery. Since we are in charge of sealing the magic list, why worry? The only worry now is to seal the magic list."
Ghost River Road: "When the great disaster came, we couldn’t figure out the person who was in charge of sealing the gods’ list. I think only the people in the clouds and the ancestors of Hongjun can figure out that person. However, before the arrival of the disaster, it will be like the original gods, and the person who is in charge of the gods list will be found by the four religions. We have no hope at all. "
The three men began to be silent, and soon Xu Xian said, "The list of gods will be held by the people of Penglai."
Styx and Wu Tian looked at Xu Xian with some consternation, and the ghost river said, "How can people from Penglai participate in it?"
Xu Xian said, "No reason, just for the cause and effect at the time of deification, Penglai was deified by four religions, and Penglai will not stop there, regardless of whether it is asked."
Wu Tian nodded and said, "Yes, but in this way, what should we do?"
Xu Xian said, "Penglai is not entangled with us, so there is no need to worry."
Ghost River: "Penglai will not be robbed. Even if Penglai is robbed, it will only be robbed by saints, and all our disciples will not be robbed."
Wu Tian and Xu Xian looked puzzled at Styx. Ghost River: "Penglai spent a lot of time on the list of deities. They were in charge of the stars in heaven and made many merits. Once they left the list, they only needed to practice hard for thousands of years to restore their magical powers in the past, and their merits could help them avoid the big disaster and not be involved. As long as Penglai can’t get out of Penglai, and the big robbery can’t find them, the magic robbery can naturally spend it safely. At the beginning, the cause and effect of Penglai and the four religions came to an end. "
Chapter one hundred Everything is ready
Xu Xian said, "If that’s the case, who is the hero of the deity?"
Ghost River Road: "As long as Penglai Sage finds the hero of the seal and accepts him as a disciple, he will be thrown into the robbery in the future."
Xu Xian said, "In that case, we just need to follow Penglai."
The three men discussed it carefully again. Wu Tian and Xu Xian just left, and when they were far away, Sula Wong came forward and said, "Father, do you believe them?"
Ghost River: "You understand what the lawless people want. I don’t need to say more. The snake king Xu Xian has a wife who has been trapped in Lingshan for more than 30,000 years by Buddhism. So far, she hasn’t got out of trouble. I believe that both of them are sincerely cooperating with me, and it’s too early for anyone to make use of her. We will know later."
King Shura said, "Father, all future great robbers will be involved. I’m afraid."
Styx interrupted him and said, "Every catastrophe has a chance. I have never been able to get out of the Blood Sea Shura because the cause and effect of the Lich Family were too deep. I stayed in the underworld for hundreds of millions of years to cleanse the cause and effect. Now the catastrophe is coming. If I don’t grasp this opportunity, there will be no chance in the future."
Styx pondered: "The ancestors said that there were saints in the great robbery. This time, there may be a chance to become a saint. I have waited for millions of years just for that chance, but if I don’t become a saint, I will be an ant after all."
Road flyover Hulu in Nanzhanbuzhou walked slowly on a mountain, and soon a person came forward to worship, saying, "Disciple, I don’t know what the teacher called Feiyun Mountain?"
Taoist Hulu looked at the Taoist in front of him and said with a smile, "At the beginning, you and Jiang Shang sealed the gods together, and finally Jiang Shang entered Yunwu Mountain. But you don’t have this chance. After years of hard work, you are still in the land of Taiyi. Now that the disaster is coming, your chance has come. "
Shen Gongbao was overjoyed. I quickly knelt down and thanked him. "Thank you for your advice, but I really don’t know where the opportunity is?"
Road flyover Hulu said, "Chance is predestined, but the chance given to you by the old road is not predestined. This opportunity depends on how you grasp it yourself. "
Shen Gongbao said, "I will do my best to finish it if I have orders."
Road flyover Hulu nodded and said, "In the future, the magic robbery will be opened. The list of gods should be descended again and presided over. "
Shen Gongbao was surprised: "Master, do you want your disciples to seal the gods?"
Taoist Hulu said, "You are in charge of the list of gods. As long as you let the gods on the list of gods return to their places, it will be considered a great robbery. You will have a chance in the future. "
Shen Gongbao said, "Master, my disciples will be honored with a list of gods in the future. How should I open the gods? "
Road flyover Hulu said, "There is still a long time before the great disaster. You can go to Yunwu Mountain to find Qingyun. When the great disaster comes in the future, the list of gods will fall into your hands, as long as you seal the gods according to Qingyun’s will."
Shen Gongbao quickly thanked him and said, "Thank you, Master. It’s just that the Yunwu Mountain floats in the Three Realms, with no roots or feet. My disciple obeyed and found out where the Yunwu Mountain is?" Taoist Hulu said, "All right, I’ll give you a ride." Say shooter toward Shen Gongbao a clap, Shen Gongbao only feel very dizzy. I can’t see everything around me at all. When he felt stopped, he found himself in a mountain. The mountain is full of misty clouds, and you can’t see it at all three feet away. Shen Gongbao was about to make any noise when a big demon grabbed him and sealed his Yuan God instantly, carrying him towards the mountain.
Shen Gongbao is worried about whether the road flyover gourd sent him to the wrong place and sent himself to the mountain of a monster. I don’t know how much the monster tunnel is taller than himself. I can’t say for sure that he will have to be eaten by the monster today.
Just as Shen Gongbao was about to die, the monster untied him and threw him on the ground. Shen Gongbao looked up and saw Qingyun sitting on the first seat, and quickly bowed down and said, "Disciple, meet the saint.
Qingyun looked at him for a moment and then said, "Aren’t you a disciple of explaining religion? Why did you come to Yunwu Mountain privately? You thought I was afraid of the primitive."
Shen Gongbao explained at once: "Saint, my disciple was instructed by Master Hulu, and came to see the Saint specially."
Qingyun said, "Why did Mr. Hulu let you come to me? Your boy looks tired of living. " Qingyun said suddenly a cold voice, frighten Shen Gongbao prone on the ground did not dare to look up.
Shen Gongbao said bitterly, "Saint, my disciple was really sent by the master of Hulu. Otherwise, how could my disciple go to Yunwu Mountain?"
Qingyun said, "Why don’t you tell me what Mr. Hulu called you here for? Shen Gongbao said, "Report to the sage, Master Hulu promised my disciples a chance, and let me take charge of the deity when the great disaster comes in the future."
Qingyun, eyebrows a wrinkly, looked around, and the monsters around left consciously at once, leaving only Qingyun and Shen Gongbao in the whole abode of fairies and immortals. Qingyun said, "Speak in detail and don’t leave anything out."
Shen Gongbao quickly explained everything after Taoist Hulu saw himself. Finally, he asked, "Disciples who explain their teachings after sealing the gods don’t look at their disciples at all. Disciples can only practice confidently for many years, and they can’t see the road at all. Please ask the saints to take them in." He kowtowed to Qingyun repeatedly.
Qingyun said with a smile, "All right, you can stay in Yunwu Mountain from now on, and I will teach you the method of cultivation. Go down first. "
Shen Gongbao was overjoyed and bowed down to Qingyun before leaving. Qingyun looked at Shen Gongbao and frowned slightly, as if he was worried about something.
A meteor flashed across the sky, and then a clear air suddenly fell from the sky and rushed to the earth. The clear air immediately disappeared into the earth, and the capital of the underworld suddenly changed. At this moment, the door of the Emperor Palace slowly opened.
Fengdu Emperor walked out of the Emperor’s Palace and went directly to the 18th floor of hell. He saw the Tibetan chanting there, and the endless grievances were absorbed by the Tibetan, and the golden light on his body became more and more prosperous with the absorption of the grievances. A golden wheel of merits and demerits slowly rotates behind the head of Dizang, but it is formed by the merits and demerits he has gained from the endless murders in this hell for many years.
Fengdu Emperor came to Dizang, and Dizang stopped chanting and bowed to Fengdu Emperor, saying, "I have seen the Great."
Fengdu Emperor said, "Dizang, after three thousand years, the robbery has dropped. You need to go out and take the robbery."
"At the beginning, the poor monk made an oath that hell was not empty and he would not become a Buddha," said Dizang. "Now there are still endless murders in this hell. How can Dizang leave? **
Fengdu Emperor said, "Did you go to this hell to become a Buddha?"
After a moment’s meditation, Dizang suddenly realized, "Thank you for your enlightenment. The poor monk has understood." After that, Dizang was covered with golden light, and a statue of six golden bodies appeared on the top of his head. Later, the clouds on the top of Dizang showed that three baby-fist-sized relics were running in accordance with the complex trajectory.
Three relics suddenly jumped down from Qingyun, one with a compassionate face, one with a fierce face, and the other with a calm and colorless face. "You’re me, you’re me, and you’re me, too," said the Tibetan monk.

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