There are three ways of heaven and earth, heaven, tunnel and humanity, and a triangular order system of rules, matter and consciousness …

The three realms of pick represent the triangle realm system of pick-me realm, Shinto realm and Shenxuan realm, which originated from the three phases of mind, namely, self-image, Tao realm and heaven-earth realm …
Three realms of mixed yuan, mixed yuan domination, mixed yuan HarmonyOS and mixed yuan Pangu, mixed yuan triangle realm system of Shinto …
The three realms of eternity, the eternal realm of time and space, the eternal realm of destiny and the eternal realm of nothingness, represent the triangle system of eternal avenue …
And, most crucially, the three foundations of Eternal Glory Avenue-Eternal Avenue, Yindao and Shenlun Avenue, this triangle avenue system!
Absolute beauty, it’s amazing!
This is the real glory of the Lord, this is the real universe, the first statue of the infinite incredible peerless style of the supreme ancestor!
Yuan Heng, a man who is amazing in the endless cycle of the universe and cared for by the mother of the infinite chaotic road, finally really shows his qualities!
Once Yuan Heng woke up, he showed a shocking scene. Now, in a short period of time, the immortal mystery of the triangle just condensed has soared, and it has actually begun to solidify from the illusory fog at the speed visible to the naked eye!
The fog began to increase.
Liquid, starting to appear.
Slowly, after the liquid state, the situation is not slow at all.
And then …
A small lake is officially formed!
As soon as the lake was formed, it immersed itself in the immortal essence crystal that Yuan Heng caught in that year, and slowly began to moisten and replenish it, as if to awaken this immortal essence crystal …
In a short period of time, Yuan Heng’s understanding of the immortal mystery of the triangle suddenly caught up with the immortal mystery of the circle, and suddenly surpassed and far surpassed the past!
"The immortal mystery of the deep ancestor’s side is not far from my immortal mystery of the circle, ha ha, if it is against my immortal mystery of the triangle today …"
Corners of the mouth across a radian, Yuan Heng’s current state of mind seems to have returned to the beginning of the universe, when the chest was empty, stunning and fearless, and the negative impact of endless years of sleep seemed to be wiped away at this moment and fully recovered!
Everything goes without saying!
Since Yuan Heng began to feel something, the eternal glory of Sanyuan Qingyun began to rise and fall repeatedly, floating and falling, and it was so incredible in the eyes of the gods of the wild!
Three thousand feet.
Three hundred feet.
Thirty feet.
Three thousand feet.
Finally, finally finalize the design in the 30000 feet above!
Not only that, today’s eternal glory, the Three Yuan Qingyun, is an incredible scene. It looks like a mixed element, perfect arc, but the structure is stable as a triangle, which suppresses everything, and the contradiction is perfect, which is incredible!
"This is … respect?"
Within the temples, a sword was shot out of the aurora eyes, and the sharp sword light was broken by all means, and there was a low murmur of doubt, and then there was an unusual affirmation, "This is … your honor!"
At this moment, Aurora seems to recall the elegant demeanour when he first listened to the venerable … (To be continued. . )
Ps: Hehe, today’s code word seems to recall the time when the flood stream just rose, and the passion of wandering in the flood stream at the beginning and really wanting to code a novel of its own, hehehe …

Chapter two hundred and ninety-three Above the heavens and the earth, compete with the sun’s lunar glory!
The supreme ancestor, as long as he has not reached immortality, the front will be dark after all, and no one dares to assert that the road he created and walked out is correct.
Only one thing is certain, above the path of the supreme ancestor, only by condensing the immortal mystery is the right way forward!
In this way, it can be like a mortal ant walking on the top of a mountain and peeping for nine days, like a firefly light flashing in the dark.
Immortal mystery is the only basis for measuring the realm of the supreme ancestor!
At that time, Yuan Heng was able to capture a trace of immortal truth when he broke through the supreme ancestor. This was a sacrifice to a statue of the origin of fate, which brought together half a step of eternal heaven and earth-nearly 90% of the resources in the wild were fated, and the origin was tilted, even crazy enough to embody chaos, and even the HarmonyOS method was used. All kinds of coincidences proved that it was a miracle that could not be copied, and it could only be called a miracle.
And it is this immortal truth that laid the foundation for Yuanheng’s terrible acme!
However, the cultivation methods of the Supreme Daozu are different, even very different. They must grope step by step, feel the origin of their own avenue, and rely on it, just like building a bunker, and slowly pile it up.
Above the eternal glory of Sanyuan Qingyun, the crystal of eternal truth, whose shape is changeable, began to grow slowly after the triangle immortal mystery advanced by leaps and bounds, condensed the entity and turned into a lake.
This crystal, the surface impressively formed a triangle!
"This crystal of immortal truth is my root, equivalent to a seed, which needs to be watered from time to time. I condense four sources of wisdom, Tao, nature, will and mind. When the immortal crystal can fully accommodate and carry me, my Tao … will probably become."
Yuan Heng’s mind flitted through a bit of understanding, and finally realized his own practice direction of eternal avenue. I can’t help feeling, "Sure enough, the road to immortality is so hard. If I don’t condense the essence of immortality, then I’m afraid the road in the future will be a lot harder …"
Sometimes, good things will often affect future achievements. From Yuan Heng, it can be seen that it is general.
"Unfortunately, my four sources are too vast and powerful, and today’s immortal essence crystallization is still too immature to bear any one of the four sources. Otherwise, now … I’m afraid I can achieve half a step of immortality?"
From this. Yuan Heng finally took a crucial step, completely laying the foundation for the future!
Just a little weighing in my heart, Yuan Heng had a presentiment of a sense of the collapse of immortal crystals, and my heart suddenly became clear. I still have insufficient savings.
Of course, it’s not a pity in Yuan Heng’s heart, or that sentence-foundation will affect the level of future achievements!
If their four sources are not strong enough. Even if you can achieve half a step of immortality, then how can you achieve real immortality in the future? Eternal and everlasting?
After busy here, Yuan Heng turned his eyes back to the metamorphosis of Henglang Mountains …
The Henglang Mountains and Yuanheng’s spiritual thoughts blend together, rapidly changing, endless eternal Tao and reason interweave, time and space blend together, the true meaning of fate runs through it, the all-inclusive nothingness is immeasurable, and the center of everything revolves around the eternal mystery.
The essence and source of Yuanheng Avenue began to blend with the source of Henglang Mountain, and the way of ancestors stood in vain. As the only supreme of Henglang Heaven and Earth, even the avenue of the gods in the temples was suppressed in the temples!
The eternal will dominates the endless space-time dimension of Henglang Heaven and Earth, expelling the silk thread of destiny and turning it into the sole master of this small world!
"Ha ha ha ….."
Yuan Heng laughed, his heart was carefree, his mind was flawless, and the connection between the Dojo and the first celestial fiend was deeper than anyone expected. At this moment, the feedback Dojo, even Yuan Heng, has irrepressible joy.
"Good brother, let brother help you …"
Eternal will dominate the eternal heaven and earth, and the gods will retreat, but Yuan Heng feels that there is a subtle breath, mysterious and unpredictable, and it can be called the mystery of Gankun, and it is clear in his heart that this is the Feng Shui Avenue of Kunpeng.
Without Yuan Heng’s permission, how can this silk breath really be calculated to the mystery of Heng Lang’s heaven and earth in the rapid transformation at this moment?
You know, the eternal world at this moment is related to the true essence of Yuanheng’s fundamental avenue, and even contains a truly immortal mystery. How precious is it?

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