Hearing the call of the boss, the terrorist, the flaming lion, opened his mouth wide: Yes, Lao.

Big. , Kyubi no Youko magic fox shrugged also qikou should way, and then the whole body momentum rose, burning up a raging.
The fighting spirit, each beast body suddenly and violently out of the corresponding elements, these elements together, strong airflow blend.
Sent it out.
First of all, the tiger whip of the colorful thin tiger becomes warped. Nearly ten meters long wings spread out, and the tiger’s eyes spread.
Out of a blue light, and then launched a large array, the other nine animals cooperate with each other, each in its own way, instantly.
Between. A strong colorful light, which is not weaker than Fengqi Road, bombarded Fengqi Road.
While Qing Ye hugged her mother, she offered a memorial ceremony. Kongtong seal in mid-air is long in the wind and melts.
It’s a hundred square meters in size, and it’s printed in Kowloon, roaring and chanting, as if to get out.
Listen to a bang, first the colorful magic tiger and other ten beasts and then the stubborn colorful light of the Jiujiu Gankun array.
With the wind road bombardment, and then, there was a loud noise. Kongtong seal, pressed against the wind-blown earth wall.
Two strikes, the impact gas strength. Scattered, is around the dragon ten deep and remote and Peter emperor.
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Those strong men in the palace were also forced to fly back.
Ten sacred beasts bear the brunt, and they can’t keep their formation any longer. They fly by themselves, and the magic tiger is even less after seven times.
Feel good, in the array, the tiger body is shocked, flying hundreds of meters away in a beautiful arc, and then following
Continue to fall to the ground and fly so smartly.
The same is true of sacred animals such as the mad lion, and the double-horned Taurus is carved by a sheep. When it falls to the ground,
Directly plowed the field for thousands of meters, but at the critical moment, I still didn’t forget my old job.
As for Qing Ye, holding a female breast, it was also a shock of tens of meters away, and then she recovered her seal.
Hold it in your hand and look a little pale.
Feng Qi Road was hit twice in a row. First, a holy beast was doubled after 99 years of Gankun array feeling.
Strike. Then there was a pressure from Qing Ye. Merely feel whole body insides were stirred a.
Turn over Not only was the whole body yellow, but Dad was all scattered first, and he couldn’t help but spit out more than two thousand of him with a wow.
The first injured blood in years,
I was injured, and I was injured again after two thousand years. Wind qi road face changes, brimming with.
Internal injuries, and then looked at Qing Ye coldly.
What weapon is that in the hands of this young man today? If it weren’t for him, he would have done it later.
Blow, Feng Qi Road won’t get hurt like this. At most, it will retreat against the earthquake, and it will not hurt the five internal organs and six internal organs.
Fu organs.
Is it an artifact? Just now, the jade master broke out again, and even he felt palpitations.
You know, he is nearly half a god, and what can hurt him is an artifact.
Young man, good, malicious good, over the years, you were the first to let me injured.
People. "Wind strange road try to keep calm.
However, his voice was hoarse because of internal injuries, and there was no previous majesty.
This time, he was hit by bamboo. However, he knew that if he went back this time,
Retreat, maybe something, maybe not a bad thing.
See your majesty Ming emperor was injured, Peter palace of the sanctuary of the strong and guards by surprise, in his
In the eyes of children, fengqi road is invincible. It’s almost close to God, but now, Feng Qi
The road was injured.
They saw Feng Qi’s way to deal with Qing Ye before. Although I have a sense of ten sacred animals in Qing Ye and Qing Ye,
I was surprised, but I thought that Fengqi Road would still offend him with one blow as before.
The strong man in Peter’s palace. So, under the command of Fengqi Road, they and Long
, u:
Back to one side as before, waiting for the result of the battle between Qing Ye and Fengqi Road. :

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