Many people stayed for a while when they heard this. I didn’t expect this training selection to be much more difficult than I thought. Some equipment necessary for survival in the wild has to be obtained by luck, and there are only two pieces at most. Nothing if you’re unlucky. Moreover, there are good and bad things in these special items. With a lighter, you can ignite, warm and cook to drive away wild animals. If you don’t, you have to find a way to drill wood for fire for 18 hours. If there is no bonfire at MINUS 10 degrees Celsius, it will definitely make people crazy.

Although most of the officers here know how to get the fire, I’m afraid it’s not that simple to operate in practice. What’s more, even if the fire is made, it is not necessary to keep the fire at all times.
Compared with lighters, the compass plays a more important role in the survival in the wild. Without it, it is easy to get lost. A long journey of 10 thousand kilometers is definitely a thousand miles away. As for the mountain knife crossbow kettle medical first aid kit, although these things are very useful, they are less important than the first two.
"Well, do you have any questions? If not, go back to your rooms. Remind you that the virtual space of the destroyer has the specific information of Star A and all the knowledge you must know in the field directional attack, such as how to distinguish the direction, how to choose the camping site and so on. You can enter the virtual space by inserting your ID card into the terminal in the room. The destroyer’ Golden Shield’ will not reach Star A for more than 20 days, and you still have time to sharpen your guns. Haha. " Lieutenant-General Song Haiping made a rare joke, but it didn’t relax the trainees present, and they were all silent.
Lieutenant General Song Haiping waited for a while and announced the meeting directly without any questions. Everyone is not talking nonsense, and everyone is rushing to their rooms one by one. It is estimated that they all want to sharpen their guns.
"It’s over, it’s over this time. It’s so abnormal!" Zhao Rulong complained as soon as he got back to his room. "No lighter who will drill wood for fire! Also, my original sense of direction is not good, that is, I may not be able to reach my destination with a compass. If not, it is absolutely impossible. "
"The army is not promised to provide convenience for you? What are you in such a hurry? " Windson strange asked.
"You don’t know that the military just said that it is as convenient as possible within the scope permitted by the rules, but the content of the training should not be less. But who knows that the training task is so difficult, even if the military department specially gives me a lighter and a compass, I am not sure. " Zhao Rulong said chagrin.
"Don’t worry, Lao Zhao’s car will come to the mountain, and the Ministry of Railways will definitely let you pass." Windson comfort.
"I hope so!" Zhao Rulong shook his head helplessly and said, "Forget it, I’ll go to the virtual space and have a look. The lieutenant general named Song is right."
With that, Zhao Rulong quickly connected to the virtual space on the destroyer "Golden Shield" and went to sharpen his gun.
Lin Fengxiao smiled and sat down on the bed to practice. The first phase of the training task for windson completely without any difficulty. 2g of gravity? Windson can move freely in the gravity environment of 3g even without real yuan. Thin air? Practitioners in the golden elixir period can breathe with their whole body skin. Lighter? Windson can use Taoism to make a fire at any time. Compass? Who has heard that practitioners who pursue heaven will lack a sense of direction? What’s more, there are all these things in Lin Feng’s ring. Before leaving the earth, Lin Feng searched a lot of high-tech equipment in Grandpa Feng’s laboratory and specially purchased many daily necessities.
The longan-sized elixir in Lin Feng’s abdomen is slowly rotating, and a dazzling golden awn is scattered every turn. The whole space in the abdomen is dazzling under the golden awn. Windson will slowly sink into the mind then carefully feel the change of it, only feel that compared with a few days ago, then the degree of rotation is faster and the real yuan of throughput is more.
As if I felt the mind of windson, then suddenly it trembled and the degree of rotation became faster and faster. The true yuan of windson’s whole body seemed to be summoned and flew towards then, and soon it was all absorbed by then. After absorbing the true yuan of the whole body, then it suddenly contracted, and the golden awn became lighter and lighter as if something was brewing.
Windson can’t slack off and try to adjust the body to the best condition.
Suddenly, the golden awn skyrocketed, and the true yuan stirred. Then suddenly, there seemed to be a series of tiny cracks on the surface, and huge energy poured out from the cracks and raged in the meridians.
Windson mind a shock can no longer control the expansion then immediately back out. Out of control, then slowly contracted again, and the cracks on the surface were filled by the returning true elements. Soon, then it returned to the previous state of slow rotation.
"failed again!" Windson angry shook his head.
All right, it’s completely gone. We’ll continue next week. Don’t be short of tickets …

Chapter 12 Arrival
After the retreat on the earth, Lin Feng faintly felt the signs that the practice was about to break through, but the nameless achievement method did not say how to break through the realm of then. For this reason, Lin Feng consulted many so-called practice cheats and even some Xianxia novels on the virtual network and found the process of breaking through the elixir-breaking the elixir into a baby. So on the way to the Federal Central Military Academy, Lin Feng tried several times to break Dan into a baby but failed without exception. Either the true yuan is insufficient or the mind is bounced off by the majestic true yuan in the elixir, and finally the elixir loses control and recovers.
But windson didn’t lose heart or worry too much. After all, the most important thing in practice is to be calm and calm. As long as the skill and realm are enough, it will naturally break through, but if it is forced, it will be easy to get possessed.
In more than 20 days to A star, windson unconsciously spent it in practice.
"Mama of how so soon? I’m not quite sure yet! " Reluctantly, Zhao Rulong and all the participants boarded the boarding 6 shuttle to the main base of A star.
"Yes, yes, how so fast? I still have a lot of knowledge about survival in the wild!" Ma Han also has a negative face. Fei Xian’s calm face is really the easiest thing for practitioners who pursue heaven to survive in the wild.
Windson smiled and ignored them, but looked around at other people who participated in this training.
Most people are calm and worthy of being the elite in the army, and they are not flustered at all because the tasks they face are too difficult. Windson even saw a confident smile from the beauty captain’s face.
While Lin Feng turned to find out, he didn’t notice the passing pitfalls in Stephen’s eyes sitting behind him. He remembered the conversation between Paul and him the night before he left.
"Stephen, when you go to the training this time, try to kill that boy Lin Feng." Paul sat on the sand and said sullenly.
"But Master Lin Feng’s strength is very strong. I’m afraid I’m no match for him and his background is not small. Will there be any trouble in killing him?" Stephen is a little worried. He knows very well that the strength of windson only took one hand to block his all-out punch and easily twisted his arm into a twist. This strength is definitely beyond Stephen’s ability to deal with.
"Don’t worry, I will arrange a suitable long-range weapon for you, and Lin Feng, who is acting alone in the process of training, turned out to be just a college student with no field survival experience, plus mental arithmetic and no intention to rely on your strength." Paul sneered twice and said, "As for his backstage, I have also investigated the grandson of Sun Jiazhu. Now, no matter which rich family is not even illegitimate, how can you care about a adopted grandson? And bamboo slips have never remitted a penny to Lin Feng’s account, that is, to help him a little at ordinary times. It can be seen that Lin Feng is simply a dispensable small role for bamboo slips. What’s more, if you are careful, no one will die because of various accidents in the training process of mecha operators. It’s not the first time! "
What Stephen didn’t know was that Paul didn’t know about Lin Fengtong’s relationship with the Chen family at that time, but now he is already preparing to kill him-
When the destroyer "Golden Shield" arrived in the outer space of Star A, it was just daytime on Star A’s big 6. Looking down from the boarding shuttle 6, the unique terrain of A Star Big 6 is more conspicuous. At the center of the circle is a tall mountain, and the forest belts, rivers and mountains around it are all around the mountain. At this time, the boarding shuttle 6 is like an arrow shooting at the bull’s-eye, heading straight for the mountain at the center of Big 6, and going to Windson intuitively felt that there must be some secret hidden on this mountain.
At the moment when I set foot on the ground of Star A, Lin Feng was shocked, not because of the gravity of 2g, nor because of the thin air, but because of the overwhelming aura of heaven and earth! Windson then automatically spin up as if also feel the dense aura of heaven and earth that can make all practitioners feel crazy.
"Do you feel it?" Windson FeiXian around suddenly asked.
"yeah!" Windson nodded his head.
"I feel worthwhile to be here even if I fail to pass the training!" Fei Xian sighed.
"What are you talking about? What do you feel? " Zhao Rulong asked doubtfully. Zhao Rulong is just a practitioner, and there is not much difference between the induction of heaven and earth reiki and ordinary people.
"Nothing. It has nothing to do with you. You’d better think about how to pass this training!" Windson laughed.
"alas!" Zhao Rulong smell speech suddenly pull a long face again.

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