Stupid … Really stupid …

You can’t blame a person who is so credulous that she will die in her own hands.
Come on, if you suck up all her yin, you can save ruoyun.
If Yun is the only woman he really cares about and likes, he will be very happy if she is resurrected.
Come on, if you suck up all her yin, you can save ruoyun.
If Yun is the only woman he really cares about and likes, he will be very happy if she is resurrected.
But at the moment of absorbing her yin, he saw her disappointment, sadness and cold eyes looking at himself.
That look looks like a knife. This is on his chest.
Suddenly there is some pain in my heart [
That look in his eyes also made him feel flustered …
Trying to avoid …
He closed his eyes and didn’t want to look at her again.
Because he found himself soft-hearted
I already want to change my mind
No, no, he can’t change his mind.
If you don’t sacrifice him, then he must sacrifice ruoyun.
Where is she like a cloud in his heart?
She is a plaything and an interesting toy in his eyes.
How can he give up saving the woman he loves because of a toy?
He repeated these words over and over again in his mind, which strengthened his determination little by little.
He felt her getting a little cold in his arms.
Somewhere in my heart … It hurts more and more.
She struggled for a few times at first, and then gradually nothing happened.
He finally opened his eyes at the moment when he sucked up her body yin qi
Moved her lips and looked at her with eyes hanging down.
Pale face and bloody face.
I can’t feel my breathing and heartbeat, but my eyes are still wide open.
The eyes as he saw before [
Disappointment is unbelievable and a little cold.
His heart ached again and he quickly reached out to cover her eyes.
This look … makes him feel guilty … makes him afraid … and makes his heart feel bad.
She died … at her hands.
If the cloud can be resurrected.
But there is no joy in his heart.
He stared at her.
Looking at the front, it is still red, and the face is full of energy. In a blink of an eye, it becomes bloody, heartbeat and breathing. Section 81: Confusion
He stared at her.
Look at the person who was red in the face before, and his face is full of energy, and then he becomes bloody, his heart beats and he breathes.
She’s ice cold …
Without that temperature that made him feel warm.
I can’t say clearly what it’s like [
Somewhere in my heart is like being dug up.
He took a deep breath and silently told himself.
It’s okay. Although she has no breath, there are still ways to bring her back to life.
There are two dragon balls in Wang Yu’s romantic life in Xihailong.
If you want her, those two dragon balls will bring her back to life.
Jade wind has always been obsessed with convection sound.
If Liu Yin loves her enough, she will. She goes to find Yu Fengliu.
Others may not ask for it.
However, it is impossible to refuse the request of Liu Yin for Jade Wind Flow.
Know that she can be resurrected.
But … but …
Suddenly a silver light burst out of her body.
Silver Guanghua shone on the ground, and a face of surprise found that there was a small fox shadow in the silver light
He stared at the silver light gradually dispersed and a small silver fox curled up on the ground.
Hair is as silver as moonlight.
Tiny is smaller than a kitten.
Fox slowly opened his eyes, beautiful as blue as the sea.
"Meowed …"
Fox blinked his watery eyes and began to cry [

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