When I looked up, I inadvertently saw the gentle eyes in the princess’s eyes. The maid was busy and excited and nodded "Uh-huh."

With the pace of the master and servant, both of them have accelerated a lot. The ground in the aisle is covered with orange Se feather carpets. Even if they speed up, they will not see their footsteps. When they walk, they will naturally be more comfortable. People here have become accustomed to this and naturally don’t think so.
When I came to the main hall of the palace, I saw that there were people coming and going, and the noise was one after another. Naturally, people were talking and laughing wantonly, and the whole venue was full of happy atmosphere.
There are quite a few people in Chinese-shaped clothes, some of whom are guests from foreign countries. They all have one purpose at Jiraiya, and that is to celebrate the birthday of Princess Moon Ji, who is famous all over the world.
Speaking of Moon Ji, in recent years, dozens of countries in Fiona Fang are unknown, and Princess Moon Ji suddenly became famous in recent years. Naturally, there are many stories to listen to.
It is said that this month Ji’s name should be called Lin Shihan. She didn’t grow up in this surging flame country, but her blood indeed came from this month’s sword family. Needless to say, because her mother is this month’s sword family and is also a generation of surging flame country queen …
Chapter one hundred and thirty-two Princess Rose
It’s a pity that the life of a generation of queens is as thin as paper. At that time, Yue Ji had not returned to Cang Yan State, but a country could not rule, while the queen was not without relatives. It is well known that the benevolent queen had a brother, and the queen’s brother was over forty years old, and he had been in the palace for a long time. It was also considered that a generation of kings finally gave the throne to his daughter because of his ability to govern the country, and his daughter was obviously much more capable than her son.
Facts later proved that Lao Wang did not make a wrong choice. After the Queen succeeded to the throne, she discussed whether it was surging economy or political exchanges, and the national strength improved by leaps and bounds, and all this was attributed to the Queen’s insight and talent, otherwise it would not have been possible.
As we all know, the principality is a neutral country, even if the world is at war with the principality, it will not be involved. The territory of Cangyan is small, but it is not the smallest. There are naturally reasons behind the principality of Cangyan. According to Cangyan, there is an ancient destructive force. If you dare to invade a country, you will surely encounter destruction. If you dare to attack it, you will lose every battle, and you will be in danger of national subjugation. But all this is not directly caused by Cangyan, but the enemy has never declined. No one can know why. Cangyan is like the back garden of the emperor
However, being a principality has its drawbacks. As the saying goes, if you have something, you will lose something. There is a Jianghu saying that you must pay back what you deserve.
Naturally, the queen’s brother succeeded to the throne.
Yue Ji returned to the Yue Jian family only after the new king ascended the throne, that is, Yue Ji’s parents were not kings and queens, but a generation of queens’ own daughters. Although we don’t know what the secret is, Yue Ji grew up abroad and who was her father? All kinds of questions linger on the heads of the people, but there is no doubt that Yue Ji is indeed the queen’s own daughter
Since Yue Ji is the direct descendant of the former king, it should belong to Yue Jian’s family. The new king treats Yue Ji naturally very well. It is just like treating his own daughter. Everything is elegant and everything is good, and Yue Ji treats the king and queen like her own parents.
"Princess Zhou rose princess came to your side" maid woke up.
Sure enough, there was a girl in the crowd who was dressed exceptionally brightly. She came up to Yue Ji. The beauty had golden hair, and her face was almost the same as Yue Ji’s. The only difference was the dazzling golden Se long hair.
Princess Rose is Princess Zhou. Although Cang Yan is the principality of the principality, even though it is completely isolated in the palace of troubled times, no one will invade the principality. However, Zhou Guo has always befriended the country of Cang Yan and her status as Princess Rose is a bit special. She is not only a noble royal family of Zhou Guo, but also a general of Zhou Guo. Although Princess Rose is young, she has fought several wars, and these wars ended with the victory of Zhou Guo. After returning home, Princess Rose was naturally embraced by the people, and her general name and honor gradually revealed.
Princess Rose often travels to and from Cang Yan Guo, and Yue Ji, as soon as she hits it off, quickly establishes an unusual best friend.
Princess Rose is dressed very beautifully today, with golden hair and a beautiful hair band around her neck and a string of shiny pearls. Today, she is uncharacteristically wearing a long skirt with black Se boots and long skirts painted with black Se roses and black Se rosa multiflora, which means desperate love. At this moment, Princess Rose has no such feeling. Although she is a black Se rose, she looks heroic, gorgeous and noble at the moment.
"Rose, it’s good that you’re here." It’s rare for Yue Ji to have a smile on her face. It’s like a touch of snow on the grassland in winter.
Princess Rose’s name is Rose. Rose strode to Moon Ji’s side, and then she took the initiative to pull Moon Ji up. Then a smile appeared on her face, which made the snow melt and smile.
Of course, there are not many times when Princess Rose smiles, but if ordinary people never see even a little smile on Princess Rose’s face, there will be no noble impression of Princess Rose on Leng Yan, and ordinary people will never dare to chat with her openly.
And Princess Rose’s working hours are really very rigorous and horribly rigorous. Princess Rose, oh, no, it should be that people get the most reprimand and blame when Rose is in the military industry. But it is precisely because of this that Rose is absolutely capable that I don’t know whether she should laugh or cry in private …
Although today is a great day for Yue Ji, princes and nobles of all walks of life are also waiting for Yue Ji to appear, but Rose is no ordinary person. Even so, Rose pulls Yue Ji to the balcony outside.
The moonlight is still clear and the air outside the earth is cool, but from the railing, the night is full of stars, and the Milky Way is bright and bright. The city is very big, and they are on the fifteenth floor of the tower at the moment. This tall building can be expected to reach the canal outside the city at a glance. Although it is night at the moment, there are still many colorful lights at the bottom of the canal, which is a bustling scene of transporting the river banks. Because there is a street on the bank of the canal, all kinds of shops are responsible for selling different things. At night, there are not only shops with doors, but also many street vendors selling tricks.
Rose’s eyes are looking at the distant lights, and God Se is invisible.
"Yue Ji, haven’t you found the person you are looking for?" Rose suddenly come out of this sentence.
"Well …" Moon Ji obviously didn’t expect Rose’s first sentence to be so sudden and slow. Moon Ji sighed lightly before God Se y and n said, "Didn’t find the four directions to inquire or didn’t hear from him."
"How did this happen …" Rose said, "There is no news at all?"
Moon Ji nodded "no"
"That’s a pity."
"Or not" Moon Ji obviously wanted to throw this topic into his topic, so she shrugged her shoulders and smiled cunningly. "Don’t we think that Princess Rose, the beauty of Se, is also thinking about hūn? You must have found the dark horse king? "
Moon Ji smiles at the bottom of the moon and teases herself at will.
Princess Rose hummed a reserved way, "No, it’s not. It’s not like you are so infatuated with me, but a generation will never marry a man. What kind of man can do? Aren’t we women still victorious?" Well, isn’t it the white horse king? "
"I don’t think we have a Princess Xing Rose who likes to ride a white horse to marry the king. That may not be too tacky. Well, a dark horse is enough momentum," Moon Ji thought with her cheeks bulging.

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