Two completely different energy attributes, with the poor mountain range as the dividing point, began to collide with each other.

Time and time again, it hit this mountain range refined by Pangu’s true god with skyfire, and every time it caused an irresistible shock to the boundaries on both sides of the mountain range.
Even a fool now understands that Taoist Hongjun (God the Lord) must have been at war with the supreme leader of the other side at this moment.
The battle between two people who have realized the chaos and heaven can’t be imagined even by a great god for 33 days.
"How do you see it?" Candle dragon’s voice is still so slow. "Hung-chun and the Lord have already gone to war … but I didn’t expect Hung-chun’s kindness to be defeated after all."
Han Yang looked at the scene that flashed out of this cloud, and the scenes flashed before his eyes-
The Monkey King, Jesus, Hongjun, Taoist, Jehovah, and the armies of heaven and heaven are all eyeing up this undeveloped mountain range.
Finally, under the impact of the two extremely strong mana fluctuations of the Lord and the road flyover Hongjun, cracks have appeared inch by inch in the mountain range.
It’s only a matter of time before the mountain range is completely broken.
"What do you think now?" Candle dragon asked.
Han Yang self-effacing sighed: "What if you have an idea? With my present combat power, it is beyond my ability to stop Taoist Hongjun from fighting God and the Lord, that is, the army of heaven and heaven. ….. I can only say that the heart is willing but unable … "
"Wrong, you are wrong!" Candle dragon corrected, "Only you can stop this catastrophe except me in your three realms! It’s just that I haven’t recovered at all, and even if I force my hand, I may not be sure that I can stop Hung-chun and the Lord at the same time, and I may not be sure that the three realms will not return to nothingness because of this. "
Han Yang looked up and said quietly, "Senior Candle dragon, if I can do it, then tell me what I should do."
"Free the remaining demons in your body that are banned by the reincarnation seal." Candle dragon said simply, "When the nine souls of Pangu are merged into one, the memory of Pangu’s body, Pangu Yuanshen and Pangu will be merged with this soul again. At that time, it was a piece of cake for Pangu to come back and stop this catastrophe. "
"Does the integration of Candle dragon’s predecessors mean that my consciousness will disappear …" Han Yang’s head is low and his mood is very complicated.

The fifth volume Three Realms Catastrophe Chapter one hundred and thirty-five Say I love you again (finale)
"I don’t know." Candle dragon simply replied, "in theory. When Pangu returns to this world, you, who only belongs to one of Pangu’s nine spirits, will disappear. However, because Pangu’s "Nine Spirits" was wiped out of consciousness, I don’t know what it will be like after Pangu’s rebirth. The only thing I know is that only Pangu can save these three realms now. "
"In other words, there is a great chance that I will disappear into the three realms." Han Yang also don’t know what kind of tone I should use now, just, instinctively, voice trembled.
"…" Candle dragon was silent for a while, and finally said, "Yes, there is a great chance, or when Pangu appears, you will be finished."
Han Yang was silent, completely silent.
"I know that this is unacceptable to anyone. So, if you give up, it doesn’t matter, no one can blame you. Everyone in the three realms is equal, whether it is a true god, a great god or a mortal. Everyone is a creature with their own consciousness. " Candle dragon said slowly, "If you give up, I will start to stop it, so you don’t need to blame yourself."
Han Yang finally looked up again and asked, "Senior Candle dragon, but as you said just now, you are not 100% sure that you can stop this disaster. Once this disaster breaks out, the whole three realms will not be spared."
Candle dragon replied, "Yes, I’m not sure. If the disaster really begins, then the only result of the three realms must be nothingness, and then Hong Jun, or the Lord, can redefine a three realms and a complete and unified three realms by the power of chaos."
"Psst … shout …" Han Yang took a deep breath.
His heart is in a state of extreme disorder.
"Psst … shout …"
"Psst … shout …"
"Psst … shout …"
"Senior Candle dragon, I have a request, I hope you can help me complete it." Han Yang finally stopped taking a deep breath. At the moment, his tone was a little numb, with a hint of unspeakable decline and heartache.
"What request? Go ahead, I’ll help you finish it. " Candle dragon’s tone is very solemn for the first time, and the wonder is definitely not fake. He already knows his decision from the young man’s words and expression.
A decision concerning the safety of the three realms!
"I have something to say to Ge Xuelin, who is in the holy land of Yaochi in the ghost world, and I have to bother my predecessors in Candle dragon for help. My god knowledge is not strong enough." Han Yang tried to control his emotions and make his tone as calm as possible.
Candle dragon said, "This is a small matter. I can let you meet."
Han Yang shook his head with a bitter smile on his face: "There is no need to meet, I just want to tell her this sentence. I have never told her. If I don’t say it now, I am afraid there will be no chance. "
Candle dragon sighed: "Well, just look at her figure and say it."
At the same time, the clouds in front of Han Yang changed, and the above image instantly became the holy land of Yaochi in the ghost world. On the screen, Ge Xuelin was sitting on the edge of Yaochi, staring blankly at this curved pool.
Han Yang heart acid, the thought of never seeing her again, tears filled her eyes instantly.
"Shirley, it’s Han Yang!" Han Yang took a deep breath and tried to calm his voice.
"Han Yang? Where are you! " On hearing Han Yang’s words, Gexuelin immediately woke up and looked around for Han Yang.

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