For Qing Ye and his party, many forces have been staring at them with your eyes open. In fact, these forces have never broken the idea of receiving the ten billion gold coins from the Holy See. However, since Qing Ye entered the Mountain of Warcraft, Qing Ye cleared the tail of those who followed, and had to send people to keep the periphery of the Mountain of Warcraft.

Since the Holy See of Light suspended the reward for killing Qing Ye, even the three great empires turned their attention to Qing Ye. However, the three great empires did not send people to follow them like other forces, but they planned to kill Qing Ye in their own secrets.
The second prince of the rainy night empire, Dogra Wolf, was afraid of Qing Ye’s strength after knowing that Qing Ye rescued Nuwa at the Saint Ceremony, and after learning the news of the reward from the Holy See, he has been trying to kill * * Qing Ye.
To kill * * Qing Ye, is not a simple matter, otherwise, the Holy See will not let Qing Ye escape at the Saint ceremony.
"Ten sacred beasts, this Qing Ye, there are actually ten sacred beasts, and he turned out to be a strong man in the sanctuary." In the imperial palace on a rainy night, the second prince, Dogra Wolf, sat there brooding with a gloomy face.
"report." Suddenly, outside the palace, a bodyguard shouted outside.
When Doggera Wolf announced it, the bodyguard reported that when His Excellency Winston, the captain of the Golden Knight of the Holy See, came to meet him, the second prince Doggera Wolf’s eyes lit up and quickly said, "Please come in, don’t, I’d better go out and invite you." He knows, however, that this Winston and Qing Ye are enemies.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-nine To send Qing Ye to the underworld
Seeing Winston, Dogra Wolf, the second prince of the rainy night empire, showed enough enthusiasm.
Although Dogra Wolf is the second prince of the rainy night empire, he has put away his arrogance in front of Winston, and he has guessed something vaguely about Winston’s arrival.
Dogra Wolf smiled and said, "Lord Winston, I wonder what you’re here for?"
Seeing Dogra Wolf cut to the chase, Winston didn’t beat around the bush and said, "I’m here mainly for that Qing Ye." When it comes to Qing Ye, Winston’s eyes are cold and he exudes a dense murderous look.
At the virgin ceremony, this Qing Ye made him lose the most dazzling aura on his head, and made him the laughing stock of people in the mainland of Dragon God.
This made him be bitten by hatred all the time after his resurrection, and, most importantly, that Qing Ye defiled the most holy queen in his heart.
At the beginning, Nino gave Nu Wa a white sacrifice. When he was elected as a saint in the holy mountain, he was deeply captured by Nu Wa.
Now, however, at the thought of the virgin ceremony, when Qing Ye was holding Nu Wa, Winston couldn’t wait to kill Qing Ye in front of hundreds of millions of people on the spot.
Hearing that Winston had really come for Qing Ye, Dogra Wolf was filled with joy. Just now, he was worried about how to get rid of Qing Ye. Now, he doesn’t have to worry about this problem any more.
Doug Wolf said calmly, "Oh, I wonder what Lord Winston means?"
Winston sneered at Dogra Wolf’s expression, and then said, "The second prince must have known about the reward offered by the holy church. Our eyeliner of the holy church sent back a message. This Ye Qing is coming to Dodor, the imperial capital of the rainy night empire. It seems that he has come to participate in the Wu Shen competition."
Doug Wolfdew, with a look of sudden realization, said, "Sir Winston, I don’t know, what do you mean?"
Seeing Dogra Wolf still playing the fool there, if he didn’t care about the identity of the other party, Winston would have split Dogra Wolf with a palm in his heart. Winston said coldly, "In the Wu Shen Competition, we want your rainy night empire to cooperate with us and kill Qing Ye together."
Dogra Wolf looked hesitant. "Well, Sir Winston, this matter can only be decided by my father, but I can’t make the decision."
Winston said, "Don’t think that I don’t know that your rainy night empire has always been interested in the reward of our holy church, but it has never found an opportunity. Besides, as far as I know, you and this Qing Ye have had some unhappy things." Speaking of which, Winston looked at Dogra Wolf coldly: "Don’t you want to kill this Qing Ye now?" This is just as you wish. "
Doggera Wolf’s face changed, and when he saw Winston’s expression, he didn’t say anything. He said, "Sir Winston, I didn’t think of these little things, but I took the trouble to investigate the holy church so clearly. Then, I’ll try to go back and talk to my father, but what about the reward?"
When Winston saw the other party’s promise, his face slowed down: "That 10 billion gold coins will require a penny of your rainy night empire, and this time, if Qing Ye is killed, we promise to help your rainy night empire send troops to attack the ice and snow empire."
Doggett. Wolf in the heart a surprised, face slightly changed, think that even the father a while ago to prepare against the royal secrets of the ice empire, the Vatican already know, not face a heavy.
See Doug. Wolf’s face, Winston said: "this, you don’t have to care about, you just need to know that if Qing Ye is killed successfully this time, then our holy religion will help you send troops to the rainy night empire, then by then, you will annex the ice and snow empire, and your rainy night empire will be the first power in the dragon kingdom, and then the Yuan Dynasty will bow to you, and you, the second prince of the rainy night empire, will help you ascend to the throne.
Winston described an exciting future to douglas wolf.
Dogra Wolf’s eyes are glowing with splendor, and under Winston’s description, it seems that he has been dominated by the empire that has ascended the throne and is ready to respond.
Winston looked at douglas wolf, lost in fantasy, with a sarcastic smile in his eyes. this loser, just saying a little promise, made him unable to tell the difference.
Doug Wolf seems to have had enough fantasy and returned to reality. Seeing the ridicule in Winston’s eyes, he couldn’t help but straighten his face, and then said, "Sir Winston, in this case, I’m going to tell my father about it now. I’m sure my father will be very happy to hear it."
At the moment, the two men said something polite, and each boasted hypocritically there.
After Winston left, he left the palace and came to a cathedral not far from the emperor.
When he arrived at the cathedral, Winston told the four-winged angel Marquaron and Pope Lucy Contest and others about the results of his trip.
Marquarong hesitated for a moment and said, "This Qing Ye, I have already reported to the Light God. In a couple of days, Lord Montero will send two more four-winged angels to the lower world. Winston, you should seize this opportunity. Qing Ye dares to challenge the Augusta family again and again. Lord Montero said that he must be * *."

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