About the plane watcher, Qing Ye knew that it was this catty, the dragon god.

Just, let Qing Ye wonder why this dragon God Adoge wants to be nice to himself, and he can have no relatives or friends with him. As soon as he met, he helped him solve the six eight-winged angels of Xiubang.
However, this dragon god Adoge has no malice. After all, people have helped themselves, and Qing Ye can’t be too ignorant. At the moment, he said, "I’m Qing Ye, dragon god Adoge, how are you?"
Qing Ye’s address is extremely flattering. Originally, he wanted to call Adoge. After all, the name Dragon God reminds Qing Ye of the seven dragon gods of the dragon in Pangu Star Domain. It is not worthy to give them shoes with the strength of Adoge. How to be called the dragon god, let alone the dragon god of Qing Ye.
However, the thousands of dragons behind them were unhappy. When Qing Ye called the dragon god Adoge by his first name instead of his adult, a dragon elder rebuked him, "Qing Ye, how dare you not call him the dragon god?"
Upon hearing this, Qing Ye’s eyes flashed cold.
The dragon god Adoge raised his hand to stop him, and snorted coldly: "Right coercion, there is no such thing as what you said. If you dare to talk again, I don’t mind recording your position as an elder. "
Dragon, the appointment or dismissal of an elder, needs to be decided by the meeting of the elders. Of course, there is another exception, that is, the dragon god Adoge can be appointed or dismissed directly.
The dragon god Adoge’s words made the dragon elder turn pale, and quickly pleaded guilty and stepped down. Other dragon elders are silent.
At present, the prostitute also greeted the dragon god Adoge, while Lin Meng and others respectfully called him "Lord Dragon God".
Qing Ye asked, "Adoge, the dragon god, did you just send Xiubang and them to a prison?"
The dragon god Adoge said with a smile, "Brother Qing Ye, you can call me Adoge from now on, that’s right. I sent them to a prison, and they went to a prison. They may only stay in it forever. Qing Ye brothers don’t have to worry. Only I can open this prison. " Plane prison? Ye Qingke has never heard of the existence of a plane prison. Is it the same as the city of hell?
Seeing Qing Ye’s doubts, the Dragon God said: "The plane prison is actually just a special space. Every mortal has a plane prison, and they are all in one. It can be said that it is two sides of an organic whole, which is used by the plane watchers to detain some guys who make trouble in the mortal material. Of course, it is not necessary. Every jailer will not open a prison, and it usually takes tens of thousands of years to close so many people. "
I see, but I didn’t expect it to be two sides of the same body.
Dragon God Adoge continued: "Brother Qing Ye. Sister Mammy, you have offended the Augusta family. I wonder what your plans are for the future? Why don’t you go to my Dragon Island? If nothing else, I can guarantee the safety of Qing Ye brothers and Nu Wa sisters. "
Qing Ye and Nu Wa looked at each other, and Qing Ye said with a smile, "Thank you for your kindness. I will visit you in Longdao again in the future as Qing Ye and Nu Wa, but I still can’t do this.
Hearing Qing Ye’s euphemistic rejection of his kindness, Adoge, the dragon god, couldn’t help being stunned. He said with a smile, "Well, I’ll be waiting for the Qing Ye brothers in Longdao at any time." Say that finish, and said hello to Qing Ye and female milk. Then he flew back to Dragon Island.
Back to the dragon island, the dragon clan heads and the elders really can’t figure out why the dragon god Adoge’s adult is so eager to please a boy named Qing Ye.
Above the Dragon Hall, watching the dragon clan chiefs and others retreat with doubts, the dragon god Adoge said to himself, "This Qing Ye, the cultivation speed is so fast, and those weapons on him are the main artifacts? Impossible, there is no breath of the Lord God. But it is so powerful, is it the person dominated by the four rules? "
Since knowing the existence of Qing Ye, the Dragon God Adoge has paid attention to Qing Ye. A few days ago, when Qing Ye killed Amia, his strength was just a god. But now, he can kill the Angel of Eight Wings, and his strength is too fast. Although it is said that he relied on those weapons, the strength of Qing Ye and female prostitutes has improved a lot. The Dragon God Adoge can still see it.
The Qing Ye and female milk, more mysterious.
After the dragon god Adoge and other dragons returned. Qing Ye and female milk and others went back to the violet palace.
For the dragon god Adoge, Qing Ye and the prostitute didn’t take it to heart. This favor was paid back in the future. After returning to the violet palace, Qing Ye and Nvnai stepped up their practice.
Sitting in the gathering array, Qing Ye offered a dry tripod. Standing in mid-air, I thought about it, controlling the release of HarmonyOS’s qi and covering myself and prostitutes.
It’s just like this. Qing Ye and Nu Wa constantly refined their own noumenon with a dry tripod, and the wisps of HarmonyOS gas constantly strengthened the noumenon of Qing Ye and female prostitutes. At the same time, the gods in Qing Ye and Nu Wa’s mind became stronger at an alarming rate.
Months later, Qing Ye and Nu Nai have reached the peak of fairy, and they are only one step away from breaking through to the realm of true fairy. As long as they break through to the realm of true fairy, even if Qing Ye and Nu Nai meet that Xiubang again, Qing Ye believes that if they join hands, they can be killed. Of course, the realm of true fairy is still too low for Qing Ye and female prostitutes. If time permits, Qing Ye and Nu Nai intend to break through the realm of true fairy. Even against the ten-winged angel, I am sure to kill it.
Since this dragon god Adoge put Xiubang and others in a prison, it shows that he won’t let the Augusta family mess around in the dragon god continent. So Qing Ye is not worried about Augusta family sent down again.
Sure enough, Qing Ye’s guess was right. A month later, there was nothing in the Augusta family.
However, when Qing Ye and Nunai reached the peak of fairy, they broke through the realm of true fairy again, but it was not as smooth as before. After three months, the force of fairy in the body was as surging as the surging sea water. But it still can’t break through the dike in the land of true fairy.
So, after another year, finally. The dike in the land of the true fairy cracked a crack. Break this crack, Qing Ye’s faerie force in the body is like a tiger that found the export. Under the constant impact, the crack is getting bigger and bigger, and the dike finally collapses. The faerie force in Qing Ye’s body gathers everywhere, and then continuously condenses and becomes more intense.
Soon after the breakthrough in Qing Ye, Nu Wa also reached the realm of true fairy. Two frightening energy fluctuations spread from the violet palace, and the whole mountain range of Warcraft trembled on the ground. Even the soul of the lazy cat and others who refined the upper deity felt a little scared.
Dragon Island, the dragon god Adoge has purple eyes. Surprised: "I didn’t expect this Qing Ye and prostitute to break through again.
What is this speed of cultivation? Adoge, the dragon god, has never heard of it. Even though there are countless planes, as far as he knows, it will take ten years for the most talented genius to cultivate to the god level, let alone after the god level.
After suddenly reaching the realm of true fairy, Qing Ye and Nu Wa continued to close their doors and attacked the realm of true fairy in Taiyi.
After reaching the land of Taiyi’s true fairy, and then solving some small things, then it’s time for me to leave the mainland of Dragon God. Qing Ye thought.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-one Leave the dragon continent
Rolls for grain in Zoroastrianism Pope Lucy contest and all the strong and ace legion was Qing Ye shield "small". The Holy See was in a state of chaos for a while. The German and Italian families of Yuan Tu Empire and the Huajiafu family of Mora Kingdom all weakened, especially the rainy night empire, which was destroyed twice, and its strength has dropped to the bottom of the three empires, and it may retreat to the kingdom at any time.
These four forces have been living in fear that one day, Qing Ye will come to settle old scores.
However, after three years, I haven’t seen any action of Qing Ye’s violet mercenary group. The German and Italian families and others breathed a sigh of relief, although I don’t know how this Qing Ye is going to do. However, it is paranoid that Qing Ye is generous, so let them go.
Of course, this is just their wishful thinking.
In the violet palace, Qing Ye and the female milk tray sat under the Gankun tripod, and the qi of HarmonyOS was emitted from the Gankun tripod, and then entered Qing Ye and the female pest, constantly refining and becoming stronger.
In the past three years, the strength of Qing Ye and Nu Wa has been restored at an alarming rate, which not only consolidated the early stage of true fairy, but also broke through to the middle stage of true fairy. But … It’s still a long way from the true fairy charcoal peak, now. With the improvement of cultivation, the time required for each realm is increased geometrically.
Qing Ye and the female hinder the sanctification of the Tao. It can be said that they have a deep understanding of the law of the Avenue, and they can already represent the law of the Avenue. What is lacking now is only the accumulation of strength.
Just like a person who uses fencing, even if this person’s fencing is great, if there is no internal force, then his attack is still not strong.
Now, Qing Ye and Nu Nai have been able to continuously absorb HarmonyOS’s qi, instead of absorbing it in wisps as they did years ago.
For three years, Qing Ye clearly felt that he was constantly changing, especially above his head! Faintly formed a Qingyun, but this Qingyun is smaller. Only 100 square meters, but on this piece of Qingyun, it is the flag of Pluto for twelve days. The flag of Pluto is faintly surrounded by lightning, and clouds of black violent fog are looming.
On the flag of hades for twelve days, the portraits of twelve witches in two places are also faintly flashing.
According to Qing Ye’s estimation, if we break through to the land of Taiyi’s true fairy, we may be able to condense a twelve-ancestor witch’s doppelganger by the force of fairy in the body. With the increase of cultivation, the twelve-ancestor witch’s doppelganger will reappear in heaven and earth.
As for the seat-riding Yazi Jiaoguang, it was branded on Qing Ye’s arm as an image at the beginning, and it seemed vaguely alive. It seems that it can almost escape from Qing Ye’s body, and then reappear heaven and earth.
Qing Ye has changed so much, so has Nu Wa. The difference is that Nu Wa’s head is above the Qingyun. However, it is the real body of a human head snake. This real body exudes a horrible atmosphere.

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