"If I want to run away with you?"

"It should be said that they escaped from the mine together and then fled separately."
"Why do you think I will definitely promise you?"
"Because you are young and have a strong spirit, you don’t look like a person who is willing to be oppressed here."
"am I so obvious?" Xiao asked frowning.
"Don’t worry, it’s impossible for the supervisors to find out, but Lao Cuitou, who is close to you, is more likely to see the clue."
"Your proposal is very attractive, and I really don’t want to be stuck here all the time." Xiao asked seriously tunnel.
Niu Tong’s spirit was obviously refreshed, and he immediately said, "Although you don’t have BenQ, you can definitely play more than 80% of its efficacy with the light fit pill."
"I believe this. After all, if I am caught up too early, the possibility of your escape will be greatly reduced."
"So you agreed?" Niu Tong is excited.
"There’s another question. You obviously have the means. Why do you have to wait until I show up and then run away with me?"
"Even if you choose the day when the high-order fairy is away, once it is discovered after the escape, it is good for the four intermediate supervisors to leave only one to keep the mine, and the other three will all chase me, and the state is one step away. I don’t have any hope of escaping. By the way, you may not know that it is more than 200 miles from here to the nearest town. "
Three middle-ranking fairies chase a junior fairies, but they can’t catch up with them for more than 200 miles. How stupid is the former?
"Ok, let’s make it September 21st." Xiao asked finally.
"There is still half a month left. I want to replace the intellectual fit pill with a pill that supplements Daoli. Do you think it’s ok?" Xiao asked suddenly.
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Chapter 18 Farewell
"hmm? Do you want to take Lao Cuitou with you? " Niu Tong has a keen grasp of Xiao Wen’s idea. After all, this guy has had half his life experience, and Xiao Wen’s idea is hard to deceive him.
"If either of us managed to escape, I don’t know about the situation in the old mine, but here, these dozens of mining slaves who know the details of Qian Fu will probably all be killed by Qian Fu." Xiao asked frowning out the inference in my heart.
"I didn’t expect you to even think of this. With Qian Fu’s mind, it is indeed very likely to do so." NiuTong here paused, obviously thinking about something, and then looked up and said, "but have you ever thought, with the condition of the old cui head, even if there is a Dan medicine to restore DaoLi, he is also hard to escape. Maybe, you want me to give you a pill to restore Daoli and a intellectual man fit pill? I’m sorry, I don’t have that ability at all. Even if I give you a pill to restore Daoli, it was prepared in advance in recent years. With my ability, I can only save a Dan medicine in the mine for one year. "
"Whether he can escape or not depends on his fate. I just want to create an opportunity for him."
Niu Tong shrugged his whole upper body and asked, "What about you? Dan medicine was given to Lao Cui tou. How did you escape? Just run down the hill like an ordinary person on two legs? "
"Don’t bother with this, it won’t hold you back."
"That line, with you. The next time we both kept a low profile. " After saying that, the cow defecated and left.
And Xiao asked, but looked at Niu Tong’s departure place.
This Niu Tong is definitely not simple!
Just the forbearance of waiting for years until Xiao Wen appeared to implement the escape plan is far beyond the reach of ordinary people. It’s actually quite fast for the alchemists to refine the low-level elixir like intellectual man fit elixir, but the situation of mine slaves is another matter. Every day, they are only tired to the last strength, and the Taoist power is completely drained. It’s not easy to save a elixir a year. It’s just that it’s easier to say. When it’s really implemented a little bit, I can only draw a little bit of flashy gas by holding my finger in the air every day. Every day, who can stand it? Niutong can stand it!
Not simple! Absolutely not simple!
Working with such a person really doesn’t have to worry about being dragged down.
It’s only half a month since September 21st. When the time comes, the only high-order fairy in the new mine will go to Changqing City to attend the Evergreen Dharma, which is the best time to escape!
In this half a month, we must be fully prepared!
Time passed day by day, and on the tenth day of September, Xiao Wen finally refined the sixth piece of a clear door, and he was completely satisfied with this one!
Next, Xiao Wen still didn’t stop. On September 13th, another cloud boot was successfully refined. He finally decided to sound out the tune of Lao Cui’s head.
This old man, Xiao Wen’s friendship with him is really hard to say. Is it a pity to forget the old friend?
Xiao asked what was more certain was that whenever Lao Cui coughed, he reached out and patted the old man’s back. As long as he felt that Lao Cui’s head was all thin and hard, his heart ached …
Because I can’t let go of the old girl, the old Cui Tou has survived with a strong support. However, once he succeeds in escaping, all the mining slaves here may die, including Lao Cui Tou.
It’s really hard for Xiao Wen to let go. If Niu Tong didn’t kill him halfway, that’s all. Now that he has Niu Tong’s Dan medicine, Xiao Wen really wants to give it a try.
Xiao Wen finally opened his mouth, but without a few words of innuendo, Lao Cuitou whispered in the dark, "Xiao Wen, I appreciate your kindness."
"Er … did I say something?" Xiao asked himself that he didn’t get to the point. Did Lao Cui already hear it?
Old Cui Tou smiled kindly in the dark, and then said, "If others can’t see it, how can I not see it? Of course I won’t stop you if you want to go, but I won’t go with you either. "
"Why?" Xiao asked simply don’t defend, direct way.
"I can’t run in this old bones for a long time."
"Can’t you have a pill to restore Daoli?" Xiao asked some nasty.
Unexpectedly, Lao Cui shook his head and said in a very determined tone, "It’s Niu Tong looking for you, right? He promised to send you a pill to restore Daoli?"
Xiao asked zheng, suddenly realized that the feelings of old cui head has always been a wise man …
"yes." Xiao asked only should way.
Lao Cui sighed lightly, and then said with a wry smile: "Dan medicine is like a fairy, and it can exert a few percent of power, not only depending on its own quality, but also on the qualifications of its users." My old bones is really not working. "
"What if there are other means to help you escape?"
Old Cui Tou was still not surprised, but said with great meaning, "Has this other means ever been out of the category of magical powers?"
Fairy utensils also belong to the magical power fairy method, so naturally they don’t belong to that category. When Xiao asked, he had to answer honestly: "No."
"That is, I’m a big loss, life extension is reluctant, really can’t stand it again. Xiao asked, it is good that you can escape by yourself, far better than both of us being trapped here. If you really succeed, just go and see my daughter for me, and I will be satisfied. " The more old Cui Tou said, the calmer he became. Where does he look like a person who just learned the news and made a decision?
"Cui Laobo, didn’t you think of it long ago?"
"Silly boy, you have lived Cui Bo for most of your life. If you don’t have this vision, wouldn’t you live in vain?"
"Did it ever occur to you that if I or Niu Tong escaped, the rest of you might just …"
"I know, resigned, for us, death is a relief. On the day the monkey died, I wonder how many people envied him. "
On the first day of persuasion, Xiao Wen did not give up completely.
In the days that followed, Xiao Wen talked to Lao Cui twice, but Lao Cui was as determined as ever.
Seeing that September 21st is coming, Xiao Wen finally grasped the real idea of Lao Cui.
Old Cui head, of course, also wants to escape, but he knows that he can’t escape at all, and will only become a burden to Xiao Wen in the escape! In this way, only two people will die on the run.
Lao Cui also knows that once Xiao Wen or Niu Tong successfully escapes, 80% of the people who stay in the mine will die, but isn’t there a 20% hope of living? Even if you die, really consider it as a relief! It’s better than the past. Xiao asked …
When Xiao asked because of the appearance of Niu Tong, he first went to consider the old Cui Tou, but the old Cui Tou had already considered Xiao Wen. This old man’s heart was tied to his daughter’s old man’s house, and he would rather die than bring trouble to him!
Xiao Wen was really quite ashamed. After telling Lao Cui about his daughter’s address and other information, he stopped refining, but concentrated on practicing the local spirit.
The dark red atmosphere in the stone painting is really similar to Xiao Wen’s mood. Before he really escaped, he already wanted to turn Qian Fu into dust!

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