The three main gods are the camp of the gods, the last support and confidence of the pinnacle!

The camp of the gods has accumulated a bottomless foundation that no civilization can match from the opening up of Norrah to the present, that is, they still have the confidence to fight back!
All the wise men present, like Tingyu wise men, with the same sneer, didn’t stop looking at the departure of the gods, just like looking at the dead in a pair of swords!
"At this point, do you still want to turn over?"
This is just the beginning … (To be continued. . )
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Chapter two hundred and seventy-one The man who rules the world and the man who created it.
"Now, there are enough dead creatures in Nora, and it is enough to repair the power of the world source and law …"
Everything is born to support people, and no one has a virtue to repay the sky!
There is a causal relationship in the world, and it is only natural that people who don’t think about returning to heaven and earth on weekdays will turn to ashes under the entanglement of cause and effect and feed back the world with themselves.
The big robbery is to use human lives to fill the gap between heaven and earth!
Without enough blood, is it so easy to end the big robbery?
Sitting high for nine days, Yuan Heng’s eyes were radiant with a cold awn. For the guy who ruined Shinto’s reputation, he had already raised the murder. "So … start from the dangling island and March all the way to the other side of the world, rallying the lofty trend, and all those who stop it will be wiped out!"
The days when Yuan Heng sat down, with Yuan Heng’s mind, trembled slightly at this time, and a pure breath of "heaven" was slowly waking up …
Endless underground, a handle like a magic sword from the depths of the most depraved endless abyss, gurgling like blood flowing on the blade, in which five ferocious black dragons are faintly visible fighting in the sword and devouring each other …
"Hista, it’s up to you to finish the final casting of this dragon and snake sword."
The king of the earth looked at this handle indifferently, which poured out all the blood of the sinful dragon and beast clan. The terror-fighting magic sword forged by the kings was the strongest weapon under Noella’s deity list. "Don’t let us down!"
Aside the dream flower king also staring at hades, she is very clear, this handle exhausted most of the treasures of the kings of the magic sword, what is it used for, this is the greatest hope of the kings since endless years!
"Don’t worry, I will never let your brothers down!"
In the eyes of hades, there is a determination. The most important moment since Nora’s endless years is at stake. How can he allow himself to make any mistakes?
"Here we go!"
King Lop, like a statue, suddenly said inexplicably.
Although King Lop was absent-minded, the kings present understood his meaning.
A reddish grayish king’s blood, which permeates the majesty of the infinite king, is poured on the magic sword and infiltrated into it as a grain of blood.
The king’s blood is on the front!
Only the highest position in the world exists-the king, and their blood can subdue this magic sword that swallows the blood of countless sinful dragons!
At that time, within the bloody blade, five black dragons bared their teeth, but also crazy fighting. There can only be one sword spirit within a sword.
With the expectations of the kings.
As soon as he was born, he shouted loudly-in heaven and on earth, I am the only one who knows the king of Dardaud, and has come to the holy land of sages, the center of the times-the dangling island at the entrance of the Ming wheel dharma circle.
At this time, the original decline is almost decadent humanitarian torrent. At this time, it also slowly gathered and lingered on the suspended island, and an illusory crown slowly emerged.
Above the crown, it seems that all the populations that Nola continues today can be found on it.
They are cheering. They are jumping for joy, they are worshipping!
They are worshipping the king who has led them to continue in this natural disaster for a hundred years!
The original Wangwu Mountain Vein is now under the holy land of famous sages all over Norrah. There is already a sea of people.
Looking around, it is full of people, and it seems that there is no end to it.
These. They are all elites of the whole noble king camp, representing the sentient beings of Noella.
"I, the King of Dardaud, swear today that I will do my best to clear the whole world, destroy all ghosts and lead you to prosperity!"
Both hair and beard are white, and the king, who is already a little old, has a firm determination in his brow, which does not reduce the charm of his personal leader at all, and his style remains the same, which is really fascinating.
Looking at the king of Dardaud who swore by heaven, many sages can see it in the powerful eyes, and the deep and blue king’s boldness of vision overwhelms everything.
The gentleness of the water that moistens things quietly soothes people’s hearts, and the waves are mighty, like a devastating flood sweeping the world, which makes people afraid to argue.
The wise men, as well as most powerful ancient sages, know clearly in their hearts. This is like the mother of life, with the characteristics of Wang Haohan, and there is only one. Of course, they are relieved at the same time, and only this kind of existence can qualify them to take charge of the list of gods and whip them. Even many wise men are still a little unfinished. Hundreds of years are not enough to make their achievements catch up with those famous people in history.
"I’m so brave. In the name of a wise man, I recognize Wang Tong, who knows the king of Dardaud!"
"I have a hundred streams, and in the name of a wise man, I recognize Wang Tong, who knows the king of Dardaud!"
"My flurry …"
"My Ender, in the name of Ming Xian, recognizes Wang Tong, who knows the king of Dardaud!"
The seven wise giants took the lead in expressing their views and recognized Wang Tong, who was informed of the king of Dardaud, as the true king of Noella.
"My Slavic, in the name of the great sage, recognizes the Wang Tong of the King of Dardaud!"
"Wuning Town, in the name of the great sage, recognizes Wang Tong, who knows the king of Dardaud!"
Although the great sages are not as good as the wise, they also have a lot of right to speak.

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