The night is very deep, and there are few people in big restaurants like Lanyuelou at this time. Only one of the rooms on the second floor has a faint voice. Xiao Wen posed as a gentleman, pretending to look at the decoration of Lanyue Building, getting closer and closer to that occupied room.

"IELTS, tut tut, this name is quite unique, just this one." Xiao asked finally stopped, to the small second way.
Xiao Er just got Xiao Wen’s reward, but it was a middle-class fairy stone. At this time, he couldn’t wait to call Xiao Wen’s father, so he couldn’t say a word. He immediately advanced into the private room, pulled open the nanmu Phnom Penh chair, and respectfully asked Xiao Wen and Shi Guangwei to sit down.
After ordering the dining tables, it didn’t take much time to come up like water, and the speed was as fast as that of the first class. At this time, they are the only ones who have just arrived at the whole Lanyuelou. It can be said that all the chefs are busy with their banquet, and it will be a ghost if the dishes are not served quickly.
"All right, you all go out. My other disciples and I have something to discuss. We will call you if we have something." After waiting for the dining tables, Xiao asked impatiently tunnel.
"ok." Xiao er replied happily, turned around and went out of the room, and took the opportunity to close the door for them.
There are only two people left in the room, Xiao Wen and Shi Guangwei. First, they chatted casually, eating and drinking while chatting. Even if someone eavesdropped, they couldn’t recognize why.
After a while, Xiao Wencai lowered his voice and smiled and asked, "Brother Shi, what’s the matter? Am I pretending to be a young man?"
Shi Guangwei is in distress situation and tunnel: "To tell the truth, he looks like a nouveau riche who has never seen the world."
"Hey, practice slowly, just like loading it a few times." Xiao asked solemnly tunnel.
Shi Guangwei smiled, but he always smiled again, turned his head to look at the side wall, and motioned Xiao to lean over with his eyes.
Then they got up silently and quickly reached the edge of the wall. Next door is another occupied room in Lanyuelou! Xiao asked downstairs and didn’t see the big shopkeeper of Liufutong, who achieved eight things in the next room!
However, the boss of the full moon building really got the capital. I really don’t know how thick the wall is. Xiao asked to stand on this side of the wall and couldn’t hear any movement over there.
When Xiao asked about the dark annoyance, Shi Guangwei was already slightly absorbed, and his right hand sword finger was writing and painting in the air!
A dozen small pale gold runes formed a big circle in the air, and then Shi Guangwei wrote and drew another smaller rune circle behind this big circle, followed by the third, fourth and fifth circles.
Five rune circles stood in the air, forming a three-dimensional trumpet-shaped figure. Shi Guangwei suddenly turned his sword finger into his palm, and the trumpet-shaped figure suddenly lit up, condensed into a whole, and moved with his palm.
Shi Guangwei aimed his hand at the wall and slowly pushed it over, and all the trumpet-shaped runes disappeared into the wall.
When Shi Guangwei’s right palm was completely attached to the wall, he held out his left hand to signal Xiao Wen to come closer, and then pointed the sword directly at Xiao Wen’s ear.
"Come on, let’s thank the eldest brother this time. I’ll propose a toast to you!"
"Ha ha ha, good, dry!"
"Happy! Big brother is really happy! Pour the wine quickly and fill it up for my big brother. "
"Yes. Master Fu, fill the small one for you. "
Xiao asked clearly heard a dialogue in his ear. After the initial surprise, he was completely attracted by the other party’s conversation.
He doesn’t know who is opposite, but there is a person whose voice is really familiar to him, that is, the one who claims that his younger brother is respectful and flattering almost every word.
Qian fu!
It is definitely Qian Fu! !
However, this black mine owner, who has always been on the top, has a group of high and middle-ranking fairies as his minions, who can decide the life and death of mine slaves in a word, and has really completely changed the fate of many people and families, has also been so condescending?
In the minds of those mine slaves, Qian Fu is an emperor-like existence! ! Does he sometimes grovel like a eunuch?
Xiao asked how shocked he was, but the truth was right in front of him.
Until this moment, Xiao Wen finally realized a problem for the first time. His knowledge was still too short-sighted, because he once regarded Qian Fu as an emperor. However, at that time, he was not a good citizen and had long wanted to rebel. Now, Xiao Wen realized that Qian Fu is Qian Fu, and there is no need to put any aura on Qian Fu. He regarded Qian Fu as a tall existence until he entered this room. In fact, it was only because he unconsciously chose to look up, not because Qian Fu was really tall.
This is a self-knowledge that annoys Xiao Wen.
After solving this problem, leave the southeast of the celestial realm and travel to the central and northern regions. It’s time to learn and broaden your horizons.
In fact, I have long known that I don’t have to look up at anyone, but it is really too difficult to do it. Many times I choose to look up completely unintentionally. This is actually nothing, and I don’t have to be discouraged. I will grow up little by little, slowly and slowly, and I will do it one day!
Xiao asked finally to calm down again, and his heart was full of power.
After a long period of touting and posturing, the conversation coming from the other side of the wall finally came with useful information for the first time.
"Eldest brother, you give the younger brother out of this idea is really unique, if it weren’t for from the deacon wang’s teacher younger brother, where the younger brother may make sense deacon wang? Come, I’ll propose another toast to you. "
"It’s all a piece of cake, but brother Qian, to be on the safe side, you’d better go to deacon Wang’s tomorrow in person."
"Thank you for reminding me, big brother. Come on, let’s do it!"
"Good, dry." There was a sound of drinking immediately from the opposite side, and then there was a "bang, bang" sound. Obviously, the glass was placed on the table, and the man suddenly said, "Don’t pour it first."
"Brother Qian, we don’t need to mention the friendship between our brothers. If something happens to you, you will definitely be covered, but you must be careful on your own side." The man suddenly became serious, and a room full of people over there immediately quieted down.
Sure enough, Qian Fu was a lot more serious when he answered the phone again: "Don’t worry, big brother, how can I not be more careful after this incident?"

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