"I’ll do it!"

"Let me do it!"
"I want to challenge!"
Obviously, when it comes to dignity, many people can’t help but stand up at last.
"Very well! Knowing that you are defeated and still fighting for the first place, this is like a real soldier! " On the surface, Chai Jin’s encouraging way with a face of approval seems to be boasting …
It’s a pity that although the students are courageous, it’s useless to have great courage in the face of absolute strength.
In the next challenge, no one can even support Zhao Rulong and Ma Han under Chai Jin, but Fei Xian did not challenge Chai Jin. It’s no surprise to Lin Feng that Fei Xian, as an orthodox fix true person, doesn’t attach great importance to fighting skills. The reason why he joined the army is more for the sake of experience and seeking a breakthrough in the realm.
Anyway, after a fighting training class, no one dares to look down upon Chai Jin. All the students recognized Chai Jin’s strength.
In the later fighting training class, Chai Jin even showed stronger teaching ability. He didn’t rigidly ask the students to learn some kind of fighting skills, but pointed out different exhibition directions according to everyone’s characteristics, which made everyone, including Lin Feng, feel benefited a lot, and the fighting level was also advancing by leaps and bounds.
Of course, Lin Feng’s fighting level has reached the realm of quasi-master, so Chai Jin did not give directions to Lin Feng on fighting skills, but unreservedly discussed his past experience and understanding of Wushu with Lin Feng. Windson also thank Chai Jin very much for becoming a teacher and friend.
Unconsciously, windson has been in the Central Military Academy for nearly half a year. In this half a year, the war between the earth Federation and the locusts is still in a stalemate. This is because the Earth Federation underestimated the determination of the locust star people, and did not expect the other party to put all their eggs in one basket to launch an all-round attack. However, the momentum is exhausted and then it is exhausted. Windson believe that as long as the federal survived this period of time will soon be able to launch a strategic counterattack.
So windson didn’t focus on the war. As he expected, he was repeatedly provoked by others in the months after his confinement, but windson didn’t have an impulse when facing these malicious provocations.
If the other party is just malicious abuse, then Lin Feng will also fight back with vicious harsh words. He has made a guest appearance in the "teasing stream" for eight times out of ten times, and he will excite the other party to become angry from embarrassment and take the lead, so Lin Fengcai will fight back and beat the other party. His mother can’t recognize it. In this way, even if the other party appeals to the disciplinary department, it will not be reasonable. Because the insidious windson will photograph the situation completely at that time …
If the other party is just a malicious ridicule, then Lin Feng will leave with a smile at that time. However, in the next few days, anyone who mocked Lin Feng would be interrupted, his limbs swollen, his teeth knocked out and thrown in every corner of the military school. Strangely, these people don’t know who they were beaten by, and even a few people were attacked, but Lin Feng appeared aboveboard in various places, with a lot of witnesses.
So after three transgressions, no one dared to provoke windson for no reason. And windson also found behind from the mouth of these guys who were beaten.
Then something quite sensational happened in the military academy, that is, Major Paul Hill, the eldest son of the Federal Minister of the Interior, suddenly fainted on the way back to the dormitory from the bar one day, and after being rescued, he was examined, and now his memory was completely lost due to severe brain damage, which is only equivalent to that of a teenager.
At that time, there were only blood-stained steps and a trampled banana peel at the scene, so the military academy had to declare that it was an accident after careful investigation. Paul himself was drunk and stepped on the banana peel and then hit the steps when he fell. Finally, under the protest of the Minister of the Interior, the military academy began a new round of rectification movement to crack down on the bad behavior of littering …

Chapter one hundred and twelve This is not an exercise!
Feng wanted to deal with Paul for a long time. He remembered that he wanted Tiffany in training, which was obviously sent by Paul. For people who want to kill themselves, windson is definitely not polite. This time, he didn’t want to add chaos to the federal and military schools in the case of war, so he went easy on Paul and let him enjoy his wonderful childhood again.
Generally speaking, in this more than half a year’s time, Lin Feng still had a leisurely life. Just let him feel depressed is that he was beaten in peace on the mecha manipulation. As Ann said that day, in the battle between Lin Feng and Ann’s second mecha, Lin Feng did not survive ten strokes under Ann’s hand. Only then did he know that it was not enough to manipulate the mecha with fighting skills …
The carefree days will always come to an end. On this day, late at night, the shrill alarm suddenly occurred in the Federal Military Academy.
"Warning now unknown fleet invasion guard star domain please everyone ready for battle, please pay attention! This is not an exercise! "
"Warning now unknown fleet invasion guard star domain please everyone ready for battle, please pay attention! This is not an exercise! "
"Repeat, this is not an exercise!"
The shrill alarm woke up all the people who were resting in the dormitory, and the sound of "banging" over tables and chairs kept ringing.
Consciousness as if from the tens of thousands of meters deep seabed gradually floating up wake up windson frowned and stood up. After the last incident of being late, Lin Feng will set a biological clock every time he practices at night, and even spread a wisp of spirit to make himself awake as soon as there is any movement. Although this will lead to poor practice results. But people can’t help themselves in the military school …
Quickly put on the uniform of the military academy, Lin Feng walked out of his small room and came to the public living room. He saw Zhao Rulong coming out with sleepy pants on: "How come it’s endless again?"
"Yes, yes, I want to come here once a month, and I don’t know what the big shots in the military think. Still let people have a good rest? " Kate has put on her uniform. But obviously, I haven’t really woken up, yawned a lot and then fell on the sand in the living room, with my eyes drooping, and I could sleep again at any time.
These two guys complain for a reason. Emergency gathering at night is an important training program for every military school, and the Central Military Academy is no exception. Even a large-scale emergency gathering training will be conducted from time to time every month. Sometimes during the day, but more often at night.
However, the large-scale emergency assembly training once a month in the Central Military Academy is different from other military academies, which only require some instructors and students to participate.
The Federal Central Military Academy is located on a satellite of the guardian star. It is said that this satellite is completely modeled after two large federal war fortresses. Every emergency assembly requires all military academy personnel to go up to the military academy principal and down to the instructors, cadets, military academy logistics personnel and even an army stationed on a satellite to protect the military academy’s security, and they will be required to arrive at their respective posts within a specified time.
Moreover, the training order for a large-scale emergency assembly once a month is not distributed by the principal or an instructor, but by the brain of the military academy at random. That is to say, even the principal doesn’t know when each assembly training will be held.
Because the Central Military Academy includes almost all the federal services, everyone has their own area of responsibility in the war fortress. For example, the headmaster will report to the command center as the general commander, and the students who learn to command the starship and their instructors will report to the military academy fleet. The Federal Central Military Academy has its own main fleet directly under it, which is equivalent to the quick reaction brigade in the Federal First Fleet. Can be said to be the current top fleet configuration.
Commanders of all the starships in this fleet directly under the Central Committee will take turns to increase their command experience by students studying starship command. However, in the monthly large-scale emergency training. The commander of the starship is served by an instructor. Students can only follow the ranks and grades. Achievements as other positions on the starship, these positions are to be learned and understood as future starship commanders.
The same is true of other services. Trainees and soldiers outside the military school establishment. Generally speaking, in the process of large-scale emergency assembly training once a month, everyone has to participate, and the purpose of assembly is to "start" the simulated war fortress in the military academy in the shortest time, and then carry out a series of military exercises or attack or defense according to the situation randomly generated by the main brain.

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