At this point, Anyasi’s face "shows" the "color" of scoring satisfaction. She turned around and flew in the direction of the transmission array.

At the edge of the transmission array, Anya fell in front of the Mahayana master and said, "I can find the thief of the Black The Hunger Sect. Would you like to catch him with me?"
The Mahayana monk didn’t expect Anya to go back, but after hearing Anya say this, he hesitated a little, then nodded and replied, "Of course, I’ll call some people, and the fairy will wait a moment."
"Well, go ahead, but don’t bring monks under the Du Jie period. They can’t help. It’s best to bring experts who can arrange a large array of dark seals." Anya nodded, "pay" to be.
It only took the monks in Mahayana a hundred hours to find two Mahayana masters and eight monks in Du Jie.
"Fairy Anya, if we can wait for the master of the main hall to come over, it will be easier for us to take down the thief of the Black The Hunger Sect." Brother Mahayana suggested.
"We can’t wait. If we wait any longer, the thief will have fled with your information before you come to the main hall." Anya shook her head and said.
"The fairy is very considerate, so please ask the fairy to lead the way." The Mahayana master said.
Anya didn’t dawdle. She was worried that if time dragged on for a long time, Xiao Lingyu would refine all her sword force, and it would be extremely difficult for her to find Xiao Lingyu again.
Xiao Lingyu at this time, still driving idolize in the dark big six flying high in the air, but I don’t know Anya has come with a large number of masters to kill him.
"I’m still short of the last few shares of sword power. As long as I kill them all, I can recover quickly. That chick’s big move is really powerful."
Xiao Lingyu took a short rest, and after a word, she actually flew to an endless sea.
To his surprise, this sea is not blue "color" water, but dark, as if this Wang Yang is all ink.
That’s not the point, what makes Xiao Lingyu more strange is that after idolize flew over this sea, the temperature was involuntarily reduced by more than half, and there was a tendency to fall.
"The gravity here seems to be stronger, and the density of the sea below is actually higher than the mud and stone on the big 6!"
Xiao Lingyu was very surprised, but she didn’t stop idolize.
After flying over the Black Sea for about half an hour, Xiao Lingyu, who was closing his eyes for healing, suddenly felt his body falling sharply. He quickly opened his eyes and scanned it.
At this time, idolize, like an extraterrestrial meteorite, fell towards the darkness. Xiao Lingyu looked down and saw an island that was not too small.
Like the sea, the island is completely dark. Not only the rocks and soil are black, but also the trees, flowers and grass on it.
The Black Sea, which was quiet, was very violent near the island. The black "color" sea "waves" as high as 100 feet were stacked one after another, and they came from a distance and slammed on the rocks or cliffs of the island, making a deafening roar.
Although Xiao Lingyu tried hard, he couldn’t control idolize’s stability. In desperation, he had to put idolize away, but his body was still like a meteor falling, and he hit the black "color" rock on the island coast.
Such a falling degree, coupled with Xiao Lingyu’s body that is comparable to the product spirit, turned out to be unable to smash the rocks below the body. It can be seen that the ordinary rocks on this island are also extremely hard, and they are also very good refining materials.
Hoo … Boom!
The sea "waves" beat the coast, and the dark sea water wet Xiao Lingyu before he left the coastal rocks. The pungent smell of sea water poured into Xiao Lingyu’s nose, which made him sneeze.
"It’s so cool, I haven’t sneezed for a long time." Xiao Lingyu stood up and said with satisfaction.
But just stand up, Xiao Lingyu couldn’t help shivering again, because he was feeling a little chilly.
"What a strange place." Xiao Lingyu frowned and said.
He tried to jump and fly, but he couldn’t continue to go up only three feet from the ground. The ground gravity here acted on him very strongly, as if there were countless vines tied his feet, and there was a mountain pressing on his head.
Even the best flying spirit can’t fly over this island. Xiao Lingyu can’t fly too high or too fast with his own body.
"When it comes, it is safe. I’d better take a look at this strange island first, and maybe I’ll get something. "
So comfort yourself, Xiao Lingyu is dragging a slow pace, to the center of the island.
Anya soon flew to the Black Sea shore with a group of local masters with a dark age of six. Anya was going to move on, but the monk in Mahayana said, "Anya Fairy, this is the Black Dragon Bay. There are a group of dark dragons with violent sexual feelings here, all of which are extremely powerful. There is even a black dragon demon who has survived five robberies. They have been living in peace with our Terran monks, but we are not allowed to do it without authorization.
Chapter 87 Dark Seal Large Array
? "Wrong, one thousand the thief left halfway, we will miss the opportunity. 151+ reading network romance content updates faster than the rocket, do you dare not believe it? " Anya shook her head and said.
"Fairy can rest assured that the Black Dragon Bay is unusual. Here, it is not so easy for him to leave. The gravity here is so great that it is difficult for even the best horcrux to fly across the sky. Once it accidentally flies over an island, it will fall directly. Maybe those grumpy black dragons will kill him before we do it. " A Mahayana monk explained with a smile.

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