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Chapter two hundred and nineteen proudly
The first competition was finally over, with the eye-catching lake Liuzhou winning, and the Ming Jianzong Qi Yanbin losing.
In fact, this is not surprising at all, even the people who sang Jianzong have already guessed the result. However, after the first game, the second game did not start immediately. More and more people found that those 27 executives were discussing something.
Obviously, it is reasonable to allow the high-ranking true fairy disciples in Dianjing Lake to fight against Xiao Wen, or only allow the initial true fairy to fight against Xiao Wen. However, the problem is that once a choice is made, it will obviously offend one party, and this is absolutely impossible to run …
For example, Xuanyang Sect and Lingmiao Sect are hostile to Ming Jianzong, and there is no pressure at all to support the decision that is unfavorable to Ming Jianzong. However, this is not to say that you are not afraid of offending people. This decision has to be explained to the hundreds of thousands of viewers who went to Chapter 219 proudly, that is, to the whole celestial world!
No matter what decisions are made by the 25 cases, afterwards, the whole celestial world will certainly be full of criticism, either criticizing the 25 cases for favoring Dianjing Lake or criticizing them for favoring Ming Jianzong.
This is a fucking thankless thing. No wonder many people secretly scold Xiao Wen for giving them trouble.
Then I don’t know who suddenly thought of a trick and completely solved the crisis of those 25 cases at once!
The method is very simple, let the hundreds of thousands of viewers vote to make a decision!
You made the decision, so you can’t blame us anymore, can you?
The method is also very simple. Haoranzong will announce the matter in public, and then everyone will show their hands and agree to limit the hands of the disciples in the eye-catching lake, and vice versa.
This is indeed a good method, which was immediately recognized by 25 cases.
Then an old man, who had been presiding over the fairy contest in Haoran Sect, flew out and used his magical powers to tell those words.
The old man’s voice rolled around between heaven and earth. It sounds very imposing, but the voice just fell. There was a louder and more chaotic voice between heaven and earth, and it was the audience who were talking!
Who also didn’t expect, they are purely to watch the lively and knowledgeable people. Chapter two hundred and nineteen, however, will have the right to participate. Although it’s just a vote, it’s definitely an unusual experience.
In fact, these outsiders are not easy to fall into a mindset. Some people have long thought about what disciples should be sent to Dianjing Lake to be fair. It took a while for this argument to subside. The old man at Dianjing Lake waited for a moment. He said, "I believe everyone has made a decision, so please vote now. Please raise your hand if you agree to limit the realm of Dianjing Lake disciples."
An unexpected situation has emerged. The old man’s voice just fell. Then I heard the sound of "Huhula", and the vast majority of the hundreds of thousands of viewers between heaven and earth raised their hands!
People are lazy, and most people can’t stand out in public. For example, ask ten ordinary people an irrelevant question, whether it’s asking those who agree or those who disagree to raise their hands. The end result will probably be that only two or three people raise their hands … Where are the others? They are lazy people who don’t want to get ahead …
From this point of view, since there are many people who have resistance to getting ahead, that is, raising their hands, this vote is actually unfavorable to Ming Jianzong. Assuming that all the audience are lazy people who don’t want to stand out, then even if they support Ming Jianzong’s side a little in their hearts, there will still be no hands raised.
Now, it turns out that most people have raised their hands, which is really unexpected.
"That’s good. I’m sure everyone can see that since there are many people who support limiting the contestants’ realm in Dianji Lake, Dianji Lake can only send an initial true fairy as Xiao Wen’s opponent. Next, the challenge continues. " The old man of Haoran Sect shouted loudly.
Xiao asked someone to move immediately around him. It was Yang Rong of Ming Jianzong.
However, Yang Rong did not leave immediately, but turned to Xiao Wen. I asked Xiao very seriously, "It’s up to you."
What do you mean it’s up to me?
Xiao asked not to wonder, but Yang Rong turned around immediately and left decisively.
Xiao asked clearly that this Yang Rong was taciturn. He attended J and NG British University for three months and said no more than ten sentences in total, and all of them were greeted by xìng.
The sound of "it’s up to you" just now was the longest sentence that Yang Rong said to him in three months!
Is it up to me?
Dude, if you lose, I don’t have to compete, okay?
Is Yang Rong sure to win?
That’s unlikely, right? There must be more than one high-level true fairy disciple like Liuzhou in the eye-catching lake. They won’t have the cheek to send out the first one, and it’s definitely ok to find another Liuzhou.
Where did Yang Rong get his confidence?

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