Seeing this, Jinyang immediately sneered and took a step forward again, and the momentum was improved a little, just reaching the maximum compressive strength of the first concentrated shadow. If the momentum was slightly improved, the founding protoss who had just advanced might be scrapped.

At this time, there is no longer a smile between people who are in power. It is more suitable to describe her with’ turn pale’. He never thought that Jinyang was so tough that she could easily extinguish the interception of millions of demon fairy. She clearly realized that Jinyang didn’t try her best, otherwise they would surely fall in a pool of blood like those younger generations.
"God, please slow down!" The beauty finally couldn’t hold on, and it was difficult to spit out one thing, which was a jade brand shining with fairy light.
Jinyang’s mind moved slightly, and the jade brand flew into his palm, and his mind dipped into it slightly, and then a memory poured into him. However, the memory was not much, and Jinyang quickly digested it. Although he knew that he had been calculated by the sky, his heart was still very unhappy, especially when he was on earth, which made Jinyang feel annoyed.
However, there is no reason why people should not be sent to the door. Even if they charge a little interest, in the cold hum of Jinyang again, Jinyang will withdraw the pressure like the sky is falling, and the shadow will slowly fade from the top of his head.
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Celestial Volume Chapter 486 Clean up the portal
Celestial Volume Chapter 486 Clean up the portal
Although the jade brand also contains the memories left by the leader of Tongtian, the weight is not much, so it is all grasped in a moment and recorded in the head.
Soon, Jinyang came to his senses and saw the beautiful woman standing on the steps, trembling all over, humming softly, throwing the jade card in his hand and saying faintly, "Go and see for yourself."
The beauty’s heart is in a mess. As early as the interception and extermination of teaching, the Godfather Tongtian leader said something, and there will be a day of rising in the future, and then she left a jade card, but it only contained a ban. No matter how strong her mana became, she couldn’t break the ban, and she couldn’t know how important information the Godfather left.
As more than 10,000 people in demon fairy are the highest in the Middle Road, people in power have been keeping a low profile in Nanshan State, circling a huge territory, and banning it with a large array of interceptions. Many demon fairies were born in it. In order not to attract attention, they even sent disciples who were low-level to dress up as ordinary demon kings and follow under the demon temple.
A few days ago, I heard the replies from my disciples and many younger brothers. The unique realm between Nanshan Buzhou and Xiniu Hezhou was opening the altar, which was about the founding Shinto that she dreamed of.
At first, she didn’t believe that this founding Shinto was an ethereal solution. Even if someone really realized it, it would naturally be hidden in the dark, and it would only be spread to friends and relatives. Where is it possible to pass it on casually?
However, she has been waiting for many years for the founding of Shinto, and her curiosity is disturbing. Then she sent some disciples and many powerful younger brothers to listen to the Dharma collectively. To confirm the truth of the outside rumors.
A listen to, turned out to be really, have been waiting for some frustrated, she suddenly like to find a bright light in the dark, hurried to the unique domain to listen to the law, only to find that the statement is not Jinyang, although he is the best among the immortal. But that was only nearly tens of thousands of years ago, where he knew that the founder really existed. Naturally, I don’t know Yu Ling, the founding dragon god.
I want to communicate with Yu Ling for three transgressions and four times, but Yu Ling follows Jinyang’s idea, first put down as many baits as possible, and slowly catch big fish, ignoring these people before. Besides, Yu Ling has also made great progress in divinity recently, and he has more things to understand. I just ignored her.
In desperation, she can only settle down to practice and think hard about the founding Shinto. Her qualification is superior, and she is diligent in practice. She soon understands the introduction method of the founding Shinto, and with the help of the aura in her body that is far stronger than others, she will soon succeed in practicing trance. Become a true founding protoss.
So, this time, when Yu Ling finished the method, she couldn’t help but come forward to verify whether Yu Ling was the person mentioned by her godfather that day who could help stop teaching and re-rise. However, Yu Ling was distracted and far more powerful than her. Before she could speak, she had already entered the main hall.
Fortunately, WuDang is also a man with self-knowledge. He knew that the main hall could not be trespassed, so he immediately consulted with the guardian demon fairy Pointfish and asked him to inquire for him.
Demon fairy, a sharp fish, saw the beauty he had never seen before, and the temperament that could not be profaned. Suddenly, he completely lost his thinking energy and entered the main hall to inquire for Jinyang.
When you get the jade card, you will be surprised to find that you are careful to put your mind in it. Tens of thousands of years of enlightenment can’t open the ban. It has long been cleaned by Jinyang.
As soon as God read the jade card, he suddenly trembled. With the absorption of memory, my face changed greatly, especially when I saw the golden sun above me. I couldn’t express my regret at all, but smiled bitterly.
Soon, I withdrew my thoughts and looked at Jinyang with a wry smile. After a slight hesitation, I fell to my knees on the jade steps and respectfully called, "I am not allowed to visit the teacher."
As soon as the words came out, the wide square immediately started up with countless voices of doubt, and suddenly it became like a vegetable market, and it was chaotic. If it was not known in advance that these people were immortal, many people had successfully advanced to the founding Shinto, and there were more than 10,000 people.
Seeing this, Jinyang suddenly frowned, and his brow rose again with a murderous look. He is really a talent, but he has no rules. He must teach him a lesson again, otherwise how to use it in the future. If he gets a big mistake in the end, he will really give Sanqing Daozu a joke.
Always looking at Jinyang’s foolishness, of course, she first felt Jinyang’s murderous look. From the contest just now, she knew that Jinyang’s strong strength definitely belonged to the same level of Daozu, otherwise the teacher’s message in the jade card would not be so polite.
"Quiet." I drank lightly, but it was not loud, but it was very penetrating. In the square of Fiona Fang, millions of miles away, every corner rang with inappropriate voices.
A driver’s shout, originally chaotic and noisy square, suddenly became surprisingly quiet, wrapped the thousands of new founding people in the science of uniting the trance, and more than one million masters in demon fairy, but no one dared to make any noise, staring at the kneeling figure full of fear.
Jinyang suddenly looked at nothing with some curiosity, but in his heart he thought that such a delicate beauty should have such prestige, which is really unbelievable.
"Still not quick kneel down to visit the teacher? Do you want to rebel? " Error-free novel network does not skip words. The unreasonable voice rang again, and the voice suddenly lowered its tone, which was at least several times colder than just now.
Knock, knock, knock. . .
At that time, countless figure knelt down, although there are fast and slow, but in a blink of an eye, 99% of the figure, basically kneeling on the ground, even the thousands of demon fairy who practiced trance shadow, also respectfully kneeling on the ground, for the strength of Jinyang, they just feel the same way, knowing that Jinyang’s cultivation is not much worse than that of Tongtian leader, how dare there be the slightest licentiousness?
In the square, there are only hundreds of old people with the realm of Jade Immortal. They are all demon fairy left behind by the interception of religion. They have senior qualifications, so they insisted on standing there and refused to kneel down to Jinyang. The leader even went crazy and said, "In the past, your brothers and sisters respected you as a grandparent, but now that you are apostate, you are no longer a disciple of my interception. What right do you have to command us?"
I ignored him, but looked at Jinyang and said faintly, "Please allow the teacher to clean the door."
Jinyang indifferently looked at her, a little silent for a while, and then nodded.
"Ignorant fool!" As soon as the words came out, everyone saw that nothing had been done, and the murderous look was thick all over her, adding a lot of cold air to her beautiful image, which made people daydream.
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