In the early five months, a group of people got an astonishing 800,000 pieces of Yinshi, which is more than 100 times the total number of Yinshi in the hands of all forces in this industry.

There is less than one year left before the three-year period of the opening of the mysterious magic holy wall. The four people dare not continue to delay in the Taiyin Valley, and the goal is transferred to a higher level of the sacred garden.
Liu Xiajing, two late fairy middle demon families, broken!
Long habitat, three late fairy middle demon race, broken!
Biyuanjing, a late fairy superior demon race, broken!
Tianshujing, two late fairy upper demon families, broken!
Xuan Ji Jing, three late fairy upper demon race, broken!
Especially in the ninth mysterious extreme, the fighting power of the three late fairy upper demon clan is no less than that of the three mid-term Taiyi Jin Xian in Taixiao.
The difficulty of this battle is indescribable. With the help of various pills and cheats, all four people in the same group were seriously injured and almost died. Among them, Chen Han, as the main attack, was the most seriously injured, and it took several days to fully recover. When four people recovered from injury, they all showed hesitation.
Tenth, Yuan Shengjing!
Seeing with their own eyes the power of the demon family in the late fairy realm, they know very well that if there is still the demon family in the late fairy realm in the Yuan sacred land, it must be the existence of the god beast level.
The increase in the talent of the upper demon family by two grades does not mean that the beast can reach a great level. In fact, the increase in the talent of the beast is just two grades. Crucially, the God beast still holds the secrets that are amazingly powerful, which is enough to raise their combat power to a horrible level.
The demon family here is the real fairy order, but not the six-robbery scattered fairy in the unequal realm. If it is a god beast with six-robbery scattered fairy, Yi Hao will win with 80% certainty, but the god beast in the later fairy realm is two concepts, and four people will die together.
In or out?
The problems encountered in the Palace of Fantasy God reappeared in front of them.
That hesitation was that I couldn’t get into the Nine-Sky Pavilion, but the Nine-Sky Pavilion belongs to the Nine-Sky Pavilion after all, and the entrance to the Nine-Sky Pavilion has been tested accordingly. Staying inside is the Qing Dynasty, which has been blocked for hundreds of millions of years. It is not a checkpoint test, but the tenth floor of this sacred garden is obviously different in space, and there is definitely danger inside.
"Ladies and gentlemen, in or out?" Yi Hao, who was the first to decide to enter Jiuxiao Pavilion last time, did not show any impulse this time. He is by no means a reckless man who does not know how to advance and retreat.
"How many levels are there?" Red bead eyes rested on Chen cold.
"If it’s a late fairy beast, the best result is mutually assured destruction, and the chance of winning …" Chen Han didn’t say anything but was unable to shake his head.
"I don’t think it is necessary to enter?" Ice pupil hesitated to speak his mind.
"Don’t go in!"
Chen Han swallowed a few mouthfuls of saliva, although he was reluctant to part with it, but he turned away resolutely: "It is necessary to be desperate if you have a little grasp. Only a fool can do the death, and the anti-shock stone has been obtained. It is better to leave!"
Ah …
Just when the four people unanimously passed a resolution to leave, the light beam actually shifted tens of meters out of thin air, just covering the four people who were ready to leave.
Chen Han screamed and swore, but he couldn’t reverse the changes in the immediate environment: "Fuck you! What happened? Still bring this? "
There is no situation of being bound in the enchantment. In other words, there is no entry test for this sacred land. When I first came in, I saw a black wasteland, and the environment was exactly the same as the former nine.
"This ….." Red bead frowned, a little don’t believe that the tenth floor would be so simple.
"Fortunately, there is no such thing as speculation, hey hey …" Chen Han was finally relieved.
"What the hell is that?"
Yi Hao eyes rested on a small black spot in the distance, and almost in the next moment, the small black spot came to the eyes, and he was unexpectedly a demon family in the late fairy period.
Chen Han, who was about to say something, almost fell down before he could say it, only to see more black spots coming from all directions.
Dense demon race!
The demon family who covers the sun!
It’s all the late fairy realm, and the lowest is the upper demon race. What’s even more frightening is that … They almost don’t believe in rubbing their eyes. What is that?
Colorful feathers cover the whole body, a small and beautiful long feather on the head, and colorful flames rise on the body surface-the god beast Phoenix!
Golden scales, dragon horn carp whiskers, ox hoofs and sheep tails, and tiny flames are emitted from time to time in the nostrils-the god beast Kirin!
Shaped like a giant turtle with a dragon head, the huge turtle shell has an ancient pattern and a thick sharp corner on its head-the god beast Xuanwu!
The breath of life is breathtaking, and the slender body is covered with blue scales. Under the four claws, there is a cloud steaming Xiawei-the beast Qinglong.
One leg is reddish as fire, slender and tall, and the whole body is covered with flaming feathers, shaped like a crane-God beast Bi Fang!
God beast!
All kinds of beast, behind each beast, followed by a large number of upper demon race, the number has been unable to describe with exact numbers.
Even if a four-person team like Chen Han is ten thousand teams, in the face of this endless god beast and the upper demon race, it will only be torn to pieces.
Plop …
Just now, Chen Han, who was very happy, sat on the ground with his face livid: "It’s over … now you’re dead …"
Never before has despair swept across the sea of thinking. Every time we face a crisis, there is more or less a chance. Even if we borrow Yin and Yang to break the virtual stone and run to those developing universes, it will be locked by countless immortals and even immortals. After all, there are still Yin and Yang to break the virtual stone in hand.
What about this time?
Surrounded in all directions, it’s not like entering the next hall in the magic palace and leaving after passing the archway.
After the beam here sent them up, there was no retreat behind them. The only way to leave was to go to the reverse beam hundreds of miles away in the opposite direction.
A hundred thousand Li!
Surrounded by so many beasts and upper demon families, they don’t even want to run away for a hundred miles. Don’t you see how fast those beasts of the bird family are?
Completely desperate, I can’t find the slightest vitality, even the strength to resist.

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