Then Xiao Wen saw Xun Yu quickly put down the ruler, that is, the long colored jade, with bright eyes and said to him behind him, "Coming."

Someone else?
Xiao asked, turning to look back, and then just stood there, the shock in my heart has exceeded any time in my life.
It was a woman wearing purple and gold armor, whose armor paid attention to both protection and beauty, so she outlined the beautiful figure of the woman in a way that could stimulate people’s senses most. The cold armor set off with a little exposed skin, which made people almost breathless. Women’s skin is not white, but healthy wheat Se, but it is very delicate. For many men, that is the most xìng skin …
Looking up again, once the line of sight reached the woman’s face, Xiao Wen completely forgot everything he had seen before. What armor, figure, skin and xìng feeling all disappeared, and the whole world was left with the woman’s suffocating face. Before that, Xiao Wen never thought that a person could be so beautiful. Han Xiuxiu is beautiful. At first, it also brought Xiao Wen a lot of amazing feelings, but compared with this woman in front of her, Han Xiuxiu once became an ordinary woman in the celestial world …
The woman dressed in purple and gold armor has always had no expression on her face. When she looked at Xiao Wen, Xiao Wen quickly looked away. It was quite rude of him to stare at others just now! It doesn’t matter if you look away. Xiao Wen saw the round gold and the holy grain of Qing Er Se at the foot of the woman …
This is also an Asian god …
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Chapter one hundred and sixty-seven Wu Shen (click for the first time! )
The sacred lines of Xun Yu and Maha Coconut Buddha are all behind his back, which looks rather mysterious, but the sacred lines of that woman are under his feet, which is not only mysterious, but also makes people feel extremely solid and even makes Xiao Wen feel kind, which is quite strange.
Thanks to the strange holy tattoo under the woman’s feet, Xiao Wen’s mind was recovered from the woman’s peerless beauty. At this moment, Xun Yu’s voice rang again: "I have got the ruler."
The woman immediately looked at the broken ruler in Xun Yu’s hand, only to see that a small piece of the ruler was missing at a glance, and then asked, "Why is a corner missing?"
The woman’s voice has no weak woman’s soft greasy feeling, but it is somewhat decisive. A very common sentence makes Xiao ask her heart.
Xun Yu was obviously used to the woman’s tone, and said with a smile: "I was a little excited when I saw the broken ruler, so I took it and ran. I didn’t expect that there was still a small piece stuck to Xin Wuji’s hand, but it didn’t affect the use. This is the only friend I made in the celestial world, Xiao Wen. At that time, thanks to his help, the small piece was in his hand. "
The woman didn’t know that Xiao Wen was a celestial being. When she looked at Xiao Wen, she didn’t despise him at all because Xiao Wen was a little fairy. She nodded to Xiao Wen seriously. Xiao Wen had already banished his eyes, and hurriedly nodded slightly at the woman as a reply.
"It was a complete accident that he came here. At that time, he wanted to throw me the missing corner, but he was sucked into the divine light of the broken ruler." Without waiting for the woman to ask questions, Xun Yu explained.
"Well …"
At this moment, the woman suddenly coughed her eyebrows slightly, and her face was slightly painful. Xiao asked this and did not notice that this woman’s momentum was not inferior to Xunyu and Maha Coconut Buddha, but her anger was worse.
Xun Yu quickly asked: "The injury is still not good?"
At this time, the Maha Coconut Buddha answered: "Good. The Nanwu God has been fighting fierce battles for many times, which has really added to the injury. It is no longer appropriate for us to fight again before we leave. "
"How did that happen?" Xun Yu exclaimed.
When the Maha Coconut Buddha explained to Xun Yu, Xiao Wen was remembering the words "Nanwu God". This can’t be the woman’s name, can it? Eighty percent is a title like "Buddha". However, it’s amazing that this woman should be called Wu Shen.
In this kung fu, the Maha Coconut Buddha has already explained to Xun Yu. Looking at Xun Yu, his brow has been tightly wrinkled. Obviously, the new situation has exceeded his expectations.
"Nanwu God can’t stay here any longer …" Xun Yu didn’t look up and slowly tunnel.
At this moment, Xiao Wen once again realized that Xun Yu and Maha Coconut Buddha must have made great efforts and could not afford to lose! The Nanwu God is only injured, and Xun Yu will drive people away. This is not for fear of influence. What is the big plan? Xun Yu obviously wanted to send him back to the celestial world. Isn’t that why?
Xun Yu, Maha Coconut Buddha and South Wu Shen are obviously quite familiar with each other. Xun Yu then said that there was no displeasure in the face of Nanwu God, but he frowned slightly and thought about something.
There was a complete silence in the field for a while, so Xiao asked himself to be an outsider, not to mention how embarrassing it was.
Then, the Nanwu God suddenly said, "Give me the ruler."
Although Xun Yu was clueless, he threw the broken ruler in the past. When Xiao asked to see the Nanwu God and looked at him, he hurriedly and consciously threw the broken jade in his hand.
After the Nanwu God caught it, he sank his mind into it. After a few breaths, he looked up again and said calmly, "I know my injury very well. Even if I stop fighting, it will take a long time to recover. So, I have an idea now … "
Before the Nanwu God finished speaking, Xun Yu said, "Never!"
"I’ve made up my mind." The Nanwu God was calm and quiet, but this sentence completely blocked the exhortation prepared by Xun Yu and Maha Coconut Buddha.
"Alas … if I couldn’t beat you, I really wanted to catch you on the spot!" Xunyu angry tunnel.
"I’ll be back in half an hour at most." Nanwu Shinto.
"Wait, since you really want to go, take Xiao Wen with you." Seeing that the Nanwu God was leaving, Xun Yu quickly said, "He is bent on the Tao, but his vision in the celestial world is a bit low. Since you are determined to fight Ling Jiu Xiao, take him to open your eyes. It is impossible to find a higher level of fighting in the Twelve Immortals."

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