Celestial volume Chapter 487 See through
Celestial volume Chapter 487 See through
Seeing the violence, Jinyang’s heart was filled with murderous look, but the object was not the disobedient demon fairy, but the beauty he had never seen before.
Look at those disobedient demon fairy, Jinyang didn’t have any unhappiness before, but took pity instead.
Although these demon fairy haven’t realized the founding Shinto, they also have the realm of Jade Fairy, and the way must have a certain level. After just a short encounter, they have already deeply known the strong strength of Jinyang, so they can’t do anything stupid to denigrate Jinyang.
Furthermore, when there was no violence, she secretly noticed Jinyang’s actions. She thought it was very secret, but how could she escape Jinyang’s eyes when she just advanced to the founding Shinto? I have long been seen clearly, but I am still proud in the dark.
Putting many deeds together, Jinyang clearly knows that everything should be done by this peerless beauty. Although I don’t know what her purpose is, it has made Jinyang feel disgusted.
Undue strength is strong, and recently, we have realized the founding Shinto, and the strength and the way have been steadily improved, far higher than the previous grades. Although it can’t be said that it will be destroyed by inconsistent record, it is not difficult to slaughter it.
"Those who disobey orders, die! ! !”
When the whole body suddenly and violently rises the divine light, the huge shadow firmly protects the delicate figure, and fiercely crosses the steps. In a blink of an eye, it kills the front of demon fairy, who is still standing hundreds of times. His hands are rapidly sealed, and hundreds of sharp shock waves, driven by energy handprints, rapidly fly to the hundreds of demon fairy.
The spell looks simple. But the more simple the magic, the greater the power may be, especially after reaching the level of jade fairy, and reaching the realm of returning to perfection faintly, you will understand the truth of simplicity, and then you will concentrate on a kind of magic and try your best to exert its greatest power.
Jinyang’s eyes sparkled with filar silk. In the hundreds of demon fairy face, very clearly aware of. When there is no serious killing, these demon fairy who are prepared by Yuxian are mostly amazed, which is obviously different from what they have prepared in advance.
Originally, people thought WuDang was acting, but when they saw WuDang’s vicious eyes, they suddenly realized that the other party was covering them up. For the local vicious, they are clear, no matter whether they can resist the improper attack, the demon fairy who have reacted have released protective magic weapons.
Although demon fairy have a good magic weapon, they are basically congenital spiritual treasures, but they haven’t realized the founding Shinto. Although Wudang has just realized the founding Shinto, the gap between them is like the distance between heaven and earth. Far from being stopped by magic weapons.
Bang! Bang! Bang!
The explosion was heard for a long time, and hundreds of powerful magic weapons were broken in a blink of an eye by local magic, but the jealousy of sharp but firm but gentle was undiminished, pointing directly at hundreds of demon fairy.
As hundreds of demon fairy panicked, firm but gentle were broken. There was no explosion or obstruction, so it was inexplicably broken, turned into a strong aura of heaven and earth, and dissipated on the vast square.
Hundreds of demon fairy slightly leng, but still moved out in an instant, flying in all directions, feel as far away as possible, the safer.
When a beautiful woman is also one leng, she immediately knows that it is written by Jinyang, and she knows the strength of Jinyang in her heart. Except for the former French speaker. He is the only one in the whole unique domain who can have such strength.
Because she is closest to Jinyang, she first noticed Jinyang’s murder. Therefore, I am prepared to sacrifice the original flag to win the trust of Jinyang and seek greater benefits in the future. But Jinyang is telling her now that he has detected her intentions.
Hum! ! !
Jinyang cold snorted, expressing his dissatisfaction, but he didn’t get up, still sitting on the platform, quietly looking at the beauty in front of him. Some really don’t understand, such a beautiful figure that can’t be desecrated, how can there be so many things in his heart?
When I heard the cold hum of Jinyang, I suddenly trembled, flew down fiercely, and landed on the jade steps again. I never dared to look at Jinyang as unscrupulous as before, and bowed my head indifferently. My heart was chaotic, but I didn’t know how to talk about it.
"Tongtian told you to do this?" Jinyang suddenly asked a sentence.
Hear Jinyang so don’t put the teacher tongtian hierarch’s eyes, countless interception demon fairy all show indignation, but when dare not, she knows the real strength of Jinyang, know that Jinyang has the strength to compete with tongtian hierarch, even if it is not a tongtian opponent, but it must have made tongtian feel scruples.
After a silence, he said firmly, "No, it’s just that the disciple was confused for a while. I hope the teacher doesn’t blame me."
Jinyang understood that it took countless thoughts to cultivate such a big way, so she gave it away, even Jinyang herself, and certainly could not let it go easily, so she didn’t blame Tongtian.
It’s one thing to blame or not. At the beginning, the agreement between Jinyang and Sanqing Daozu still needs to be carried out, otherwise Jinyang may really drive these demon fairy away.
Jinyang is very angry, angry is not unreasonable, nor is it the sky behind her. He is angry with himself and his arrogance. Arrogance can conquer demon fairy, who doesn’t accept these heavens and the earth. When he thought that the leader of Heaven has such a position in their hearts, others simply couldn’t shake him. No wonder the old gentleman in heaven and the original Buddha never took over these powerful people.
Jinyang stood up fiercely, staring at nothing for a long time, until he was shaking all over when he saw nothing, then he said indifferently, "Get up! Since Tongtian had a will, you should do it according to Tongtian’s words. I have an agreement with Tongtian to give you a bottom line, and you must never touch the bottom line, otherwise I will not be spared. To tell a big story, if anyone annoys me, if I really want to kill my heart, I will never dare to stop it even if it is a sky. "
"Yes, I understand." When a slight sigh.
Jinyang was just about to turn around and leave. He looked at the demon fairy again and said, "As for you, you should be careful. When heaven and earth change, none of you can survive. Hold on to it yourself. I don’t want you to call the teacher. As long as you don’t touch the bottom line, I’m too lazy to pay attention to you."
After that, Jinyang simply ignored these demon fairy people and turned to leave.
But just after a few steps, Jinyang seemed to think of something, turned around again and said to Wu Dang, "You come with me into the temple, and the others will practice the dharma on the spot."
Looking at Jinyang, which is slowly going away, there is no bottom in my heart, but I dare not violate Jinyang. I stand up helplessly and slowly follow the past.

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