With the help of its own murderous look, Geng Jin Zhen Yuan and Bai Hu Shen Ji, the cultivation of the knife is only limited to Duanmu dome, and its attack power is even no less than Chen Han’s: "Bai Hu Shen Ji, blood kills Wan Li … Jin Yuan Dao Yi, go to hell!"

Whoosh whoosh …
The flying knife that lingers around the body turns into a white and golden streamer, and nine light and shadow interweave into a huge net of knives and awns falling from the sky.
Void into powder, heaven and earth broken.
Even the smallest molecules in the air are completely disintegrated in the knife mans, and the overwhelming knife mans completely cover Fiona Fang thousands of miles. From the air above, aura, water vapor, to buildings, mountains and rivers, trees, birds and animals on the ground, all vaporize in one thousandth of a second.
The Ise Shrine has been banned for countless years, and the shrine has been built for many years, and several peaks thousands of meters high near the shrine building have all collapsed.
In the end, a large pit with a diameter of more than a thousand miles was left on the land centered on the Ise Shrine, and the deepest part was more than ten miles. The surface of the oval pit is completely vitrified, so I’m afraid even ants slip when they climb on it, and the dead and living things in this area have completely disappeared.
Just one blow destroyed everything in Fiona Fang, including tens of thousands of low-order practitioners in Ise Shrine, who died without knowing what happened under the horseless knife of the knife.
Dozens of little devils in the void are completely scared silly, and the people in front of them are beyond their comprehension.
Poof …
A sword curtain was thrown at Duanmu dome, and only a few dozen people were killed on the spot.
Large tracts of light and shadow burst out, and hundreds of thousands of practitioners flew out of the Forbidden Fairy and Precious Dragons Tower. He shouted coldly, "I will give you one day to exterminate all practitioners in the whole Japanese country. If you are not afraid of the future disaster, I will never stop you from burning, looting, looting and killing all the civilians in this country!"
Slaughter all the civilians in this country?
They are not interested in killing civilians, and as long as they don’t kill a large number of civilians, it won’t have any influence on Du Jie in the future. As for the robbery, it will not be recorded in the apocalypse, and this day can definitely let them vent all their hatred for the imp.
On that day, Japanese practitioners were completely wiped out, not even a practitioner left in the foundation period, and the secular world also experienced an unprecedented catastrophe.
As long as all the things that these fix the true are taken away, high-tech weapons, high-tech appliances, all kinds of new energy, beautiful clothes and jewelry, and so on. Almost all the porn producers were robbed, and almost all the shooting scenes were made a fuss, and a large number of * * were executed on the spot. It is said that many Japanese women lost their first time on this day, most of them were girls under the age of 14.
I can’t help it. In this country, if you are over fourteen years old, you can’t find anywhere, even a dinosaur-level woman.
The next day, North America suffered a similar disaster, but the looting time was extended to two days because of its larger area. All practitioners were slaughtered, and there was a huge enchantment arranged by Du Jie masters, and even modern science and technology could not pass on the news. No one knew what was happening here at all.
Then South America, Australia, Africa, Southeast Asia and so on. In less than a month, all the remnants of practitioners except Europe and Yanhuang suffered extermination, and the secular world was also looted like never before, among which the film was the most robbed.
Some people in the later generations aptly described this grand event, which was nicknamed "Virgin Terminator" by the Jingyun Club, and that action became "virginity action".
At this point, in those days, except for the forest elves and cyclops, and the only Miao-born Avella left by the blood clan but not recognized by herself, there are only three kinds of uniting forces left in this world: the demon clan, the inferno and the Yan Huang Xiu Zhen.
A month later, four people appeared outside Yanjing, the capital of Yanhuang.
Just came down from outside the city, and at the urging of Xiang Lang’s grandparents and grandchildren, Duanmu Dome released them. Fix for Du Jie’s later post, the first blatant release of endless pitfalls, and now he is qualified to revenge for the ancestors of Xianggu.
In Du Jie’s later period, his fighting power was absolutely no less than that of a knife in the same realm. How strong can Ying Zheng be today?
Chapter 270 Meet old enemies
"What people … ah! Cold, how do you … "
The tall young man armored himself with a halberd at the city gate, and entered Yanjing for the third time after the reversal of heaven and earth. It turned out that he met the same Shoujiang. I have to say that this is also a great fate.
That’s right!
This is the first time that Chen Han almost attracted a firefight between the two sides. The second time, he had a little bit of Wang Ben, the son of Wang Jian, the general of Daqin in appreciate each other.
When we met for the first time, he was trained in the early days of Du Jie. After one hundred years, Du Jie’s early peak was about to break through. As the first son of Daqin etiquette, even if he doesn’t have a super special physique, his talent will not be worse, which shows what it means to have a huge amount of resources to fix the true.
The thirty thousand younger brothers of Jing Yun Club have already had a lot of strong fit, among which Qin Yang and others had already cultivated in the middle and late period of fit before integrating the stolen celestial spirit beads. More than 100 years ago, they just started to fix the truth, and their qualifications are absolutely not as good as Wang Ben’s. The massive resources have abruptly accelerated their promotion speed to an incredible level.
Chen Hanwei put a storage ring into his hand with a smile and said, "I was deeply disturbed that I agreed to have a good drink in those days. It seems that I don’t have time to drink in the short term."
"This is … fairy? !”
Wang Ben’s face changed dramatically on the spot. In addition to a first-time fairy, there are hundreds of gourmet lingshi in the storage ring, which is enough for him to break through the current state in the shortest time. With the help of fairy, the combat effectiveness can be improved several times. This kind of gift made him tremble.
After a while, his mood calmed down, and the voice said, "Brother Chen, what happened in those days … In fact, you know that I don’t talk about my brother, but I can’t do anything as a courtier. If you want to go to war with Daqin later, your brother can only fight with you, so these treasures are guilty, please take them back. "
He patted him hard on the shoulder, and Chen Han laughed and said, "A loyal minister doesn’t serve two masters. What if your brother can say this to me, even if the swords are against each other?"
"This …"
"The gentleman just want to have a clear conscience, you have made it clear that I also determined to give you the treasure, what is unacceptable? If you really want to go to war, Chen Han will never show mercy! "
Wang Ben couldn’t help but shine at the moment, put away the storage ring without hesitation, and laughed aloud: "If there is a war, Wang Ben won’t show mercy, but as long as it is a war with the Chen brothers, Wang Ben will never use this fairy. If Brother Chen is killed by me, Wang Ben will surely seal this sword in front of his grave and offer you an altar of wine every year, please! "
Say that finish, his hand suddenly more than a jade operator, with jade operator broken silver foaming at the mouth, almost no time interval, countless powerful spirit came from all parts of yanjing city.
Whoosh whoosh!
A line of people just walked into the gate less than 100 meters, dozens of sound and shadow across the void, appeared out of thin air not far away, impressively is headed by Ying Zheng, the Lord of Daqin.
He didn’t find out the other side’s self-righteousness. Seventy years ago, Chen Han and Duanmu Dome joined forces, and only two generations could fight against the Coalition forces. Even if such a figure was repaired without any improvement, he could kill the whole Daqin without any help. The strength of both sides was not at the same level.
However, when he saw the grandfather and grandson of Xiang’s family, his spiritual knowledge was very rude. For these two people, even in front of Chen Han, he would not hide the pitfalls in his heart.
This is also the dignity of being the master of Daqin, as an extremely superior, and you can’t give up even if you die.
Pa …
A stronger than he only surprises, head-on bump together, Ying Zheng pale back three big steps on the spot.
Xiang Lang, as the attacker, only took a small step back, stared at Ying Zheng with a cold and murderous look and snapped, "Dog thief! Today, Lao Tzu is here for revenge. Someone must fall between you and me. If you dare not fight one-on-one, Lao Tzu’s brother will immediately kill Daqin from top to bottom! "
This is straightforward, forcing Ying Zheng to fight alone with him, and it is impossible to deal with him with the help of Daqin Xiongbing.
Group fight?
He has a large group of brothers behind him, Chen Han can fight against the whole Daqin by himself, and it is not enough to play with Ying Zheng’s painstaking efforts.
Ying Zheng looks pale to the extreme, gnashing his teeth and saying, "The body of Gengjin … Du Jie’s later period … good! Good good, I didn’t expect a home to rise one day, I didn’t expect you to have such a chance, have the opportunity to fight it out with me, and understand all the grievances today. The ministers are not allowed to intervene, otherwise it will be a felony treason, and the nine families will be punished! "
"Don’t worry, we won’t intervene."
Chen cold pull a knife falls back, Duanmu dome day hands intertwined with a strange light, Ying Zheng and a post was immediately involved in a mustard seed sumeru enchantment.
In addition to a post completely unprepared for him, Ying Zheng and daqin all the ministers actually didn’t react.
In other words, if Duanmu Dome is going to kill them, the high-level officials in Daqin don’t even have a chance to react and resist, and everyone is horrified: After seventy years, what has Duanmu Dome’s cultivation reached? How strong is his fighting capacity?
Perhaps, whether Chen Han or he, anyone can one-on-one hit all the top of Daqin, or even completely obliterate the whole Daqin?
"If you die, the grievances between you and me will be written off!" Ying Zheng said coldly.
"If you die, I won’t deal with Daqin personally!"
Xiang Lang has an extra Panlong golden gun in his hand out of thin air. After the mid-Mahayana period, he combined with many masters to refine it, which has already achieved the peak quality of the first-class fairy: "One of you and me will die today, and the feud of more than 2,000 years will be over, and there will be no resentment between life and death."
Overlord gun-Kowloon Chongxiao style!
Zulong tactic-creating the world!
Pike and Zhan Ji burst into brilliant brilliance. As a landlord, Ying Zheng didn’t play the role of landlord. As a guest, Xianglang was also an out-and-out villain. When an enemy met, he didn’t even have the most basic etiquette, so he fought at the city gate in broad daylight.

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