However, there are such Daoji fairy methods in twenty-seven such super-bulk doors, which point directly at the source, starting from the common xìng and deep foundation between the ten Daoji, and should change with constancy. Once completed, they can be applied to all Daoji! Moreover, because this Daoji Immortal Method is cultivated from the source, the cultivated Daoji is often more outstanding, and it also has the ability to change with constancy!

As we all know, no matter what Tao you practice, the body of the immortal will be influenced by it, just like the Tao of the vessel, washed away by the gas of the stone, and more and more friendly with the genus of the jade and the fairy; Another example is Dan Dao, which has been invaded by Taihua gas all the year round, and is close to all the breath between heaven and earth. Different Tao, different physique, but it doesn’t matter at all for the amazing spirit that can be constantly changed. The strength of Jing Xian Dao can be adjusted according to the Xi Zhi Dao of the practitioner, so as to adapt to the practitioner’s body and make the practitioner have the corresponding breath.
Xiao Wen-xiu’s practice of repairing the device is full of strength, which is supposed to be a very different breath from Xun Yu’s now.
What Xiao Wen didn’t know, however, was that he had just started to be surprised by the magic, and this feeling of "being like an out-of-body sword" was particularly obvious. When he was fully adapted to the magic, the breath would gradually fade away.
Want to understand this matter, Xiao asked inevitably to sigh the benefits of such a large door in 27 cases. Otherwise, where would he find the best fairy method like Jing Xian Jian Dian? Of course, I would also like to thank his master Zuo Ningqing. If it weren’t for her, I really don’t know when he would have to wait for this amazing fairy road …
Then, Xiao Wen began to try to suppress the mental pressure on himself and weaken the feeling of "people are like out-of-body swords". He came to Yi Laofeng to study and watch, but not to show off.
Gradually, he really got the hang of it, and the smell on him became weaker and weaker. Finally, there was only a little left, and it was almost the same as the original ordinary Xiao Wen.
People around him naturally noticed it, and Huo Xiang immediately patted him on the shoulder and said earnestly, "Well, young people should have learned to keep a low profile, and you quickly grasped it. I am very pleased."
"I learned it from your old man." Xiao asked directly down HuoXiang words.
Huo Xiang was obviously one leng, and then Youqing and Cai Linfeng were laughing. What Xiao asked was clearly ironic. This Huo Xiang had the nerve to educate others to keep a low profile, but he never kept a low profile himself!
At this moment, an elder Yi Laofeng came along, and Huo Xiang and others were afraid to make trouble again.
The elder, who looked almost fifty, came over and said to the crowd with great enthusiasm, "Dear teachers and nephews, welcome to Elold Peak. Today, I will take you to get to know Elold Peak. First of all, I have to explain it to you, lest you continue to misunderstand. The word "Yi" in our Yi Laofeng is not easy, but easy for "translocation". That is to say, we practitioners will greatly improve our Shou Yuan every time we rise to the next level, but we can easily turn old and sick into young and strong, and remain young forever. Of course, this is impossible. You will know that it is completely untrue by looking at my appearance … "
Those new disciples were all happy, and the elder who spoke looked like he was in his late forties, with white Se hidden in his hair and slight wrinkles on his face, which was simply a negative example of "forever young" …
"However, most of us can’t be young forever, but it is possible to be young for hundreds of years. As is known to all, the little fairy has been in Shou Yuan for more than two hundred years, the true fairy is five hundred years, and the fairy is one thousand years. You people, the promotion of the true fairy is at least all right, so you can certainly do it without aging in three hundred years, and you can live up to this easy second word, right? Well, it is easy to "translocation" … "
There was laughter from the new disciple again, and the elder’s face lit up with a smile. Then he said, "As I said just now, most of us can’t be young forever, but not all of us can’t. Needless to guess, those talented people, I mean those who have soared to the upper bound, and their Shou Yuan really makes me envy, and they can be further promoted to the upper bound, which is really worthy of the word’ easy to get old’. I just don’t know, how many of you people have ambitions to soar to the top? "
"I! !”
"I! !”
Also by the elders to mobilize the atmosphere, the new disciples are all you’re welcome, a than a shout loudly, HuoXiang this strange man is called several times …
Before Xiao Wen came to shout, Huo Xiang said over there, "Don’t shout, I shouted for all four of you just now."
"You beast …" Xiao asked airway.
This trip to Yi Laofeng got off to a good start, and then they followed the elder into action.
Yi Laofeng is the top vein of Ming Jianzong. At the same time, there are two kinds of research operators and strategies, J and NG, and there are many people in the mountain. One day later, those new disciples don’t finish the task, and they still have to come the next day.
When he finished in the evening, Xiao asked that because there was nothing urgent, he simply followed Huo Xiang and others back to their residence.
Today, all the new disciples live in the Tiantong Courtyard of Wuhuafeng. Knowing that he had to go back to Ranfeng to rest at night, Xiao didn’t dare to let the hissing wind run away, so he let it stay in the small courtyard where Huo Xiang lived.
Xiao Wen had dinner with four people, and then all five of them went to Huoxiang’s room and sat down, ready to report in detail the income of nearly Ri.
Before it started, Huo Xiang’s storage ring shone brightly, and there was only a "shout" sound. A lot of various snacks and fruits fell on the table, and the other four people were all stunned.
"What’s the matter?" Xiao asked.
"Do you think this is more than half a month for nothing? Your brother Xiang has found a way. Aren’t these things easy to get? " HuoXiang satisfiedly tunnel.
"Who asked where you came from? I asked what you were doing with so many things in your storage ring!" Xiao asked didn’t good the spirit way.
Huo Xiang looked at Xiao Wen like an idiot, and even more grumpily said, "Of course it’s food."
"Auspicious elder brother … said that you came to Ming Jianzong to practice, who would believe it …" Xiao asked, looking at the things on the table, in distress situation, and then he saw a kind of sour plum from the table with sharp eyes, as if only women liked it.
"Then don’t eat!"
When Xiao asked, he grabbed the persimmon that he liked when he was a child, and said cheekily, "You took it all out. How can a brother give you face?"
A group of people laughed for a while, and then finally began to get down to business.
In contrast, it is natural that Huo Xiang got more information, which was said by those four people first.
Didn’t listen to many conferences, Xiao asked and understood one thing. Why did the introductory test emphasize unity and cooperation so much this time, but the reason was really unexpected …
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Chapter one hundred and thirty-two infighting
The reason why this introductory test emphasizes unity so much is because there is no unity within Ming Jianzong …
Ming Jianzong has a total of 19 veins, except for a few veins that have always been low-key, there are many competitions among the other veins. Everyone belongs to the same family, but it is not necessary to fight, but under the resentment, "learning" is inevitable. Once someone is injured, the resentment is deeper. It is said that this tradition of competition and infighting has a long history in Ming Jianzong. Long ago, the patriarchs all thought that there would be progress if there was competition. The best way for each pulse to suppress its opponents is to improve its own strength. However, up to now, there have been a variety of ways to suppress opponents, but improving their own strength has become the most insignificant one, which is really unexpected by the late and soaring old patriarchs. .
As for what to fight for, there are many things to fight for, such as fighting for face, fighting for disciples, fighting for territory, fighting for resources, fighting for the management of the clan gate and the city, and so on … After all, everyone’s practice is not like a stone that can’t eat, drink, wear or move, and can’t go out to travel. Any pulse, the daily expenditure has to make those ordinary businessmen stunned! There is a very popular saying in Shuang Yan Valley, which specializes in animal trails: the feed has increased in price again …
Fairy beasts also need to eat, not to mention the places where people need to spend a dime a dozen …
There is competition not only between veins, but also within a vein! The first place is the first place in a pulse, but within a pulse, not only the first disciples and disciples, but also the first brothers, sisters, brothers and sisters, these peers may not sell the first face. Moreover, the first other disciples and sisters may also contend …
A pulse of internal strife, the first natural worry; It is the patriarch’s turn to worry about the dispute between the veins. Ming Jianzong, the patriarch of this generation, is a generous man. After decades of being a patriarch, his previous temper has long been worn away. He is definitely suffering more than enjoying himself as a patriarch!
Under the mediation of Zong Wangren, the current Ming Jianzong is at least on the surface, and outsiders can’t see anything at all. But the insiders are all like a mirror in their hearts, because they are the initiators and victims themselves, but it is impossible for them to stand by as an outsider even if they have the heart to be such a complicated system. []. If you don’t dispute yourself, you can only be contested by others, so you have to continue to argue …
I have to say that Zongwang Renzong still has a long-term vision. Since more than ten years ago, he has come up with a way to alleviate this internal bad competition, that is, starting from the grassroots of Zongmen.
When Xiao Wen, Huo Xiang and others came to this batch, they began to cultivate their feelings from the test period, which can be seen only from the fact that they had already started to wander around the clan door for a month, and they also arranged a team and a small yard.
As you can imagine, according to Xiao asked the feelings between the five people, when they reached the fairy realm in the future, they became the most eloquent people in their veins, and even the five people became the first ones. Even if they want to fight, they can’t fight!
Of course, it will definitely be many years later. However, for a super-large door like Ming Jianzong, decades and hundreds of years are nothing at all, and they can completely afford to wait.
Zong Wangren must be the person who wants to see that day most, but unfortunately, his plan has only been implemented for more than ten years. Even the fastest one in the first batch of characters has only the realm of middle-class immortals, and most of the rest are true immortals, and the right to speak is too small for the time being.
Zong Wangren can only wait patiently, and Xiao Wen and Huo Xiang, a group of disciples, can only continue to suffer from this bad competition.
However, to put it mildly, it is actually a matter of mentality. Like Huo Xiang, he directly regards this kind of competition and discord as his opportunity. He also hopes that more accidents will occur between the veins, and then he can use his means.
At this time, Xiao Wen was very sensitive to what Zuo Ningqing told him. "Now you are not suitable to visit them." Maybe it is not very harmonious inside Mingfeng, and someone is at odds with his master? The more Xiao Wen thinks about it, the more he thinks about it. His interest in visiting those uncles and uncles has dropped a lot.
Everyone else had finished talking, and then it was finally Xiao’s turn to ask. He felt that it was a bit unreasonable to keep it from him that he had worshipped Zuo Ningqing as a teacher, so he had to be honest.
"Blow, you continue to blow." Xiao asked with that, HuoXiang skimming the pie mouth.
No one else believed it, and Cai Linfeng patted Xiao and asked, "Seriously, who did you worship as a teacher?"
Xiao Wen was really in distress situation, but he had expected this situation long ago. Now he asked, "Xun Yu followed us around a few days ago. Can you see how he came?"
"I flew by myself." Huo Xiangdao.
"What about me?"
"Ride …" Huo Xiang said a word and couldn’t pick up the words.
"I can ride a fairy beast like hissing wind, which matches the monk in the fairy realm, but Xun Yu can only make the avatar slowly rush here by himself. Why is Zongmen so biased?"
When everyone else was silent, Xiao asked with a smile, "Because this hissing wind has nothing to do with Zongmen at all. My master asked my third brother Lu Yanjing to lend it to me for traveling and bluffing. You just want to go. If I’m just a disciple of three generations, why can I ride a hissing wind around the Zongmen when I come up? Even if they think I’m doing well, if it’s really worth it, I’m afraid it’s not as good as hissing. "

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